Did You Regret It? :: For Every Action…

This was in response to a previous poet’s gratuitous use of the n-word.

Shout outs to DOC, Sunni Soper and Austin Poetry Slam (Tuesday nights at Spiderhouse Ballroom).


Mystery Tunes :: ‘KENT & DURAND’ From 7LayerOscillator



Making Big Moves :: BLXPLTN Releases ‘Pressure’

BLXPLTN are on the precipice of major upward movement.  They are en route to Afropunk Festival in NYC, and their new album Black Cop Down is getting lots of attention before it’s even hit the streets.  They recently turned out Hotel Vegas in Austin, and then turned that into a dope music video for their song Pressure… dig it, share it, and support these cats.  They will do Austin proud.


Myriad Thoughts :: Sunni Soper’s ‘For Public Consumption’ Now Available

Austin live music supporter and poetic mainstay Sunni Soper has been deeply involved in several positive projects, including Austin Mic Exchange.  With many years of performance under her belt, and the help of Trent Spears, the long awaited For Public Consumption has arrived.  Check it out, share it, and show some support for someone with lots of promise and drive.


#Ferguson :: AMX Stands With Ferguson

The hip hop community of Austin, Texas stands with Ferguson, MO.  Hip hop is the voice of the people, so if you’re an artist we encourage you to upload your own #HipHopForFerguson video and let your voice be heard.

#HipHopforFerguson #Ferguson #HandsUpDontShoot

Filmed at Austin Mic Exchange at Spider House Ballroom, Austin, TX, Tuesday Aug. 19, 2014.

T-Fly / Hyder / Pojo the Idealist / Justjarvaz / p-teK / Zeale

Staring Back At Me :: ‘Empty Whole’ Video From Slop Musket

Fresh off a stint with the Van’s Warped Tour, Slop Musket is keeping the momentum going with another dope music video.  Check out Empty Whole, and let your friends see it as well.


Choose Your Adventure :: ‘Manifest Station’ Manifests In Visual Form

Lo Phi and I worked hard on this project.  I worked hard on this video.  You take it easy and enjoy having a spell put on you.