#Ferguson :: AMX Stands With Ferguson

The hip hop community of Austin, Texas stands with Ferguson, MO.  Hip hop is the voice of the people, so if you’re an artist we encourage you to upload your own #HipHopForFerguson video and let your voice be heard.

#HipHopforFerguson #Ferguson #HandsUpDontShoot

Filmed at Austin Mic Exchange at Spider House Ballroom, Austin, TX, Tuesday Aug. 19, 2014.

T-Fly / Hyder / Pojo the Idealist / Justjarvaz / p-teK / Zeale

Staring Back At Me :: ‘Empty Whole’ Video From Slop Musket

Fresh off a stint with the Van’s Warped Tour, Slop Musket is keeping the momentum going with another dope music video.  Check out Empty Whole, and let your friends see it as well.


Choose Your Adventure :: ‘Manifest Station’ Manifests In Visual Form

Lo Phi and I worked hard on this project.  I worked hard on this video.  You take it easy and enjoy having a spell put on you.


The Poetic Mystic :: ‘SEVENofNINE, or Hand Grenades’ Audio-Visual From Chief And TheDoomsdayDevice

I’m back in the video edit bay again these days… I am hoping to keep the visuals coming frequently and furiously.  Here is my attempt to cast a spell on you.


The Golden Moment :: ‘Finally’, By Big Package And EVERYONE

Anom and Brokebread are good dudes.  The music they make collectively as Big Package is dope.  Over the years, they’ve worked with a who’s who of talented Texas hip-hop artists.  Finally is their opportunity to showcase the love they’ve shown and been shown… enjoy it, share it, and hope there will be another collaboration album in the future!


Hostile Takeover :: Crew54 Drops ‘N-E-WAN-TESS’ Video

Crew54 aka The Wyld Gents are back with another one… these cats are gonna be legendary off music videos if they keep this up.


Props Over Here :: Gold Standard Hip-Hop’s ‘Gold Summer’

Gold Standard Hip-Hop is a Knoxville based radio show (90.3 FM) dedicated to bringing listeners “the finest cuts of alternative, independent and odball rap musack other stations are too scared to play”.  They recently released a compilation of their favorite songs this summer, and lo and behold, the homie Hut out of Austin (and a longtime veteran of Austin Mic Exchange) sets off the compilation!  It’s full of good stuff, so give it a listen, and support those who support the independents.