You Wouldn’t Believe Me :: ‘Sneaky’ Video By KILMATIK And Emcee Eats

Two of my favorite Austin emcees who embrace not giving a damn about convention have teamed up for a dope song, video and shirt.  KILMATIK is the brain behind the idea, and Emcee Eats is on the idea assist, as well as running point on the artistic end.  The result is more of what Austin hip hop needs… diversity, unique expression, and solid collaboration.

I wouldn’t mind hearing a full length from these cats, maybe even with an album length video or some other additional expression attached to it.  Here’s to being dope and not caring what others think.


Lucky Discoveries :: ‘The Admission Two EP’ By Sphere Music Group

Finds like this are one of the reasons I really enjoy hosting a blog.  Sphere Music Group was a random find… I don’t even remember how I stumbled across this Fort Worth collective.  From the first listen, however, I knew that they were making the style of hip hop that I love dearly.  Raw, through and through.  Definitely worth your time.


Works Well With Others :: Evolve’s ‘ETC…’ Touches Down

One crucial part of hip hop is the ability to collaborate well with other MCs, DJs and producers, and out of all the Texas hip hop cats I’ve run across in the past, not many are as willing or able to do this at as a rate as Evolve.  ETC… is a celebration of this aspect, featuring a long list of guest producers and MCs he has collaborated with in the past.  Definitely worth your time and money.


Used To Love Her :: heirMAX Drops ‘Vincent Van Gogh’

My main man heirMAX dropped a dart today.  Vincent Van Gogh is a song about being devoted to hip hop, regardless of how devoted it stays to you.  The true heads have all been there, if we’re not currently going through that.  Big ups to heirMAX for catching these feelings so well.


Self Help :: Prince Vince’s ‘Therapy Sessions’

Prince Vince out of Fort Worth understands how music can heal.  Over a set of tracks that straddle the line between energetic and spacey, Prince Vince celebrates all of the vices most of us deal with on a daily basis.  The difference is, there is nothing but honesty and open-mindedness throughout this 5 song journey.  It’s free, so what are you waiting for?


Art Official Intelligence :: ‘Niraya’ By Android Genius

Live from Houston comes recent Exploded Drawing performer and Feedback Alliance cohort Android Genius.  I’m a little late on Niraya, but, as they say, better late than never.  If boom-bap hip hop was made by a sentient android, it would be a step in the direction of what Android Genius is doing with his tunes.  Definitely worth your time, and a refreshing approach to Texas hip hop and electronic music composition.  Dig it and dig it good, share it, and go ahead and cop that (it’s $2 for christ sakes).


Audio Escapism :: More Eaze Drops ‘(frail)’

from the digital desk of More Eaze:

More Eaze’s (frail) is a strange album.  For anyone interested in underground experimental music being released on cassettes in limited editions by a non-commercial label, that may seem like an empty statement.  But no, I’m telling you, this is a STRANGE album.  This release successfully combines experimental soundscapes and pop songs, sometimes juxtaposed, sometimes intertwined, but always unfolding before the listener at whatever pace More Eaze has deemed necessary, sometimes to unorthodox lengths.’

Worth your time, for sure.  Give it a listen, a share… you know the drill by now.