Warning Ballads :: Ceschi’s First ‘Broken Bone Ballad’

Ceschi, after a couple of years facing unforseen turmoil, is back stronger than ever.  If Elm City Ballad is any indication of what’s to come from Broken Bone Ballads, then we are about to get a level of truth unparalleled in the realms of hip-hop.  Then again, Ceschi is closer to folk hero than hip-hop hero.


Room For More :: Double Dose Of Tiny Desk

San Marcos has been an endless wellspring of talent over the years that I have spent there.  No matter what kind of musical styling you enjoy, someone (or a group of someones) generally has it nailed.. and they are more than willing to let you be a part of their journey.  Here are two entries for NPRs Tiny Desk Contest from two sets of all star acts:

Rock Bottom String Band

Henry + the Invisibles


Influential Props :: ‘DOOMWAR’ Unleashed By Jamar Equality

MF Doom is without a doubt one of the most influential MC/producers of the past 20 years.  His influence is heard coast to coast in the sound of many hip-hop acts.  Sometimes, direct credit has to be given, and Jamar Equality recently teamed up with Ruler Why to provide us listeners with some new verbal heat over some familiar tunes.  Maybe if we make enough noise, there will be more to follow.


After Hours :: Jake Lloyd And Alesia Lani’s ‘I.B.U.W.M.G.F.’

Here’s a little something on the smoother side from Austin’s R&B scene.  This song is courtesy of soul singer Jake Lloyd, with an assist from songbird Alesia Lani.  Love can be a tricky game, but watch how these two navigate themselves through a triangle many of us have been through, all to the tune of a 48 Laws sonic masterpiece of a track.  Dig it, share it, and support your local singers.


Forever On :: ‘At All Times’ By Mad One + N95

Rhyme animal Mad One drops yet another collaboration with yet another dope producer for 2015.  This go round, he’s teamed up with Scottish producer N95 for a rapid fire burst of ill in the form of At All Times.  You already know that if Mad One is blessing it, it’s gonna bang, so this should be automatic for sharing and supporting.


Bite Size Beats :: TonydArk! Explores ‘Creative Vs. Generic’

TonydArk!, Houston beatsmith extraordinaire, is currently working on his upcoming The Strange Sounds of Vincent Stevens project.  While we wait for him to apply the finishing touches, he’s thrown out a little teaser to hold us over.  Check out Creative Vs. Generic, and keep an eye out for the newness.


Things To Come :: Kazee Queen Unleashes ‘Collision City’

From the digital desk of Kazee Queen:

‘There are a lot of things happening in the world around us.  In the last few years, there has been an increased effort in the Hip Hop community to eloquently address the various issues facing the black community.  As a female artist, I have found that there are many people who believe I should only talk about certain things.  In this project, I have tried to step outside my comfort zone and be as honest as I can about how I feel when it comes to race and sex issues.  I believe that my generation of creative artists are focused on insta-products and immediate gratification.  This 8 track EP took a little over a year for me to complete and that’s because I wanted to give every track the dedication it deserved and make sure that I meant what I said.’

It shows.  This is a solid step forward in Kazee Queen‘s growth as an artist searching for a niche and longevity in a world overrun with noise.