Connect, Dig It! :: Cory Kendrix And Anna Love ‘Wax On’

The best thing about watching two talented people from slightly different angles in the spectrum connect is the possibility of unexpected results.  Anna Love is coming fresh off of an extensive run with the Red Bull Academy.  Cory Kendrix is still running strong off of the release of his Ignorance LP, as well as a solo tour run and a stint on the road with the LNS Crew.  They are currently collaborating on an EP titled Worth Something,and if this first taste is in any way reflective of the whole project, this will move both parties ahead in a major way.  Check it out, share it, and stay tuned for more…


Love And Colours :: ‘Hardly Sound’ With Philippe Edison

Philippe Edison, commonly known under his producer non de plume JayLotus, is the latest in a line of talented individuals to be featured in the PBS Hardly Sound series.  Dig the trailer, and make sure to tune in:

For those who would like to hear more, simply click here.


Double Up Style :: Tee Double Drops ‘ACROBEATIX’, And Then Some

My man Tee Double stays working.  He’s a diplomat for Austin hip-hop, and probably the only man I know in real life with a day named after him.  He’s leaving his stamp on summer 2014 by dropping ACROBEATIX, as well as an instrumental album companion piece.  Dig…



We Can Get Down :: AMX Cypher, Volume One

SPACE CAMP DEATH SQUAD, The Lower Class, Scuare, Secret Levels, Mainstreem and Protextor/P-Tek got down recently with the intent of leaving the Austin Mic Exchange imprint on the currently overwhelming practice of cypher videos.  The good thing about this take, however, is that it’s full of talented cats who all swung for the fences on this one.  You can catch many of these artist at Austin Mic Exchange, every Tuesday Night at Spiderhouse Cafe (Austin).



We Make It Happen :: Weird City Fest

click the flyer for more information, or click HERE.


Poisonous Darts :: New Singles From ATX Hip-Hop Artists

King Art - Kings Never Die…
beat by Haris Da Terrist


Click-Clack - Alive
produced by Ruler Why


Coming Soon :: Fire In The Pines – ‘Heart Of The Machine’

Directed By Matt Lochman
Art By Virginia Worley

To find out more about Fire In The Pines’ new release Heart Of The Machine and upcoming concerts in your area visit: