Rejuvenation Raps :: Tee-Double Returns To Form With ‘Local Transplant (REworked​,​REbuilt​,​REbirth)’

It’s no secret that Austin legend and Kinetic Entertainment mogul Tee-Double is the type of creative cat that lives and breathes hip-hop, so it’s no surprise that after a run through health complications and a set of successful surgeries, Tee-Double is right back at it preparing an album rollout.  For Local Transplant (REworked​,​REbuilt​,​REbirth)Tee-Double sticks to some familiar topics (such as hip-hop culture, DIY motivation and thinking for the future rather than the now) while invigorating his rhymes with a sense of urgency fueled by recent current events, and a sonic palette that continues bang harder and get more refined as the years go by.  I definitely recommend streaming this album and sharing it with others, but most importantly (especially in this case), if you can financially support by copping a copy, do so, as all proceeds go towards the post-kidney transplant care and treatment of the man behind the music. 



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