Nameless | Faceless Production Equipment Fundraiser
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As a long time musician, artist and film enthusiast, it has always been my hope that I could one day transition into the world of film-making. As technology has evolved, an amazing thing has happened : the ability for the independent creative to make quality work has become a reality rather than an impossibility.

That being said, film equipment is now cheaper than ever, and my hope is that, with the help of my extremely supportive community, I can get the following equipment needed to began making productions at a higher level :
– lighting
– sound equipment
– camera rigs (steadycams, speedrails, etc.)

Once this equipment is acquired, the following projects are on a queue to be created by year’s end :
Easy Money (a short film written in hopes of passing the Bechdel test and providing a platform for a couple of talented women)
Shotgun (a short film about a tight bond between friends that may come to an end due to a blinding romance)
DOOMonEVERYTHING (a YouTube channel with several different programs, including interview, YouTube commentary and music video programs)

I am hoping that between my efforts and the support of the wonderful communities I’ve grown to know, we can make this dream a reality and start the ball rolling towards putting out high-quality films and programs. I certainly hope to involve those that want to be involved, and we can all benefit!

For all that donate to the campaign, you will be listed in a ‘Special Thanks’ credit section for the projects mentioned above, and possibly (probably) many more.


A special thank you to Tanya Olalde for creation of the Chief Doomsday puppet.


Anthony Berg
Anthony Castaneda
Justin Taylor
Marlon Hedrick
Lee and Katinka Wallace
JJ Summers