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It’s Been A Long Time… :: ‘Slight Return’ Now Available

First and foremost, I apologize for the gap in posting time… thankfully, it was not for negative reasons.  Things have been fruitful both on the creative and performance side.  Merchandise is in print once again, and gear issues are in the process of being resolved.  Things are rolling in the correct direction.

I am also happy to officially release the announce of my latest solo album, Slight Return.  I am very happy with the results of this album… it features appearances from Brother Wolf, Notes Floats, Tee Double, Protextor (P-Tek) and Oldschool Poindexter, and plenty of production/cuts/DoomsdayDevice’ng from yours truly.  Download it, share it, and donate to the cause if you feel so inclined.  Thank you in advance.


Past Product, Future Fresh :: P-Tek & Egon’s ‘Turtles Don’t Do Drugs’

From what I understand,  P-Tek discovered a children’s book with advice from TMNT about staying away from drugs.  Years later, with a little musical help from Egon, and a little imagination from one of the most creative video makers and MCs I know, this was born… enjoy!


Double Vision :: A Look At Two P-Tek Videos

My man P-Tek is one of the most creative and hard-working artists in the Austin area.  He’s the brains behind Austin Mic Exchange at 29th St. Ballroom every Tuesday night, and he makes some of the most entertaining videos I’ve seen in quite a while.  Here are two… enjoy!