Unicycle Football Stadium Fund

There is a foolish purpose that has driven this sport since its inception.  We are a group of fun-loving idiots who lay it all on the line every week to bring entertainment to our fans and our community.  It started as one man’s childhood dream and has since grown into wildest sport on asphalt.  We have graced the front steps of Cowboys Stadium, the pits of Nascar and opened for the world famous Harlem Globetrotters.  Now, in this moment of reflection, we reach out to our fans, our community, and sport loving people around the world for our next great adventure.  We aim to build a home, and this is how you can help us do it.

Our goal is raise $100,000 to secure a permanent location and future site of The Unicycle Football League Stadium to provide joy, entertainment and community support for years to come.

We have always marched to the beat of our own drum.  No permission, no problem.  The Unicycle Football League is a proud band of nomads with no fear.  Over the past ten years our following has grown larger. Now is the time to stake our claim.  Right now, we dont have a place to play the sport we love. It is not going to stop us though.  We do it for the love of our sport.  We will always find a way, now is the chance for you to be a part of it.

For our fans.
For the sport.
For our community.

Join the Unicycle Football League  and help make our dreams come true.  Thank you in advance for any support you can give to our cause and community.

The Unicycle Football League has been a faithful servant of the San Marcos community since 2007. Find out more about us at http://www.unicyclefootball.com/

One wheel, One love.