MEGAPIX Closing Party (San Marcos, TX)


.::liquidstereoproject Reunion (ReShaq Clayvis Wedding)


Exploded Drawing Anniversary (Austin, TX)

Portrait (photo by Eric Morales)

Portrait (photo by Emily Rosen)

Portrait from San Marcos Jail (photo by Jessica Higgins)

Self Portrait (photo by Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice)

DKC (photo by The Austin American Statesman)


The Word Association (photo by Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice)


Study Breaks cover photo 2004 (San Marcos, TX)

Electric Mayhem (photo by Michelle Ovalle)

Binary Audio Misfits (photo by Sylvere Hieulle)

Lucy’s On The Square (San Marcos, TX)

Sewell Park (San Marcos, TX)

Beauty Bar (Austin, TX)

Emo’s (Austin, TX)

Electric Mayhem @ Lucy’s on the Square (San Marcos, TX)

BAM at Rockomotives

Binary Audio Misfits @ Glazart (Paris, FRA)

Triple Crown (San Marcos, TX)

Electric Mayhem and Friends

SXSW 2010 (Austin, TX)

Chief in the Green Room (Reins, FRA)

Chief on the Streets (Chicago, IL)

Chief at the Bronx Zoo (New York, NY)

The Word on the Waterfront – Brooklyn (New York, NY)

Chief in the Cipher (Philadelphia, PA)


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