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Mind Melt :: Chief And TheDoomsdayDevice + Lo Phi Call On Jeffrey Garcia For ‘Crying Freeman’ Video

After a couple of low key releases the past couple of years, it’s nice to be doing things properly for 2019 once again.  In the wake of Lo Phi and myself collaborating on Uncanny Valley, I felt it was only proper that the album be given at least one music video to accompany it.  Enter mad genius Jeffrey Garcia, who got with me over the holidays (as well as his band of collaborators you can find in the projects at his Jeffy’s Playhouse YouTube channel) and created a visual blitz to match the sonic assault to the senses that is Crying Freeman.  I’m very happy with the quality of the video and the initial reception, and I’m hoping that the rest of you are impressed by the work that Jeffrey Garcia put in for this one.  If you dig it, share it around, leave it a like and a comment, and go check out the entire album on Bandcamp (and all other music services beginning roughly around January 15).



Always Working :: Virgil Wolfe Premiers His ‘Lunch Time Bust Rhymes’ Series

Wordsmith Virgil Wolfe, like many of us, is forced to work a day job to make the ends meet.  The thing about Virgil, however, is that his brain never stops working, and the bars will come regardless of where he may be at any given time.  In an effort to serve this urge and be productive while dedicating his time to someone else, Virgil Wolfe has created the Lunch Time Bust Rhymes series, where he pulls a beat from one of his many collaborators, writes to it during his lunch break, and then records a take for storage and sharing on his YouTube channel.  The video above features a banger from producer (and the homie) kal.kal, with other videos containing production from TrueHoustonEmceeRun C.T. and Heavo.  These brief moments provide us with a bit of insight in Virgil‘s process, both creatively and on a more personal level.  I look forward to not only seeing more installments, but seeing if some of these snippets turn into full fledged songs.


Let’s Play :: Chief And TheDoomsdayDevice Stops By Baby Lion’s ‘Rappers Playing Games (RPG)’

From the moment I saw the Feral the Earthworm Earthworm Jim episode of the Baby Lion-produced, Adam Protextor-hosted series Rappers Playing Games (RPG), I knew I had to get in on that action.  I immediately hit up Protextor, a fellow nerd with deep appreciation for many aspects of pop culture, and pitched an episode where he and myself chop it up over a session of one of my favorite NES games, Rolling Thunder.  The ‘cool’ thing about vintage games, however, is that they sometimes fail to work, which put the most minimal of monkeywrenches in the plans.  After a quick scouring of Protextor‘s respectable game collection, however, I locked into another old school favorite of mine : the Sega Genesis port of the arcade monster from the late 1980s known as Stryder.  We checked it, and everything ran perfectly, so we sat down and had a deeply moving and inspiring conversation about art, creativity, inspirational sources, expression and much more.  I am honored to have been a part of Baby Lion‘s official Season One lineup, and I look forward to more of the great content they’ve been putting out.  Subscribe to Baby Lion on YouTube to stay in the loop, and be sure to give our video a like, comment and share if you feel inclined to do so.


Making Moves :: Baby Lion’s Big Rollout

Over the course of the last year, the Baby Lion Studios collective of Adam Protextor and Stephanie Thoreson has been busy creating proof of concept episodes and testing out their production skills.  This, combined with their love of all things nostalgic, has led them (and us) to Friday, September 21 : the official premier of Season 1 for the Baby Lion YouTube channel.  The season will consist of multiple episodes for the three shows they currently have : Slumber Party ClubRappers Playing Games (RPG), and My Biggest Weirdest Fear.  In celebration of their achievement (and as a testament to that love of nostalgia previously mentioned), they released a brief clip from episode 3 of Slumber Party Club.  The clip features Stephanie and Jonah Yohana doing their rendition of a classic jam by The Beets from the NickToon original Doug :

I’m definitely looking forward to what Baby Lion has in store, and that’s not just because your’s truly is in a future episode of Rappers Playing Games (RPG).  This will most certainly be a fun ride, so do yourself a favor by following the channel, ringing that notification bell, and maybe even tossing them a like on Facebook so you can stay informed.


Games Played :: CHHK And Tall Kyle Drop ‘The Way She Goes’ Video

There’s no shortage of talent within the ranks of the College of Hip-Hop Knowledge (CHHK), and the collective has had no trouble proving that time and time again.  The latest creative offering from their ranks comes in the form of a new music video from Tall Kyle for The Way She Goes, a reflection on that ever present battle of attraction between men and women that ebbs and flows so drastically.  Tall Kyle uses the first verse to visually and lyrically break down how the situations play out, while the second verse is a much more reflective rumination on what could have been, what could be, and how fault ultimately lies at the feet of both parties.  The real point to be considered from everything, in my opinion, is that drive to not let things like this hold you back on your path to fulfillment.  Artistic integrity and rewards are our responsibility, and with achievement of these goals comes the confidence and notoriety that brings people closer to us (which is another examination in itself).  Props to Tall Kyle and CHHK for continuing to put out dope product.  Be sure to like, leave a comment, share the video around, and subscribe to their YouTube channel for more quality content.


Invasion Force :: Sunni Soper Talks ‘Castle Walls’ On Write About Now

While at the 2017 Texas Grand Slam Cypher in Bryan, Texas, poet Sunni Soper took a moment to perform one of her pieces, the extremely moving and revealing Castle Walls, for Write About Now‘s YouTube channel.  In all honesty, however, it feels more like a confession via the digital realm… a sit-down between us viewers and Sunni Soper as she reveals, retracts, respects, retracts, and all in a beautifully rhythmic poetic cycle.  Her forceful voice, her commanding presence, her honest nature… all of it is conveyed in a powerful three minutes.  Much respect.  You know the drill.. like it, share it, leave a comment to verify the all around badassery.


Animated Action :: Chief And TheDoomsdayDevice Drops ‘Gut Feeling’ Video

We gotta keep folks guessing when it comes to the creativity.  I’ve been dropping the DoomFace art for years now, and I’ve been trying to figure out ways to progress things.  With the creation of DOOMonFILM, it seemed like an opportunity to do something new, and that is where the idea of the talking DoomFace originated.  Rather than sit on the idea forever, I wanted to see how it looked, and with no music video output for This Town Has Turned To Dust on the slate, it was time to do some quick thinking.  The result was the weirdo masterpiece you see above you, and it will hopefully be the start of a bigger YouTube presence that is unique from the legions of creators already out there.  If you dig the video, give it a like, share and a comment, and throw a subscribe in there while you’re at it.  Every little bit helps.