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Animated Action :: Chief And TheDoomsdayDevice Drops ‘Gut Feeling’ Video

We gotta keep folks guessing when it comes to the creativity.  I’ve been dropping the DoomFace art for years now, and I’ve been trying to figure out ways to progress things.  With the creation of DOOMonFILM, it seemed like an opportunity to do something new, and that is where the idea of the talking DoomFace originated.  Rather than sit on the idea forever, I wanted to see how it looked, and with no music video output for This Town Has Turned To Dust on the slate, it was time to do some quick thinking.  The result was the weirdo masterpiece you see above you, and it will hopefully be the start of a bigger YouTube presence that is unique from the legions of creators already out there.  If you dig the video, give it a like, share and a comment, and throw a subscribe in there while you’re at it.  Every little bit helps.



Capturing Noise :: Punk With A Camera Welcomes Moodie Black

Aside from shooting music videos and live show footage for acts all across the country, Punk with a Camera hosts a YouTube channel featuring sessions from local and touring acts.  Recently Moodie Black stopped by while on the road in support of their latest release, Lucas Acid.  The duo performed V a n o w e n, the opening track off of the incredibly forthright project.  Check out the video, share it, leave a comment and all that jazz.


Brain Feeder :: Lilli Talks Austin Creatives With Morgan (OVRLD) On ‘Let’s Dish’

Lilli, creator of the Born2bLilli YouTube channel, is always down to dish with interesting folks on the Austin scene.  For the latest go-round, she sat down with OVRLD‘s Morgan to talk about the Austin-based blog, the music scene, I AM TX and his role as a producer, and much more.  Check out the interview, give it a like, share or comment (if not all three), and be sure to subscribe so you can stay dishing with Lilli and company.


Upward Development :: The PNTHN Releases ‘Chumbucket’ Video Via Elevator Mag

YouTube video magazine Elevator just poured major validation all over The PNTHN.  At the time of writing this post, the Chumbucket music video is sitting on almost 9000 views, with more than 200% likes over dislikes.  For an up and coming crew, that’s pretty impressive.  Let’s hope that these cats can stay humble and focused, because it looks like things are already lining up in a major way for them.


Powerful Nostalgia :: Total Sound Group Direction Action Committee Footage From Trophy’s Surfaces

Anyone unfamiliar with the legend of Tim Kerr (especially anyone native to Austin) has some homework to do.  From Big Boys to Lord High Fixers to Total Sound Group Direct Action Committee and more, Kerr has left an indelible mark on his city, punk/rock music, and art as a whole.  Recently, Butcher Bear uncovered some footage of a Trophy’s on South Congress show, and decided to upload it to (in)Sect Record‘s YouTube channel.  As a result, all of us have been blessed with the raw power than was Tim Kerr and his bandmates, and their extremely passionate sound.  Enjoy, share, and let the nostalgia of a simpler and better time take you over.


Creative Process :: ‘SKIP’s Big Ideas’ Premiers, Needs Your Support

When it comes to creative drive, fresh ideas, and solid execution, few can match Orlando-based artist and musician SKIP of Franchise Industries.  After several successful installations over the past couple of years, SKIP decided it was important to both document and share the process, for the sake of posterity and as an opportunity to educate/inspire other potential artists.  In the midst of this revelation, SKIP’s Big Ideas was born.  The premier episode hit YouTube in August, and now SKIP needs your help.

In order for things to move to the next level, viewer support is needed.  Hopefully, we can get SKIP up to 1,000 views by January 1st, and this can be the first step to providing bigger and better opportunities, guests, and production value.  Be sure to like, comment, subscribe, and most importantly, SHARE AND WATCH!


Smart Money :: OMS Sunglasses Hit The Streets

Old Man Skateboards is back at it again with the merch, and this time it’s in the form of sunshades.  You know how OMS does it with the DIY, and this commercial is proof of both the creativity and hilarity found within the OMS YouTube channel.  You can cop a pair for 10 bones by reaching out to oldmanskateboards@yahoo.com, or you can cop them via the Bandcamp page.