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Dramatic Chops :: Anthony Maintain Turns In A Visually And Sonically Captivating Set For Fake Fourantine 2021

A couple of weekends ago, Fake Four Inc. hit up myself and a number of my labelmates to participate in Fake Fourantine 2021, the second Twitch-based online festival they’ve held in light of COVID-19 and the impact the pandemic has had on the world at large.  While everyone did their thing, the homie (and split-LP cohort) Anthony Maintain turned in a rather exceptional performance, complete with wonderful black and white captures of several visually striking areas to perform his trademark beatsmithing and rhymesaying.  If you missed the stream, don’t sleep on this performance… it’s inspiring in all the right ways.  Leave the homie a like and a comment, spread it around, and support your local creatives!


Brief Introduction :: Protexter Teams Up With DK Thundah For ‘You Are In A Video Store (Theme Song)’

Despite 2020 being a stagnant or regressive year for many creatives, a small handful were able to make quick adjustments and continue to thrive, if not exceed expectations.  A perfect example of this is the formidable Protextor, who not only continued to record music, but managed to incubate and create a handful of larger scale productions.  One that brought attention to his sphere was the UltraLoop-based Twitch stream You Are in a Video Store, a weekly series hosted by Protextor and his cohost Stephanie where the two talk about a wide range of films.  After a successful run, including a few streaming awards, Protextor decided to up the ante by creating a theme song for his streaming show.  With the help of producer DK Thundah, who made a wonderfully epic beat that sounds like soundtrack fodder, Protextor flexes his film knowledge in rap form while giving viewers an idea of what they are in for when they tune in to the streams.  Dig this sonic slice of wonderful, and if it moves you, then definitely tune in to UltraLoop‘s Twitch channel on Tuesday nights for You Are in a Video Store.