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Doing Work :: Flotation Releases ‘Service’

From the digital desk of Flotation

Flotation is back with his fifth album, Service.  This project is a collection of songs written and recorded from 2017 to 2020, featuring artists and producers from Texas, New York, and Europe.  We hope you enjoy.”

Check it out, cop it if you can to support, and spread it around for everyone to enjoy.


New Life :: SniperShot Releases ‘Tha Mixtape IV : Tha Rebirth’


When I covered SniperShot‘s video for Face Facts a week or so ago, you’d have thought that I’d realized it was probably promo for an upcoming project.  Apparently, however, the obvious is obvious to all but me, as I recently discovered that SniperShot dropped Tha Mixtape IV : Tha Rebirth right around the same time that I discovered that video… the project actually came to my attention while prepping a post for the follow-up video to Face Facts :  the direct message that is Get Thoed

As of a week prior to this posting, I’ve not checked out the mixtape, but because I know SniperShot is behind it, I know it’s a banger.  Don’t be like me though… check this one out asap, share it around for others to do the same, and throw SniperShot some cash if you’re feeling it enough to download.


United Front :: ‘Face Facts’ With SniperShot’s New Music Video

SniperShot is the closest thing that Texas hip-hop seems to have to a shaman, and after an extended vision quest at sea, the groovy guru has returned to educate and enlighten the streets.  His first foray, the Chainz-produced single titled Face Facts, is full of SniperShot‘s signature swagger and observational darts.  Add to this a video full of trippy and showcase-style visuals, courtesy of Minott Media, and it’s obvious that SniperShot has yet another classic song and video in his catalog.  Check out the video, leave a like and a comment if you dig it, and share it around for all to enjoy.


Mental Stamina :: Mirage The Gr8 And Rex Gito Drop ‘Outta Mind’ Video

As the creative partnership between Mirage the Gr8 and myself continues, I’ve been lucky enough to stay busy with video edits on his music videos and other upcoming projects.  The latest video, a collaboration between himself and Rex Gito titled Outta Mind, came out very nice in my opinion.  Mirage and company gathered great shots in the Dallas area, including a series of stellar rooftop performance shots, which allowed me some artistic freedom and leaway in the edit suite.  This one is a strong final product, period point blank, so check it out, leave a like and a comment if you dig it, and share it around!


Rise Above :: Mirage The Gr8 Drops ‘Level Up’ Video

My continued working relationship with Mirage the Gr8 has really and truly been beneficial for both parties.  Mirage gets to see his ideas come to fruition, and I get to sharpen my tools as an editor.  One of the pieces of work I’m most proud of is Level Up, a collaboration between MirageTerrence Side Effect‘ Wood and Chip Lurk.  Originally, this video was meant to be exclusive content for an upcoming project we are working on, but in spite of everyone practicing social distancing and staying home, Mirage figured that now was the time to drop the video.  All parties involved are proud of this work, so definitely check it out, leave a like and a comment, and spread it around for others to do the same.


Throwback Visions :: Stack Moses Pitches ‘Fever’

It looks like Summer of 2020 will be the season that Dallas gets a new school entry into the blaxploitation cinema world in the form of Fever, a miniseries in the works courtesy of Stack Moses and crew.  Laura Kyong, Genae Monroe, Sukii Moreno & more will be lending their acting talents, and it looks like they’ve got the style side of things handled, so I can’t wait to see what kind of story unfolds.  Subscribe to the YouTube channel if you’re interested as well, as I’m sure announcements regarding crowdfunding, production and release will be rolled out in the near future.  In the meantime, leave a like and a comment on the video, and share it around for others to do the same!


Scenic Route :: Mirage The Gr8 Drops Video For ‘Rollin’

Mirage the GR8 has been focused on dropping groups of videos for his musical releases over the last couple of years, and with each coordinated effort, the quality of the work seems to grow.  With RollinMirage reached out to some of his Dallas people to help capture images, and he reached out to yours truly for the edit.  The result, in my opinion, is quite impressive, and the type of quality that all involved can stand behind and be proud of.  Check it out for yourself, leave a like and a comment if you dig it, and share it with others so every can be blessed by the dopeness.


Fresh Starts :: Flotation Drops ‘Brand New’ Single


Boom bap is not dead yet.  Insight and knowledge is not dead yet.  The latest example comes from Flotation, based out of Dallas, in the form of the single Brand New.  Featuring production by Ritchy Flo and a pitch perfect guest verse from MolekularBrand New is an example of making something fresh out of a familiar approach.  As Flotation states, ‘we bring the funk back daily’, and if this is a taste of what may come in the form of a full-length project, I am definitely ready to scope it out.  Props on the design and presentation of this project.. it’s cool to see someone drop the single / instrumental / acapella format again.  Dig it and download it.


Diverse Vibes :: 7evenThirty Introduces Listeners To ‘Jentleman Jack’


Dallas has a large number of MCs and producers who are not afraid to embrace their individuality wholeheartedly.  My latest discovery (and I appear to be late to the party) is MC/producer 7evenThiry of Vintage Noize Records.  I stumbled across his latest release, 7evenThirty is: Jentleman Jack, and the cover alone immediately got my attention… one of those ‘I have to listen to this at least once’-type covers for sure.  The music does not disappoint at all… the music has a newer vibe to it, but the lyrics are full of references, many downright nerdy in the best ways possible.  I’m pretty sure I will be revisiting this album over time, and I will definitely be keeping my ears and eyes open for music videos and more releases.  It’s a name your price release, so why wouldn’t you cop it?  Share it too, and support your local scene.


Cool Relax :: ‘September LP’ By MikeDbeatsbyD is Minimal, Yet Moving


It’s amazing how much can be done with so little when the right elements are in the right hands.  Enter Dallas-based beatsmith MikeDbeatsbyD, and his nearly year-long in the making opus, September LP.  One of several released slated for late 2016/early 2017, this project encapsulates pieces made during travels to all sorts of destinations from this year.  The pieces were then pieced together as a whole, and the result is September LP, a journey through compositions that fall under the hip-hop, chill and electronic umbrellas, among others.  A pleasant surprise on my timeline indeed.