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Intelligent Design :: Poolboi Blu Releases ‘Homework’ Mix


Maximum Swagger :: Poolboi Blu Keeps The Momentum Going With Sincere (Volume 018)

poolboi blu can’t be stopped… he’s dropping singles, he’s doing live mixes, he’s doing nearly daily Twitch streams, he’s producing tracks for others, and more than likely, he’s working on yet another solo project.  With all of this going on, one wouldn’t blame him if other ventures fell to the wayside, and yet, here he is dropping sincere (volume 018), the latest entry in the longstanding s i n c e r e R A D I O series.  Dig this power-packed playlist of nearly 80 minutes of bangers : 

Y’all already know what to do… run the numbers up on this mix, be it on Soundcloud or Mixcloud!  Leave comments and likes!  And, most important of all, share the mix around so that others can do the same!


Party Restarter :: Poolboi Blu Returns To Form With Release Of ‘Sincere (Volume 015)’ Mix

A lot of us had momentum going in different areas prior to the sudden and shocking pandemic-based shutdown caused by COVID-19, and one of my favorite examples of this was poolboi blu‘s instantly classic mix series s i n c e r e R A D I O.  You’d think that with the world shutdown, the series would continue (if not gain traction), but instead, poolboi blu seemingly turned his DJ focus towards Twitch streams in order to hold (and grow) his audience.  Now that some version of normalcy seems to be making its way slowly into our collective lives, it makes since that poolboi blu would lace us with sincere (volume 015), an instrumental-heavy affair that showcases his growth as a DJ.  Here’s a quick tracklist : 


You already know the drill… check it out, leave likes and comments, and spread the mix around for everyone to enjoy.


Rising Swag :: Poolboi Blu Hits Double Digits With ‘Sincere (Volume 010)’


You already know what it is… sincere(volume010) is officially live over at s i n c e r e R A D I O thanks to my main man poolboi blu.  Now that we’re officially in double digit territory, it sounds like poolboi blu is showing just a bit more flex in his song selection… the normal dynamic ranges of mellow to body moving are still present, but the lyrics in the song selection show just a bit more urgency than normal, and DEFINITELY are showing a whole lot more in terms of putting a foot down.  The theme for this round is definitely about recognition and making an imprint in the game, locally or otherwise, and in all honesty, poolboi deserves mad recognition.  Check out sincere(volume010), leave a comment, and share it around for others to do the same.