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Can’t Stop :: Riders Against The Storm (RAS) And Tameca Jones Connect For ‘Red Lights’

Riders Against the Storm (RAS) have carved a name for themselves in regards to two very specific things : forward-thinking music and a true passion for dancing.  Their artistic, political and community acumen certainly cannot be denied, but the duo certainly excels in the original two areas mentioned.  Therefore, it’s no surprise that their latest single, the incredibly catchy Red Lights, fits both bills.  Sonically, the song leans in the direction of afro-futurism (in my opinion), with it’s upbeat synthesizer-based sound.  Add to that the energy-based lyrics and the wonderful hook courtesy of Tameca Jones, it’s almost impossible to ignore this as a sure shot dance track.  Stream or download the track from your favorite online streaming service, and keep an eye out for more new material, hopefully soon!


New Life :: (RAS) Riders Against The Storm Rejuvenates ‘Is It?’ With Ayuma Remix And Video

As the majority of the world remains locked inside due to shelter-in-place measures, many of us are forced to live life as it once was through our memories of what was.  Dance parties tend to be one of the things that people long for, which is what makes (RAS) Riders Against the Storm‘s update to their 2008 single Is It? special, among other things.  The remix, courtesy of Ayuma, has a bounce and vibrance that pulls you in, and the accompanying dance footage (including footage from (RAS)‘s Body Rock Ten Year Anniversary) bolsters that pull by nearly encouraging the viewer to get up and freestyle dance along with the footage.  This dose of mood booster is definitely a strong way to start the week running, so dig it, leave a like and a comment, and share it around for everyone to enjoy.


Smart Money :: Qi Dada Shines Solo With ‘Black Girl Payday’

Qi Dada, one half of the award-winning Austin-based duo Riders Against The Storm (RAS), has always been a sharp with the tongue as she is defined with her vision.  It comes as no surprise, therefore, that the lead single for her upcoming EP Mammy’s Money would be the appropriately titled and themed Black Girl Payday, an absolute banger of a track where Qi Dada flexes multiple styles and levels of energy to create the first anthem of the new decade.  Plain and simple, this is a banger in every definition of the word, so don’t sleep on it.  Share it around, leave a like and a comment, and do your part in helping the inevitable rise that will occur.


Memory Lane :: (RAS) Riders Against The Storm Revisit ‘In The Light’ With New Remix And Video

One thing I like about (RAS) Riders Against the Storm is that they have a strong sense of where they come from, both culturally and creatively.  After a long run of success in the wake of their relocation to Austin, it seems that the group has been taking a bit of time to reassess their journey and reflect on the past, and in a couple of instances, that has resulted in new material born from the old.  In the case of In The Light, a single that the crew already had released with a video, the decision was made to have producer Ayuma take a stab at the remix, while footage of Uhura (Michelle Nichols) from the original Star Trek series is used to bolster the sense of having a groundbreaking spirit.  I will always support new material from (RAS), but if their reflections of the past continue to result in strong output like this, I don’t mind them looking back as well.


Cosmic Nostalgia :: Riders Against The Storm And Ayuma Combine Forces For A ‘Reminisce’ Remix

Riders Against the Storm (RAS), more so than any other group I am lucky enough to consider a peer, embody a fullness of culture that is sorely lacking in hip-hop today.  Not only do they represent where they were born, raised, and currently reside, but they have a keen knowledge of their music and cultural roots across a wide span of eras, even down to the indigenous roots of the rhythm and dress.  For Reminisce (Ayuma Remix), the duo teamed up with producer Ayuma to create a trip down memory lane with a driving beat as the tour guide.  The lyric video further embraces the influences of each group member individually, as well as (RAS) as a collective, and it hits all the right nostalgia-centered marks.  Leave a comment, like the video, and share it around so everyone can enjoy and do the same!


Deep Rooted :: Chief And TheDoomsdayDevice Continues Escapism With ‘Southern Comfort’


One of my favorite things to do as someone with a modicum of a voice in the Austin hip-hop culture is to share other creators that I find high caliber and inspiring.  Doing this through mixes has always been a favorite way to do so, but it’s been a while since I dedicated time to doing so.  With so many talented acts from or based in Austin, it’s impossible to get them all in one sweep, so Escapism : Southern Comfort reaches for the vibey side of things… all of my peers are substance-based, but these are acts that I consider high style as well.  Direct peers like Riders Against the Storm (RAS)Cory KendrixanomPNTHNMC Homeless and Chris Condewallaby and bobbesDdotellesClick-Clack and more get shine alongside established acts with Texas roots like BROCKHAMPTON and Travis Scott.  I’m happy with this one, and hopefully folks dig it enough to spread it around!


Make Tracks :: Riders Against The Storm (RAS) Present ‘UPLIFTED’ Pilot

Austin-based hip-hop outfit Riders Against the Storm (RAS) are truly an inspiration in regards to how you can take your passion and let it lead you to new opportunities.  The latest of these opportunities includes the recent filming and release of a pilot series titled UPLIFTED where (RAS) travel around the country (and eventually the globe) interviewing people of note.  The pilot showcases an interview and birthday party for East Austin resident Richard Overton, who recently turned 112, making him the oldest living man in America and the third oldest in the world.  WIth such a strong episode ride out of the gate, I am looking forward to seeing what else the crew can cook up.


Smart Money :: Riders Against the Storm (RAS) Present ‘OverUnder’ Video

It’s late August, and in Austin that means folks are gearing up for RAS Day, a celebration of the Austin-based powerhouse that is Riders Against the Storm, all that they do for the community, and the overwhelming positive energy they’ve brought to the music scene.  With this year’s RAS Day gearing up to be something special, it’s only fitting that the duo dropped a new song and video in preparation.  OverUnder finds RAS waxing poetic on taking action and not being passive in regards to both your support of and your contributions to your culture, hip hop or otherwise.  The video is a simpler affair than past videos, but still effective with it’s striking color palette and it’s portrait-esque portrayal of RAS and friends.  Tracks like these hit that much hard with RAS laying them down, as you can almost feel the ‘walk it like I talk it’ mentality emitting from their lyrics.  The fact that the track, a collaboration with Walker Lukens for his Song Confessional music project, was conceived, written and produced in two hours is a testament to that realness, as well as the message of not accepting limitations in your quest.  Great work from a great squad doing great things.


Parallel Realities :: (RAS) Riders Against The Storm Been Poppin’ MALI

The best forms of enlightenment tend to be the slow burns… quick aside, slight spoiler alerts on this one.

As I jumped on my morning to-do list (sorry for the lack of posts lately, real life needed tending to), one of the main things I had in mind was to check out the latest music video from (RAS) Riders Against the Storm.  I know I can count on quality work from this duo, but MALI was a journey that I was not quite prepared for.  The warehouse setting is beautiful, and I immediately was receptive to the juxtaposition of the slavery imagery and the flashy-cultural fashion that (RAS) is so well known for.  What was obvious in hindsight, but lost upon me until pointed out in verse 2 by Qi Dada, was the Mali/Molly comparison the duo had cleverly woven into the lyrics (with a perfectly appropriated trap-esque production bed to present it on).

As the slaves ‘freed’ themselves from their traps and began to dance, and the fullness of the slavery vs. style worship metaphor revealed itself in the final imagery, the shared journey left me ready for the day ahead.  Well done, (RAS), and here’s to nothing but great things in your future.


Unified Front :: Third Root’s ‘Soul Force’ And Its All-Star Lineup


Dig it… Third Root and Adrian Quesada collaborate on what would already be a banger on its own.  Reinforcements are then called in, in the form of Da’Shade MoonbeamRiders Against The Storm (RAS)Bavu Blakes and Vocab.  Bars upon bars, all spitting on the knowledge tip.  Soul Force is a monster of a song… not since the days of We’re All In The Same Gang or Self-Destruction has there been a collaborative effort this deep and meaningful.  Certainly worth the $0.99 price tag.  Here’s to hoping all parties involved can find the time to make a video out of this, because songs this strong deserve visual accompaniment.