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Collective Efforts :: Nez Tha Villain Taps MDK x HET x Cooley Fly For ‘Hollow Mindz 2’

Bonded Souls :: Fum Fum Ko Release ‘No Sleep No Breaks’


Austin-based director Fum Fum Ko‘s long awaited film collaboration with blakchyl and chiclopz of Mindz of a Different Kind (MDK) is now available and streaming on Facebook.  No Sleep No Breaks is a heartfelt story of two creative spirits excited about an opportunity to document their art, and the anticipation of this opportunity.  The film is set against the backdrop of East Austin (mostly), showcasing an area of the town that does not get the love it deserves.  Definitely give the film a like and a share, check it out, and let Fum Fum Ko know what you think about it!



Overly Dedicated :: ‘No Sleep No Breaks’ Coming Soon

Those in tune to the Austin hip-hop scene are well aware of MDK (Mindz of a Different Kind) and all the moves they’ve been making over the years.  Blackchyl and Chiclopz have teamed up with Fum Fum KO productions in an effort to express the essence of what they’ve been doing in the form of a short film.  No Sleep No Breaks, from the looks of it, may serve to be an honest look at what it’s like to devote your heart and soul to the culture while still struggling to maintain from day to day throughout the worldy madness and obstacles.  This is one that I am very much excited about, and hopeful that it gets the attention it seems to deserve upon release.


Street Knowledge :: Mindz Of A Different Kind Drop Visuals For ‘All I Know’

Mindz of a Different Kind (MDK) started off as a powerhouse of a crew.. four extremely talented MCs who pooled their collective resources and vision to form a united front.  Time, however, has revealed new things out of this union.. a strong sense of self-respect from each member, as well as an obvious mutual respect among the collective.. a growth in the confidence and the content of their material.. a visual aesthetic that promotes growth and ideas while being reflective of days past.. All I Know, the lead single from the recent EP release Borderlinez, encompasses all of these things brilliantly.  Word on the street is that there’s a short film in the works.. be on the lookout for No Sleep No Breaks when it drops.. I know I’ll be.


Home Grown :: Mindz Of A Different Kind (MDK)’s ‘BORDERLINEZ’ EP Now Available


Bars, beats, culture and family would be key elements that describe Austin-based collective Mindz of a Different Kind (MDK).  After a prolific 2016, the crew is right back at it with an EP for spring 2017.  BORDERLINEZ finds the crew reaching out to non-Texas based producers, while at the same time turning the mirror inwards to reflect on their place in the grand scheme.  A pleasant surprise of a project that slipped right by me, I’m happy that I did discover it eventually.. better late than never.


Deep Rooted :: Mindz Of A Different Kind (MDK) Connects With Abstract Rude and Myka9 To Visualize ‘For All’

In keeping with the pattern of big things happening for Austin music this month, the hometown hero crew of MDK (Mindz of a Different Kind) have connected with hip-hop legends Myka9 and Abstract Rude to bring the video treatment into reality on the single For All.  Production by Blueprint as well?  You already know.  Classic.


Naturally Progressive :: Mindz Of A Different Kind Visualizes ‘Astrophyziks’

I recently checked out Mindz of a Different Kind‘s latest release, Foursight, and as always, I was highly impressed with their work.  I’ve seen a handful of their videos in the past, and they’ve always been dope, with that old school Rap City aesthetic that got me into wanting to make music videos and films in the first place.  But man oh man, they’re coming out swinging with the visual elements this round.  DVZN Media got the call for the single Astrophysikz, and it’s ill as hell.  As my last video showed, I’m a huge fan of the pirate broadcast aesthetic, and the geniuses at DVZN Media nailed it.  Add some real raps over solid production, and you’ve got a winner.


Divine Vision :: MDK (Mindz Of A Different Kind) Drop ‘Foursight’


I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again… Austin hip-hop crew Mindz Of A Different Kind is the real deal.  MDK brings that crew element to our hip hop scene that seems to be sorely missing from the masses… they are a diverse mixture, each with a unique style, and yet the come forward with a unified voice.  Foursight is the follow up to 2013’s Butter & Water, and the work that has been put in over those few years is evident.  Guest appearances Abstract Rude and Myka 9 (and guest production by Blueprint) is just icing on the cake.  Don’t front… support these cats.


Unstoppable Objects :: MDK Drops New Video

I’m consistently impressed by the work ethic shown via the Mindz of a Different Kind crew.  They’ve been downright prolific for the past year or so in terms of creative output, and that trend seems like it will continue.  The latest video is No Sleep No Breaks pt. 2, featuring bars from almost every member of the crew.  You know the drill.. like it, share it, and subscribe to their YouTube channel for the latest output.


Good People :: Hyder and Pip Demascus ‘Won’t Back Down’

It’s mind-blowing to me that an individual like Donald Trump would ever be considered for president, let alone a front-runner.  Right out of the gate he put out disparaging remarks about Hispanic Americans.  As a minority, this definitely rubbed me the wrong way, and clearly I am not the only one.  Hyder, with a little assistance from Pip Demascus of MDK (Mindz of a Different Kind), make sure that the pride they take in their culture and heritage is heard crystal clear in the single/music video for Won’t Back Down.  Dig it and dig it good.