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Double Barrels :: New Music From Ruler Why Recordings



You can always count on Ruler Why and company to bring you the dopeness.  I recently discovered the new single XZACT by Lords of Ale (Blazy Jamar Equality), confirmed its banger status, and made a mental note to put it on the site.  This morning, when I went to look it up, I also discovered Blazy‘s recent full-length release Solar Rays, and decided on site to add it to the post.  I’m looking forward to digging into the full-length as well in the very near future.  Big ups to Ruler Why for holding down the raw sounds.


Epic Return :: ‘DOOMWAR 2’ Now Available


Here’s another one from Jamar Equality and Ruler Why Recordings.  DOOMWAR was Jamar Equality dropping dope lyrics over dope MF DOOM beats.. and if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right?  Consider DOOMWAR 2 the sequel in all of the best ways possible.  Loving these small doses of dopeness, and looking forward to Ruler and Jamar possibly collaborating on a project of original rhymes and production.. we can hope, right?


Leisure Life :: Kilmatik’s ‘Super Something’ Visuals

It’s another Kilmatik verbal attack over an ill Ruler Why track.  Super Something is the first track off of Regular to get the visual treatment, and it’s Kil living life to the fullest… young ladies, champagne and ice cream.  Dig it and dig it good.


And Another One :: More New Music From Mad One And Ruler Why

Surely you know the drill by now.  Mad One drops bars on Ruler Why production.  I get you hip to it.  You support and share it.  That’s how the dopeness gets spread.  This time, the dopeness takes the shape of Beginning Of Forever, a prelude to the upcoming full length project Eternity’s Sequel.  Are you ready?


On Sight :: Ruler Why’s ‘Lo Clasico Vol. 1’

Some stuff gets automatically shared to you folks out there, no listen needed.  Anything by Ruler Why falls under that category.  Check out Lo Clasico Vol. 1, part one of a retrospective being produced by the Ruler himself.


Sneak Preview :: Kilmatik Meets Robbie Analog

Get hip…


The Dream Team :: Jamar Equality And Ruler Why Drop ‘(F)Lex Luthor’


Jamar Equality won’t run out of bars.  Reiner Hass is on deck this time for providing the production backdrop.  The result is raw rap with an equally raw soundtrack.  Definitely for fans of real hip hop.  Cop that, because it’s free, and pay them back by spreading the word.