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Superduty Toughwork :: Ben Buck Blasts Into (iN)Sect Records Fold With ‘B-Sides (Remixes And Flips)’


Making Moods :: Flobama Connects With Ayuma For ‘Big Ol’ Steps’

Most any ‘old head’ hip-hop fan remembers a time when jazz and hip-hop were tied deeply to one another.  This pairing, be it one born from inspiration or comparison, is one that has been rich with creative output for nearly 3 decades now.  Short of Madlib and a handful of other producers, however, most hip-hop tracks that land in the jazz realm are made in the vein of jazz, rather than being outright covers.  Flobama and Ayuma, however, have proven they aren’t afraid to make that forward step (no pun intended), and this proof is found in Big Ol’ Steps, and extremely funky cover of the John Coltrane classic Giant Steps.  Whether or not you’re familiar with the original, I urge you to check out this classic for yourself… give it a listen, a share, and if you feel like supporting, maybe even a download with a donation.


Presedential Production :: Flobama Drops ‘Warp Mode’ On (iN)Sect Records


(iN)Sect Records is coming off of a major week.  With an already power-packed roster on deck, the Austin-based label released a trio of debut projects.  We previously covered the new BoomBaptist, and we will get to the Rob from Garden Street release, but the man of the day is Flobama, and the focus is on the immaculately produced debut project titled Warp Mode.  The mix of electronic music and organic hip-hop elements connect well, with Flobama throwing shade of shade of slick track at the listener.  The project flows very naturally, with any vocal samples managing to fit so well into the songs that it almost seems as if there are none present.  Flobama has been flexing his skill for many years, and it’s good to see him find a label home with the brilliant beatsmiths as (iN)Sect Records.  Check out the project, share it around, and cop it if you can afford to.


Name Building :: Ben Buck Drops ‘KILROY’


One of the blessings of having been on the Austin hip-hop scene for so many years has been watching new artists pop up generation after generation and hold down the city.  Over the past few years, one of the artists that has been impossible to ignore is the homie Ben Buck, a young, hungry MC with a penchant for intricate and elaborate beatboxing.  After a flurry of singles over the past 6 months or so, Buck closed out 2019 with the release of KILROY, a proper collection of work that represents Buck‘s skill level and vision.  The project is a collection of singles, live band demos, and even a live show snippet, with a vast collection of collaborators.  On the production side, Ruler WhyFlobamaWiardonUGGOJarvBRKCHK and even Ben Buck himself drop beats, and on the lyrical side, prolific MCs like Myka 9AFROJamar EqualityChi ClopzFlobama and Jarv all drop high quality guest bars.  Don’t front on a legend in the making… check out the project on your favorite streaming service or storefront, and support your local creatives!


True School :: Ben Buck And Company Release ‘Spirits’ Visual

The Dang Ol’ tour that Ben BuckCold SweatJantzonia and Manny Phesto took part in recently looks like it was a blast, based solely on the feedback from the crew, and the subsequent EP release that followed.  It looks like their downtime, however, was not wasted, as Ben Buck has proven with the release of the video for his Spirits single.  The track, produced by Flobama of Hermit Kingdom, hearkens back to the early/mid-1990s hip-hop energy that many of my peers know and love so well, so it’s only fitting that Ben Buck would employ Diggy and Wyatt El to make a video parallel energy infused with new school editing touches.  Plain and simple, this video looked like it was a blast to make, and it only strengthens the message of the track by matching the energy and spirit (no pun intended) that already existed.  Definitely dope, so check it out, leave a like and a comment, and share it around for others to enjoy!


Clout Talk :: Ben Buck Stepping Out On ‘Spirits’ Single


When it comes to street buzz backed up by real skill, Ben Buck has to be at the top of any list of Austin MCs you make.  For the last couple of years, his hustle has been impossible to ignore, and on his latest single Spirits, we got not only a brief oral history of this experience, but a dual demonstration of growth as a recording artist and confidence in his skill level… the latter of which is ironic, as Ben Buck was never one to doubt his skills.  Flobama easily matches Buck‘s energy and urgency with his production, making the testament that they will ‘break y’all’s spirits if  you fake that realness’ one with real weight to it.  This song has the makings of being both a mixtape and live show staple, so check it out, leave a comment, and share it around for others to get familiar with.


Natural Element :: Feral The Earthworm Drops ‘Do What I Love’ For A Nature Cypher

A couple of years back, Feral the Earthworm did what many of us artists wish we could, and even added his own twist : he quit his job, terminated his lease, turned a van into a mobile living space and recording studio, and promptly hit the road.  Feral toured all over the states, continued to make music, and essentially has been living his dream to the fullest.  In celebration of this, he recently connected with Buddy Lewis & Car Molstad, and over a Flobama beat, he and the crew set out to the forests of China Grade to record a performance of Do What I Love, an appropriate song for the situation.  The finished product is dope, and the visuals match the beauty of their surroundings, so go ahead and check it out, leave a like and a comment, and spread it around to your friends.


Beat Philosophy :: Flobama’s ‘Strong Style Slaps’ Hits Hard


This album is good old fashioned boom bap beats, with a little bit of far eastern influence for good measure.  flobama came with it hard on Strong Style Slaps.  These are the kind of albums that make my producer wish list just keep on growing…