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True School :: Ben Buck And Company Release ‘Spirits’ Visual

The Dang Ol’ tour that Ben BuckCold SweatJantzonia and Manny Phesto took part in recently looks like it was a blast, based solely on the feedback from the crew, and the subsequent EP release that followed.  It looks like their downtime, however, was not wasted, as Ben Buck has proven with the release of the video for his Spirits single.  The track, produced by Flobama of Hermit Kingdom, hearkens back to the early/mid-1990s hip-hop energy that many of my peers know and love so well, so it’s only fitting that Ben Buck would employ Diggy and Wyatt El to make a video parallel energy infused with new school editing touches.  Plain and simple, this video looked like it was a blast to make, and it only strengthens the message of the track by matching the energy and spirit (no pun intended) that already existed.  Definitely dope, so check it out, leave a like and a comment, and share it around for others to enjoy!



Traveling Band :: Breaking Even Crew Makes More Magic With ‘Dang ‘OL EP’


This past summer, the Breaking Even Crew embarked on a multi-state tour simply for the sake of spreading the word about their brand of hip-hop in the ‘old-fashioned’ way.  The crew, consisting of MC/DJ Cold SweatManny PhestoBen Buck Beatbox and Jantzonia, decided to cap off the tour with another classic move : dropping a collective project.  The Dang ‘OL EP, like a handful of other recent projects out of Austin, embraces a feel not present in hip-hop since the ‘gold school’ era of the early to mid-1990s, with vibrant and bolstering production large enough to handle the range and variety that the collective brings to the table.  For four tracks, there is more than enough to chew on, which is a testament to the skill of all involved.  Here’s to hoping that the winter produces a follow-up project of some sort, but in the meantime, pass this one around so others can enjoy it!