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Making Waves :: Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice Enters NPR Tiny Desk Concert Contest

NPR announced that there were record breaking numbers of entrants into their annual Tiny Desk Concert Contest for 2017.  After seeing the homeboy Da’Shade Moonbeam throw his hat in the ring, and knowing that this year will be the first of a major transition into the visual realm, I knew it would be foolish to miss this opportunity.  Therefore, Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice is now officially entered into the contest as well!  Check out my submission video for Choke from Permanent Record (beat by Lo Phi), and please give it a like, leave it a comment, and encourage others to do the same!  And if you haven’t already, be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel for what should be an exciting 2017 filled with visual content…



Dense Growth :: Lo Phi’s ‘For The Kids’

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, I’m sure… there’s nothing liking watching an artist grow.  When you see an artist start at an already amazing point, and then you seem them struggling with feelings of mediocrity, it’s hard not to stroke the ego in a way that stunts their full potential.  Lo Phi is currently on a trajectory to fulfill his potential, and For The Kids is major proof of that.  Granted, I’ve only listened once, but I already know this is a record that demands my attention.  It’s a true journey, and one that can quite possibly leave you changed for the better when you arrive on the other side.  Worth your time.


Duo In The Know :: Funky Hip Hop From Intuitive Two

Intuitive Two (Eloc + Lo Phi) take you on a funky journey via lyrics by Grandmaster Murph and some visual inspiration via Crippled Masters.


Choose Your Adventure :: ‘Manifest Station’ Manifests In Visual Form

Lo Phi and I worked hard on this project.  I worked hard on this video.  You take it easy and enjoy having a spell put on you.


Objects In Space :: Chief And TheDoomsdayDevice + Lo Phi’s ‘Manifest Station’

Lo Phi made the music, Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice thought up the lyrics.  anom, DDotElles and Evolve had some lyrics to share.  Sarah Michelle Marine took a beautiful picture, and with a little additional love from Chief, it became the perfect visual representation to Manifest Station.

Enjoy… share… download… contribute if you like.  Thank you in advance.


Sounds Of Science :: Exploded Drawing SXSW 2014 Compilation

Exploded Drawing is an endless abyss of talent… mad buttons getting pushed in our collective.  Every year during SXSW, the kind folks that curate the monthly event take the time to put together a retrospective of those involved with the family.  Here’s 2014, and it’s a banger.


The Cycle Continues :: Lo Phi Provides ‘SUN|MOON’

This is a 24 hour cycle through the eyes, ears and soul of Lo Phi.  Shouts to Sole Glow Collective for allowing the world to take part.