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Live Direct :: Virgil Wolfe Captures Live Chief And TheDoomsdayDevice Performance Of ‘Just To Be Clear’

This past weekend, I took part in The Wild Rumpus 48, a monthly event curated by Grid Squid Entertainment that is currently held at Kiva Lounge & Bar in San Marcos.  The homie Virgil Wolfe was in attendance, and after rocking a spur of the moment set, he was gracious enough to capture my performance of Just To Be Clear, the last single I’ve released from most recent collaborative effort with Lo PhiUncanny Valley.  I almost got through the whole thing, but a slight (hilarious) distraction in the audience caused me to take a freestyling detour to wrap things up.  Definitely happy this one was captured, however, as it’s been a while since I’ve seen myself on stage.



High Resolution :: Chief And TheDoomsdayDevice + Lo Phi Release Lead Single From ‘Uncanny Valley’


2017 was shaping up to be the year for me.  I was coming off of a strong series of releases for about 8 years straight, and my docket for collaboration was starting to grow.  One of the ground floor collaborators was the homie Lo Phi, who has always been prolific in my eyes when it came to production.  What started as a follow-up EP to Manifest Stationover a period of 2 years, has shaped into a full-length project showing our collaborative growth despite both of us going through some of the most tumultuous periods of our lives.  I am proud to announce, finally, that our latest collaboration will be ready for release in January of 2019.  The project, Uncanny Valleyis full of wild production and deeply coded lyrics, as demonstrated by the lead single Just To Be Clear.  Stay tuned for this release, and many others, in 2019, as many of my former loose ends come to fruition.  Give the track a listen, a like, a comment, and share it around for prosperity in 2019!