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Infectious Sound :: Feedback Alliance Releases ‘Quarantine’ Compilation


For those unfamiliar with Feedback Alliance, the collective consists of a talent-filled roster of producers who exchange sample packs regularly in order to see what range of creativity can come from a similar foundation.  With self-isolation still going strong through most of the nation, the fellas put together Quarantine, a compilation of tracks using quarantine as the unifying theme (obviously).  With such a broad but dominant theme to work with, as well as the normal stipulations and limitations lifted, the members of Feedback Alliance that contributed to the compilation were really allowed to spread their wings, resulting in a very lush, diverse and expressive soundscape.  If you’ve got a streaming service, seek this one out and thank me later.


Larp Arts :: Rob From Garden Street’s Joy Filled ‘FEEL’ Video

(iN)Sect Records has been busy as of late, with a steady stream of releases hitting the masses in rapid-fire fashion.  One of the latest gems is FEEL, a music video from new label artist Rob From Garden Street that embraces larp culture over a lo-fi breakbeat that sounds directly off of a YouTube playlist.  Dig the video, leave a like and a comment, share it around, and stay tuned for Rob From Garden Street‘s debut album, which is coming soon.


Jam Session :: BoomBaptist Goes Big With ‘Boom Shakalaka’ Release


BoomBaptist has become a master of the album rollout over the past year or so, as the multi-faceted promotional campaign for The Vapor Caves proved.  Boom put his creative genius to use once again for the release of Boom Shakalaka, his latest solo release on (iN)Sect Records.  Anybody who knows Boom knows he loves basketball, with the legendary video game NBA Jams playing a large role in that love affair, so it makes complete sense that the aesthetic of Boom Shakalaka would be inspired by and centered around the game and its connected culture.  The music speaks for itself, with Boom‘s signature swing and drum patterns nesting the multitude of samples perfectly.  To crown the event, Boom even performed live from inside an NBA Jam cabinet :

Check it out all, cop some of that merch, and spread the word!


Spring Cleaning :: Corduroi Drops ‘Wind Your Spring’ Project


For every released song or project you hear from most producers, it’s safe to assume that there are a few songs or projects that you don’t, as the process of making a coherent album usually involves cutting away more so than adding on.  Every once in a while, artists will find a way to take a look back during their forward momentum, and if we’re lucky, they’ll share some of those forgotten gems with us.  This was recently the case with Austin-based producer Corduroi, who decided to dig through tracks created between 2015 to 2020 in order to curate his latest release, Wind Your Spring.  If you’re a fan of his work, definitely don’t skip this one.


Dynamic Range :: d(-_-)b’s ‘Ambient Minimalistic Turntableisms’ Project


While digging through Facebook, I came across a post from the homie Brainwavve requesting links to recently released music, which of course resulted in an instant post save from me.  There was quite a bit to choose from in terms of genre, style and so on, but one of the album covers really caught my attention.  This, of course, was d(-_-)b‘s recent release, Ambient Minimalistic Turntableisms.  I gave it a listen, and I was pleasantly surprised by the breakbeats used as a skeleton for a wide range of ambient and lush sounds, leaving an interesting gap that allows the listener to almost exist in the midst of each track.  The songs oscillate between hip-hop and techno-esque sounds, further bridging style and sonic gaps.  If you’re into instrumental, low key and/or experimental sounds, I’d say this one is for you.  Check it out, donate a buck or two if you can, and spread it around for others to experience!


NickNack – “Nobody Else” : Stepping the game up!

“Sometimes, the smallest things take up the most room in your heart”
– Winnie the Pooh

Take a second and dig on my old school homeboy Nick Nack‘s latest creation from the latest project.  Very nice audio-visual… this is how you make classic material without breaking the bank.  Enjoy.