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Props Party :: ‘DOOMpeerREVIEW’ Episode 003 Drops

Another week brings us another episode of DOOMpeerREVIEW, the Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice-hosted video show that recently premiered on the DOOMtubeATX YouTube channel.  Episode 003 features videos from …&More…ChiClopzKenny CasanovaChucky BlkAlligator Food (Sixo Heir Max), Ben BuckUpper RealityCrew54Notes Floats with Suzanna Choffel and Butcher Bear featuring Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice and BoomBaptist.  Check it out, leave a like and a comment if you dig it, and share it around for others to enjoy.  Don’t forget to subscribe to DOOMtubeATX for more content in the near future!



Verbal Assault :: Crew54 & CientifiQ Drop The Long-Awaited ‘Slap Rapz 2’


There are some things in this life you can count on.  You can count on the sun to rise in the east and set in the west.  You can count on most politicians to keep their own self interests above those of their constituency.  Most importantly, you can count on Crew54 to always lace listeners with bars on bars on bars over rock solid beats.  The guys have been talking up Slap Rapz 2, a collaboration with producer CientifiQ, for quite a while, but the wait has been well worth it.  If you find yourself expecting run of the mill quality because these cats are ‘local’, go ahead and slap yourself for being shortsighted.  These tracks could fall right in line with anything currently playing on the radio, TV, and so on… the songs are structured tight, the wordplay is enticing, and the chemistry between Crew54CientifiQ and the featured artists is volatile in the best ways.  Definitely an early contender for tops of 2018.


Dropping Topics :: Wyld Gents Podcast Drops A Gem With Episode #19 ‘Real Hip Hop Fans Are The Worst’


Everybody already knows that Crew54 can chop it up with the best of them on any topic.  They prove it time and time again with each new episode of the Wyld Gents podcast.  For episode 19, the title Real Hip Hop Fans Are The Worst is incredibly appropriate.  M.o.S. and GChrist are known for their strong stance on those fixed in their ways when it comes to hip hop, and they’re able to eloquently lay down how hypocritical and short-sighted that stance can be, as well as how it can ultimately stunt the creative growth of the culture.  I love what these guys are doing, and one of these days I’d love to try and hold my own as a guest on this hilarious podcast… hilarious, but always thought provoking.


Real Talk :: Crew54 Drops ‘Wyld Gents Podcast’

Sophisticated tomfoolery… that’s what Crew54 calls it.  After successful forays into music, visual and YouTube, the crew is now breaking new ground in the podcast realm with The Wyld Gents Podcast.  M.O.S. and GChrist have always had personality and charisma, as well as undeniable chemistry, and the podcast is a chance to gain a deeper insight into that chemistry.  The two bring their natural rapport to the podcast, and the topics (which range widely in variety) are all addressed earnestly and honestly.  I’m looking forward to seeing what the two talk about in the future, and who knows… maybe ya boy will show up in the mix if they start inviting guests…


Origin Stories :: Crew54 & CientifiQ Drop Visuals For ‘DAE1NZ’

As a crew, Crew54 is a dangerous outfit, equally efficient at both dope bars and dope video content.  Their latest offering is for the latest single (and straight banger) DAE1NZ, and the video is that raw style that we’ve been missing lately… dope locations, dope editing, dope performance footage, and a clean presentation.  This one is racking up likes quick, but it’s not too late to add your like to it… maybe a share or a comment, even a subscribe, because the heat is gonna keep coming from these guys.


Serious Bars :: Crew54 Drops ‘DAE1NZ’ Single


Crew54 is back at it in a big way.  They’ve been teasing the release of Slaprapz 2 for a hot minute now, and recently, M.O.S. mentioned a music video in the works that he believes will blow some minds.  Not too long after that, DAE1NZ showed up on Bandcamp, and man, these cats just get rawer and rawer.  Crew54 has a way of embracing the classic hip hop sounds and group dynamic without coming off as dated or passe.  If DAE1NZ is any indication of the song quality for Slaprapz 2, I’m ready with money in hand when it drops.


Take Heed :: Crew54’s ‘M.G.M. (Calm Down Freestyle)

Crew54 is pretty much synonymous with dopeness in all forms of media these days.  MOS‘s DVZN Media is becoming a force to be reckoned with, so you know when it’s applied to a Crew54 track, the outcome will be pure quality.  They’re definitely bringing that boombap era look back for a new set of eyes and ears.  Keep up the good work, fellas.


Gentlemen’s Welcome :: Crew54 Release ‘Wyld Gentlemen’

GChrist and M.O.S. both fired warning shots at you.  Now, the Crew54 has reconnected like Voltron to release the highly anticipated Wyld Gentlemen.  These cats come with it in all aspects of their creative expression, so I am very much looking forward to taking this album in, and seeing what kind of visuals they release to accompany these potential bangers.  Drop them a few bucks, and get your people to do the same.


Preemptive Strikes :: More ‘Wyld Gentlemen’ Promo From M.O.S.

About a month ago, GChrist of Crew54 dropped some darts in preparation of the release of Wyld Gentlemen, the much anticipated full-length on the way.  M.O.S. has thrown his hat into the ring, and of course, the bars are solid, and this LP is looking even better than it already was… drop this bad boy already!


Warning Shot :: GChrist Drops Bars For ‘Wyld Gentlemen’ Preview

Crew54 has been working on Wyld Gentlemen for quite a while now, and if this taste that GChrist gives us is any indication of what the whole is about, then I already know what I’m copping come October first.