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Political Discourse :: Moodie Black And Ceschi Connect For ‘Ye Death’


Moodie Black, a standout group from the Fake Four roster full of massive talent, has always been observant of what other boundary-pushing artists are doing, especially polarizing artists like Kanye West.  has always envisioned her band being as relevant as Ye, while offering a balancing set of opinions, ambitions and skill sets to offset that of the Chicago-based ‘mad genius’.  You can imagine, then, that Ye‘s embracing of MAGADonald Trump and the Right in general has been fuel for the Moodie Black creative fire.  Add to the fact that Fake Four label head (and incredible artist in his own right) Ceschi stopped by the studio to commit a hook to the inspiration, and the result is Ye Death, an observation on living in the madness we do now and feeling like a kite off the string, which is probably very much how Ye feels now (in light of recent reports that he feels ‘used’ by the same political machine he wholeheartedly embraced, and all within the span of about 2 months).  and company always have something deeply introspective and relevant to say about what’s rocking the societal boat, and this is just another notch in the belt.  Definitely check it out.


Chasing Ghosts :: Sixo Celebrates ‘Christmas Past’ With Ceschi

The concept of seasons being signal markers for human change and growth is not a new one… film, music and literature have all explored this story arc.  Ceschi, however, is known for his ability to tell a vivid tale, and over Sixo production, Christmas Past plays like the masterpiece it is.  The video only further drives home the emotions exploding from the song with it’s colorful and engaging elements.  Beautifully heavy.


Big Arrival :: Alligator Food Makes A Major Debut


One of the best things about being involved in the independent music scene is watching mutual friends combine to make big steps on big projects.  Heir Max has been a friend and someone I have shared a number of stages with for quite a while.  Sixo and I have crossed paths on occasion, and we share a number of mutual friends.  The two of them have combined under the label Fake Four (the indie juggernaut run by my friend Ceschi) to form Alligator Food, a no-nonsense combination of hard beats and hard rhymes.  On some six degrees of separation action, my friend Grace Park left her songbird presence on one of the tracks for this EP.  The guys from Alligator Food were even nice enough to put together a lo-fi mindscramble of a video for G.O.Y.A., the lead single.


Out To Sea :: Ceschi Live Footage Of ‘Galapagos (For The Fish)’

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, I’m sure… Ceschi is easily the most wholly unique entity in hip-hop on any level.  The guy can rap on the level of cats like Bone Thugs, where replication of his style is not easy, and yet, with a guitar in hand, he becomes one of the most compelling modern day singer/songwriters this side of Iron & Wine.  This live footage from a recent Los Angeles show at Redwood Bar Downtown (beautifully shot and put together by Adam Boren Bennet) is further proof, so dive on in!


One Night In Amsterdam :: Ceschi Performs ‘All Dogs Go To Heaven’ For BackSeatSessions

Ceschi, the mind behind Fake Four Records, is currently in Europe touring.  Interesting things always seem to occur in his life, and this snippet is another one of those golden moments that, lucky for us, was caught on film.  All Dogs Go To Heaven is a perfect demonstration of his musical ability and sensibilities, as well as the ability of his writing to cut right through the bone to where it hits you in a very honest way.  Dig it, share it, and support his movement.


Nobody’s Business :: Ceschi Rocks ‘Beauty For Bosses’ Acapella For SXSW

You never know when an artist is going to zone out and channel some realness for you on stage… that’s the beauty of when a passionate artist like Ceschi is given the chance to spill his soul in front of a crowd.  At this past SXSW, he performed Beauty For Bosses off of the recently released Broken Bone Ballads, an album I am very much looking forward to taking in.  Mad props to Fake Four for keeping things unflinchingly real in this world of falsification.


Long Time Coming :: Ceschi & Sage Francis Reflect On Being ‘Barely Alive’

Broken Bone Ballads is shaping up to be a powerhouse of an album.  Ceschi and Sage Francis trade verses over a Factor Chandelier track that sticks in your head from listen one.  Can’t wait to hear this one in its entirety.