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Known Rights :: Moodie Black Drops ‘Sway’ Single


Morgan from OVRLD will tell you… on one of Moodie Black‘s last trips into town, they were playing new tunes.  When they dropped Sway, us fans and the new listeners got H Y P E.  With the specter of the Lucas Acid album release on the horizon, I am happy that Sway is the pre-release single, and even more happy that K is getting to voice the experience of efforts to bring trans-awareness to the table.   This song could shape up to be both the jam and a possible benchmark moment all in one.



Priming Ignition :: Moodie Black Readies The Release Of ‘LUCASACID’

Moodie Black certainly marches to the beat of their own drummer, nobody can deny that.  The outfit continues to push the boundaries of what music can be and how it can affect the listener, both emotionally and intellectually.  With the upcoming release of LUCASACID on the horizon, has been extremely cognizant of providing enough information for the listener to be receptive to whatever the project will deliver.  Between the website, a visit on the Inside The Rapper’s Studio podcast with Jonathan Brown, and the long running Moodhouse podcast (now in its 4th season), anyone wanting to get hip can do so easily.  Word on the street is that the album can drop at anytime, and my advice is to be there when it does.


Frontier Psychiatry :: Moodie Black Drops ‘Tuesday’ Visual

Moodie Black has never had an issue with laying it all out on the table.  The upcoming album Lucas Acid has the potential to really turn heads, and if Tuesday is an indicator of what’s to come, I’m ready to sit down and listen.  The production is as arresting as ever, but the real gem this round are the lyrics… bars about being cagey and caged-in, both literally and figuratively.  Once Lucas Acid drops, you better believe I’ll be there to support, and I suggest you all do the same.


Psychadelic Confessional :: Moodie Black Drops ‘V a n o w e n’ Visuals

The homeboys Moodie Black never have been ones to shy away from giving it to you raw.  The latest single and video, V a n o w e n, featuring the guest vocals of Pierre Mottron, is almost like stumbling upon an old video tape in a drawer in an attic that shifts your entire perspective.  Dope on the visual front, intriguing musically and  lyrically, and an all around brain-scrambler of an experience.  Worth your time, worth your shares, and worth your support.


Banded Bangers :: KDEATH Drops ‘S T R E S S’


KDeath of the formidable Minneapolis-based outfit Moodie Black is a busy man.. constantly, there is creative output coming from that direction.  S T R E S S serves as a shelter for a number of singles and unaccounted for songs that have shown up in the live performances and the Soundcloud page.  Weekend, a personal favorite of mine, finds it’s way on here.. props to Belly Belt for the assist on that track as well.  Check it out for sure.


MOODHOUSE! :: Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice Makes The ‘Moodhouse’ Podcast


Slow Death, Fast Life :: Moodie Black Drops ‘MB II’

Moodie Black is ready to make the push happen.  They have set up all of the right dominoes to fall.  The bubble could pop any day now… Don’t say they didn’t warn you…