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Nod Factor :: EVOLVE X Mic Melt X DJ EZ Dave’s ‘The NNY EP (The Brooklyn Sessions)’ Hits The Internet

EVOLVE is well known for keeping his raps and track selections ultra raw, and while I don’t want to speak on behalf of the man, I imagine that much of this ethos comes from a deep appreciation of New York‘s creation and eternal influence on the hip-hop culture.  The main reason I feel comfortable in making this assumption and asserting it publicly is due to EVOLVE X MIC MELT X DJ EZ DAVE PRESENT: THE NNY EP​(​THE BROOKLYN SESSIONS), the latest release from the always working EVOLVE.  With verbal assistance from Mic MeltBanga KJunclassic, CHGPitch Black and Aimss, production provided by Stellar BornDeep of 2HBThe Strangers and DJ EZ Dave (who also provides the cuts), this is an all-star effort that goes seven for seven in terms of bangers.  Peep this one asap, share it around, and if you can, thrown EVOLVE and company a few bucks to cop this one.


Friendly Fire :: EVOLVE Brings Extra Heat To Will Haven’s ‘I’ve Seen My Fate’

Whenever the homie EVOLVE hits me up with new tracks, I pay attention, and recently, he hit me up with a collaboration birthed completely out of his admiration for the Sacramento-based rock band Will Haven.  The track, a remix of the 1999 song I’ve Seen My Fate off of their album WHVN, is given a boost by the insightful and piercing lyricism of EVOLVE, whose naturally gruff voice connects well with the grime and grit that Will Haven exudes.  If you’re an open-minded music fan who doesn’t mind a bit of cross-pollination in your music tastes, then definitely check this one out!


More Hardcore :: EVOLVE And DJ PROOF Connect For ‘SLANG BANG’

Fans of boom-bap, raw and honest hip-hop are hopefully hip to EVOLVE by now, as the Texas resident stays embracing the street aesthetic that made hip-hop what it was during the 1990s, arguably the heyday of hip-hop’s creativity and cultural growth.  With the assistance of DJ PROOF on production, the track SLANG BANG plays like a brutally honest admission of fully embracing every bit of the grittiness that makes the dark side of hip-hop so enjoyable.  The drum heavy, dark and minimalist track serves as the perfect backdrop for EVOLVE‘s stream of consciousness flow, which is always on point and full of rhymes and references within rhymes and references.  Check this one out asap, cop it if you can, and spread it around so everyone can get down.


Culture Sounds :: EVOLVE X Mic Melt X Banga K Talk About ‘Basics’

There is no doubting that the monolithic culture we know as Hip-Hop was birthed in New York, but as the culture has grown, so has its reach and influence in not only the United States, but the world.  As a native Texan, I find myself spiritually connected to other Texas-based MCs that understand and respect New York and it’s firm place in the culture, and perhaps this is why it brings me great joy to hear Basics.  The prolific Texas duo that is EVOLVE and Mic Melt have always brought a grittiness and complexity to their artistry that is clearly influenced by the legions of classic New York artists, so to see them connect with New York-based MC Banga K, producer Deep of 2HB and dj Ez Dave during a recent trip to Brooklyn in this latest single feels like providence.  The track is a banger, of course, with the perspectives of those from outside and inside the “city that never sleeps” echoing one another beautifully.  If you dig your Hip-Hop with plenty of head nod energy, then cop this track immediately and spread it around.