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Distant Connections :: AMEA Takes Us On A Trip With ‘VayCay’

At this point, I don’t know much about AMEA, other than that I need to know more.  I unfortunately cannot remember how I stumbled across the video for VayCay, but I am very glad that I did, because the video is truly inspiring.  Not only is it a strong song with a wonderfully produced video to back it up, the video includes a strong narrative that tells a concurrent story with the song, culminating in a moving experience for the listener/viewer.  The amount of high quality music video work I am seeing that comes out of the central Texas area is truly amazing.  As for AMEA, she seems to be on the rise, so I will definitely keep watch for more from her.



Dream Sounds :: Elnuh’s ‘Bad Week’ EP Moves The Soul


Diversity of style and sound is plentiful within the central Texas area.  One of the many thriving scenes is the lo fi pop music movement, almost dream pop (if you will).  San Antonio-based singer/songwriter elnuh, a member of many collective musical projects, is making a standout effort with the recently released bad week EP.  The only thing that is remotely negative about this is the want for more once the last notes fade.  I will certainly be keeping my eyes and ears open for more.


Loving Warriors :: Voodoo Boogaloo Join The NPR Tiny Desk Contest Concert Field

It seems like there is a vibe in the air that 2017 is going to be someone’s year in my peer group.  Everyone is taking shots at making bigger steps and gaining more exposure.  Case in point, yet another set of my wonderful and talented musician friends are in the mix for the NPR Tiny Desk Concert Contest.  This time, it’s the San Antonio-based trip hop duo Voodoo Boogaloo bringing their spacey, loving vibes to the contest.  My blog may just mess around and end up being a ton of my friends going for the NPR-gold in 2017!


Audio Visual Madness :: Milli Mars presents “The Alarm”

Facebook and the many other social networks out there are always a great source for new local and underground music.  The friendship I have built with my peers over the years has led to some great musical discoveries, and yesterday was no exception.

Courtesy of my man Ocky GoodSounds comes a recommendation from my southern IH35 neighbor San Antonio.  Up to this point, I wasn’t familiar with Milli Mars, but you better believe he’s on the radar now… don’t sleep.

Director: Abteen Bagheri // @abteen
DP: Isaac Bauman // @isaacbauman
Producer: Chris Black // @theblack

Milli Mars // @MilliMars // millimars.bandcamp.com

mgmt // @ghostpizza


Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice make the San Marcos Daily Record

The San Marcos Daily Record recently interviewed yours truly, and the article was released in today’s paper (9-23-11).  The article covers my progression as a solo artists, talks about my impact on the local scene, and let’s folks know about “It/ll Be Better Tomorrow”.  You can read the article here.

Thank you to Jeff Walker, the San Marcos Daily Record, and to everyone in the Austin/San Antonio corridor that has supported me over the years.  We’ve only just begun to live!


Spotlight on Politics : The City of San Marcos v. Planet K (San Marcos)

In the fall of 2007, the staff of the newly opened Planet K San Marcos (including myself) celebrated our achievement with an on-site party/bbq.  Several bands played, prizes were given away, and an ’88 Oldsmobile was beat with a sledgehammer for charity.

In the following weeks, the Oldsmobile was de-wheeled, painted by a local artist and a nationally recognized artist who specializes in painting reclaimed objects, filled with dirt, and turned into a cactus planter.  The planter was affectionately named Ralph, after the famous swimming pig that once performed at Aquerina Springs.  Shortly after, the City of San Marcos cited the planter as a junk vehicle and threatened to fine the store for every day it remained on our property.

Planet K, of course, took exception to this, seeing as the supposed junk vehicle no longer classified as a vehicle.  Planet K has a history of cactus planters on its Austin and San Antonio properties, and the company took the necessary precautions to make the vehicle incapable of trapping an individual.  The fluids were also drained from the vehicle.  Therefore, the “vehicle” was actually nothing more than a blank canvas wrapped around a cactus planter.

The local case, through the process of appeals, found itself facing a possible hearing before the Supreme Court this past October.  The case was denied, however, and the Fifth Circuit’s decision that “only great works of art are protected by First Amendment free speech rights” stood.  The vehicle was removed from the property, but luckily it was saved, and now sits in exile at the Planet K located on Stassney, in Austin.

The company is now working on an initiative that would allow the issue to be placed on the ballot of the upcoming fall voting session in San Marcos.  Signatures are being sought after from supporters that are registered to vote in the city of San Marcos.  If 1800 votes are collected, the people of San Marcos will make the final decision.

For those who are registered in San Marcos and would like to support, visit Planet K San Marcos, or call (512)392-4596 and ask what you can do to help support bringing Ralph home.

If you are not registered, but would still like to support the cause, you can volunteer at the store as well, or call the same number.


But You Still Think It’s A Necklace…

Straight from Decorative Stamp comes the first video off of the ill EP from the homie EVAK1 and his latest collaborator Edison.  Cop the album, and dig the video… tubes!

By the way, EVAK is gonna rock on It/ll Be Better Tomorrow… check it: