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Living Thing :: Mexstep And Friends Bring ‘Vivir’ To Life

Full disclosure, I am sharing Mexstep‘s latest project Vivir sight unseen (or unheard, rather), but that is only because sometimes quality can be discerned strictly by the names associated with a project.  More than anything, I am sharing this project to make sure I return to it later this week, as I already know about Mexstep‘s lyrical pedigree (largely in thanks to his dual status as a lover of hip-hop and a college-level educator), and names like Bavu BlakesApasoVocabKree23Mad1ne and the legion of other guests mean that we’re getting gold stacked on gold.  Perhaps the most convincing aspect of all, however, is the fact that the album is produced by the über-talented Adrian Quesada, meaning it’s going to hit you straight in the soul as well as appeal to your emotions and intellect.  You know how we do it around here… cop the project if you can, seek it out on your favorite streaming service or Bandcamp to list regardless, and pay it forward by sharing it around for all to experience.