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Skating On :: Kady Rain Drops Hot New ‘Got Away’ Single

If I had to guess, I’d say that Kady Rain is familiar with the old adage “kill them with kindness” based on Got Away, her latest high energy single.  Over a very lively backing track, Kady Rain drenches some extremely pointed and aggressive lyrics in layers and layers of playful and boisterous delivery, making this song about regret and leaving toxicity deceptively layered and extremely catchy.  Hopefully this song gets the music video treatment, because catchy tunes like this totally deserve memorable visuals to accompany them.  Don’t sleep on this gem from Kady Rain… cop the track if you’ve got a couple of bucks, stream it on your favorite music service, and spread it around for everyone to enjoy!


Pulling Cards :: The Freethinkers Educate The Masses On ‘Illusion Of Choice’

Normally I ignore ads, be they Facebook, television, on a podcast, or wherever they are fed to me.  Every once in a while, however, ads catch my attention for some reason or another.  In the case of The Freethinkers, it was the recognition of the SIXO memorial shirt being worn in their latest video, Illusion of Choice, that got my attention.  Lucky for me, the hard rocking, truth driven track more than impressed me very much.  It’d be easy to write this track off as a Rage Against The Machine emulator, but that would be a shortsighted view of things… the song is more a testament of how much things stay the same, despite years and years of apparent ‘growth’ and ‘change’ that the masses fool themselves with.  If you’ve ever felt a way about the injustices that many accept as commonplace, this song is for you.  Check out the video, leave a like and a comment on it, and spread it around so that everyone can hear the good word.


The Bargain :: Heroes Die Young Release ‘Painful Truth’ Single

San Marcos-based rock band Heroes Die Young are looking to make an impact in the vibrant central Texas music scene the old-fashioned way : strong songwriting, old school promotion and (hopefully one day soon) live performances for new and old fans.  Their latest (and seventh) single, Painful Truth, is a new take on the ballad, eschewing the call for the best parts of a significant other and instead opting for any and all truths.  The high energy soundtrack matches the urgency and nervous nature the lyrics lay out perfectly.  Don’t be surprised if a song like this one gets the music video treatment at some point.  In the meantime, like the song, leave a comment if you dig it, and share it around for all to enjoy!


Joyful Noise :: Buzz N’ Bangs Release ‘Going Places’


April 20th is and always has been a day of celebration, and when it rolled around for 2020, it seems like Buzz N’ Bangs had an idea to make it extra special.  Fans of rock in the central Texas area had a reason to rejoice as Going Places hit the internet airwaves.  The duo captures all of their high energy and wonderful sense of humor on the project, dropping a collection of original songs and two covers that round out the proceedings.  After approaching nearly ten years on hiatus, it is certainly refreshing to know that the duo is alive and kicking, and hopefully the pair still has a few albums left in them.  If summer rolls around and we’re allowed to go outside again, don’t be surprised if you hear this one out in the streets.  Check it out, share it around for others to enjoy, and if you have a few bucks, go ahead and cop it.


Raw Deluxe :: Big Jaw Drop Video For ‘Mess Around’

When it comes to music, live or otherwise, nothing hits home quite like a solid and heartfelt rock band.  It appears that the Austin-base rock band Big Jaw is well aware of this fact, as their latest single and video, Mess Around, is a no-nonsense, direct attack on the senses courtesy of lead singer/guitarist Clint Roth, bassist Ishaq Clayton, and drummer Marty Mack.  The video flips between psychedelic pinwheels of the band members and a performance space session, but the pure energy and joy the band members exude radiates off the screen in waves.  This one is a banger for sure, so check it out, leave a like and a comment on the video, and share it around so others can enjoy!


These Days :: Pleasure Venom Drops Music Video For ‘Hive’

Pleasure Venom has been on a monstrous run over the course of the past year or so.  They hit the ground running in 2019 with an album release, a handful of music videos and a supporting tour with Garbage, and they don’t appear to be stopping things anytime soon.  Their video for Hive, directed by singer Audrey Campbell and drummer Thomas Valles, is a seemingly innocent single shot ‘day in the life’ style video, but as we all know, looks can be deceiving.  Check out the video, give it a like and a share, and leave a comment to let them know you’re supporting this run!


Mellow Melodies :: Water On Mars Releases Self-Titled EP


The San Marcos-based collective Water on Mars has been vigilant over the past couple of years in regards to shaping their sound and fine-tuning their chemistry as a band.  After a run of live shows and a few one-off recordings of singles, Water on Mars is kicking off the summer of 2019 with a brand new EP.  The songs are tightly structured, dynamic, melodic, and full of wonderful vocal harmonies that have become a signature of Water on Mars‘ sound.  It’s available on all the major streaming services at this time (clicking the cover above will take you to Spotify), so don’t hesitate to look them up and give them some streaming love!


Lo Fire :: Apache Tomcat’s ‘Manifest Destiny’s Child Soldier Boy George Harrison Ford Focus’


When Jonny from Apache Tomcat hit me up a while ago (and about a completely different project, whom I will feature in the future) and told me about the new lo-fi project he was in, I was in the stretch of a very busy and creative month.  I had every intention of listening, but time was a limited commodity.  When I finally did get a chance to sit down and listen to Manifest Destiny’s Child Soldier Boy George Harrison Ford Focus, I was floored, and immediately kicking myself for taking so long to get around to check out the project.  From the jump, this project gave me the same feelings that projects by Tim KerrDirty BeachesThe Butthole Surfers and bands of that ilk do… grungy sounds, chameleon-like vocals that are playful and intriguing, and an immediacy that other music lacks these days were all elements that spoke to me.  This one is definitely worth checking out and downloading, as well as telling a friend to do the same.


Powerful Nostalgia :: Total Sound Group Direction Action Committee Footage From Trophy’s Surfaces

Anyone unfamiliar with the legend of Tim Kerr (especially anyone native to Austin) has some homework to do.  From Big Boys to Lord High Fixers to Total Sound Group Direct Action Committee and more, Kerr has left an indelible mark on his city, punk/rock music, and art as a whole.  Recently, Butcher Bear uncovered some footage of a Trophy’s on South Congress show, and decided to upload it to (in)Sect Record‘s YouTube channel.  As a result, all of us have been blessed with the raw power than was Tim Kerr and his bandmates, and their extremely passionate sound.  Enjoy, share, and let the nostalgia of a simpler and better time take you over.


Things We Lost In The Fire

from the digital desk of The White White Lights:


The bad news: as you might have heard, our house was one of the many lost to the fires in Bastrop on Sunday. Jonas was able to grab most of his guitars and one amp, but we lost everything else in the studio (keyboards, pianos, bass rig, recording gear). Our family and friends helped us set up this account for any donations if anyone would like to help us on our way to rebuilding soon. 

The good news: Our show in San Marcos tomorrow night was rescheduled, but we’re still going to play at the Highball this Sunday, September 11 (we’ll borrow or find some gear somewhere). We also saved the hard drive containing the two EP’s that we’re releasing in the next month and a half or so (we wanted to get it printed in the next few weeks but have a lot to take care of).

Thank you all for your messages and support. This has been a crazy few days for so many of us.

Love, Jonas and Jenny of tWWL


Jonas is an old friend of mine, and a super creative cat.  Please do anything you can, if you are able, in order to help this wonderful band get back on their feet.