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Melodic Statement :: Urban Heat Explore Musical And Emotional Depths With ‘Wellness’ Release


Rat Race :: Urban Heat Urges You To Break Out Of The Box With ‘Have You Ever?’ Video

The Rollout :: Ryan Darbonne And Company Present ‘I AM TX’

I can’t lie, I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time, and have been very excited to share it with the world.  For those who know, they know the wheels of entertainment turn a bit slower on the film side, so after a successful production, an impressive run at the film festival circuit, and a bit of unplanned time on the shelf due to COVID-19, it brought me great pleasure when Ryan Darbonne let all of the I AM TX cast and crew know that the film was finally ready to share to the world.  It stars the multi-talented Jonathan K. Horstmann from BLXPLTNUrban Heat and much more, Pleasure Venom lead singer Audrey Campbell and myself, and featured the talents of many Austin-based members of the film scene.  We’re very proud of what we made, and even prouder to share it with everyone, so please take a moment to check it out, and if you feel inclined to do so, let us know what you thought and share it with others.


Strange Fun :: Urban Heat Channels Talking Heads Energy With ‘A Simple Love Song’

Jonathan K. Horstmann, the lead guitarist and singer for the dynamic group Urban Heat, is a man of many looks when it comes to artistic expressions.  Urban Heat has been an outlet for his more melodic, pop-sensibility songs, and while quality and style have been present since day one, something must have been in the air during the recording and video production of A Simple Love Song.  To call it a variance on a style established by Talking Heads is to do an injustice to the song and video, but the influence is certainly there and undeniable.  The song is immediately catchy, with the chorus of “I wish I could write you a simple love song, but the world keeps falling apart” standing as both a testimonial observation to our times and the catchiest of earworms to emerge in 2021.  Definitely check out the video, give it a like and leave a comment, and spread it around so it can be the next viral video sensation!


Ticking Clock :: Urban Heat Collaborates With Mr. Pink Records For ‘Running Out Of Time’

From the digital desk of Urban Heat‘s Jonathan K. Horstmann :

In the spring of 2020 I started working on a collection of songs with the intention of going into the studio with Jonas Wilson (Mr. Pink Records), as was our practice with previous releases.  COVID-19 had other plans, and my family found itself needing to leave Texas to quarantine in North Carolina with my wife’s family.  Jonas and I decided I would finish the songs remotely and send them to him for mixing.  This meant driving to the East Coast in a car packed with my wife, daughter, dog, outboard studio gear and a ton of synths.  Nearly 2 months later we returned to Texas with finished songs, one of those being Running Out of Time.

I think we’ve all been changed by the experience.  Quarantining with your family teaches you a lot about yourself, your limits, and how to be patient.  Recording on your own provides insight on your choices, how you make decisions, and how to forgive yourself.

When it came time for a video we got the band together for a socially distanced shoot.  Everyone’s parts were filmed individually in a home studio and cut together.  I filmed Kevin and Pax, and my wife Hannah stepped in when it came time to film my parts.