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Muscle Memory :: Virgil Wolfe And Daroundhero Reconnect For ‘It’s Just Distance’


Virgil Wolfe and Big Lo have been on a songwriting tear recently, so a new track from that neck of the woods is no surprise.  What makes It’s Just Distance so special is that it marks the first collaboration between Virgil Wolfe and Daroundhero in nearly a decade.  The energy between these two on the track is kinetic, and with Big Lo‘s off-kilter jazz-influenced beat as the driving force, the two emcees trade bars and hook duty as good as the cats from Project Blowed used to get down.  Tracks like these remind me of my transition from fan to artist in the early to mid-1990’s, strictly because tracks like these, tracks with so much love emanating from them, being performed by people in very similar situations to myself, let me know that the only hurdle to creative expression was a personal one.  Hopefully this collaboration between these old friends is not a one-off, and we don’t have to wait another eight years for a follow-up track.  Definitely check this one out, share it around, and leave it a like and/or comment.



Spectrum Analysis :: Cunabear Shows Wonderful Range With ‘Yawning Towards Heaven!!!!’


For most artists and creatives, the last thing that you want to do is limit yourself in terms of expression.  As therapeutic as creating art and music can be, it is infinitely more rewarding when you allow yourself to expand beyond the limits imposed on you by others (or yourself).  Enter SavannahGeorgia-based cunabear, an artist who clearly understands and adheres to the practice of not limiting himself in terms of creative expression.  Yawning Towards Heaven!!!!, his latest release (produced by sp00ks), wonderfully shifts between abstract instrumentals, experimental boom-bap hip-hop, spoken word over sparse instrumentation, and a handful of solid posse cuts featuring labelmates such as SB the MoorBigStupidIdiotGomec, the homie Virgil WolfeCreative Space CadetMugWampers and four_circles.  Most everything I’ve heard from BearTooth Collective has been good, but Yawning Towards Heaven!!!! plays very much like a deeply felt personal statement.  Props to cunabear for putting out a true gem for heads to take in.


Quick Fix :: Virgil Wolfe Collaborates With Big Lo For ‘Lovely To Look At’


Virgil Wolfe recently dropped a new track, a collaboration with producer Big Lo titled Lovely To Look At.   The beat is wonderfully off-kilter and lo-fi, with an eerie vocal sample and purposeful recording/aging distortion integrated into the track.  It’s a suitable soundscape for some of Wolfe‘s more cryptic lyrical fare.  His verse and delivery put me in the mindset of a Labyrinth-like situation, where I must solve the riddles Virgil Wolfe presents me before I am able to progress further.  My only real frustration with the song is that it is simply a single verse… an extended break and a second verse would have made this one pure gold.  Maybe a remix featuring Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice on a guest verse could solve that?  Regardless, here’s to Virgil Wolfe for continuing to put out both quantity and quality when it comes to tunage.


Idiot Boxing :: Virgil Wolfe And Strcolctr Serve Up ‘Unlimited TV Dinners’


The influence that television has had on the last few generations is undeniable.  It has shaped our cultural context and standard frame of reference in ways that we may never return from, which isn’t inherently a bad thing.  Take, for example, the collective efforts of MC Virgil Wolfe and producer Strcolctr.  The duo recently took their love of TV from their childhood, took a direct look at how it has effected them emotional and rationally, and have poured those thoughts into the short but powerful Unlimited TV Dinners, with whip-smart ruminations on ideas like investing your time in meaningless ventures, cultural identity and more.  Don’t let the lighthearted veneer fool you, there’s some heavy lifting being done on this project.  If Unlimited TV Dinners Deluxe dropped at some point in the future, I wouldn’t be mad at that one bit.


Episodic Nature :: Virgil Wolfe And Strcolctr Connect For ‘Filler Episode’


Virgil Wolfe proves time and time again that he is not content with resting on his laurels.  Almost exactly half a year after releasing the insightful and thought-provoking Calamity produced collaboration Before The World Wakes UpWolfe is already talking up his next release, Unlimited TV Dinners.  The project, slated for a June 30th release, is an EP length collaboration with producer Strcolctr, and if the lead single Filler Episode is any indication of what’s to come, it sounds like we’re going to get our insight via clever analogies and imagery this go-round.  I’m not used to hearing Wolfe on the type of production that is Filler Episode, with it’s laid back nature and extremely heavy swing, but I gotta say that I dig what he’s laid out.  Here’s to hoping that Unlimited TV Dinners is another step in the right direction.


Thankful Days :: Virgil Wolfe And Punk With A Camera Visually Express ‘Gratitude’

Virgil Wolfe brought the musical vision, Punk With A Camera brought what it took to capture the vision in music video form, and Rib Fest Records helped make it all possible.  The result is a testimonial style slice of life in the form of Gratitude, where we find Wolfe reflecting on all things big and small worth pointing out, because all of this shaped him into the man he is today.  Punk With A Camera helps make everything easy to relate to, keeping the environments grounded rather than forcing Wolfe to posture like someone he is not.  These are the kind of videos that both resonate good vibes and help you unlock your ability to do the same.  Give it a like, a share and a comment, and keep supporting your favorite indie creators.


Deep Concentration :: Lady Valore Drops Knowledge On ‘IRL’


In my quest to become the Superman of indie blogs, I think that Virgil Wolfe has become my Jimmy Olsen.  One trip through his timeline, and I manage to keep finding dopeness.  This go-round, it’s SavannahGeorgia-based Lady Valore that caught my attention.  Her latest release, IRL, did all the right things to catch my attention… dope cover, interesting song titles, and a guest appearance by another recent Virgil Wolfe discovery, cunabear.  Naturally, I decided to dive in, and I was certainly not disappointed.

Lady Valore has a very conversational style and delivery, making her come off as the underground hip-hop version of The Ancient One from Doctor Strange.  Her lines of rationale and observation are interesting and thought-provoking, and the production (the lion’s share of which is done by 5AM, with contributions by DRMAMatty MeatloafSunglow and (‘i’s’)) is abstract enough to stand out, but strong enough to support the unique flow.  For a name your price purchase, you really can’t go wrong with this one.