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Shop Talk :: Rebekah Porter Drops VHS Documentary For The Making Of ‘Henrietta And Her Dismal Display Of Affection’

It’s been a pleasure watching Rebekah Porter, a very talented visual artist in her own right, find new realms of expression in her time spent around the off-beat auteur that is Jeffrey Garcia.  With Henrietta and Her Dismal Display of AffectionGarcia‘s feature-length debut film, in the can and on the way out to the masses, Porter finally showed the world one of the projects she was working on : a VHS-filmed behind the scenes documentary about the daunting task that was making a feature-length film with unknown actors and essentially zero budget.  Check out the documentary for some interview footage from the many stars of the film, not to mention some candid moments between cast and crew.  If you dig it, leave a like and a comment, and be sure to share it around for everyone to enjoy!


Wrap Party :: “The Pizzagate Massacre” (Formerly “Duncan”) Finally Sees The Light Of Day

What a long, strange trip it’s been.  After a year of production, and two additional years of heartbreaks, rejections, a pandemic, and finally, little victories, it brings me immense pleasure to announce that The PIzzagate Massacre, originally titled Duncan, has finally found placement on a number of streaming services thanks to the wonderful people at Archstone Entertainment and Raven Banner Entertainment.  The film, which was written and directed by the Austin-based artistic treasure that is John Valley, takes a deep and unflinching look at a Pizzagate-like scenario where danger is actualized rather than avoided, resulting in a cautionary tale that is seemingly becoming more and more relevant with each passing year.  While there are more than a few big films releasing this weekend, if you can find time time and a few extra bucks, jump into a viewing of The Pizzagate Massacre so you can say you were down before the masses jumped on board the hype train.  The image above lists streaming services where the film can be viewed, and clicking the image will take you to my DOOMonFILM blog where I share my thoughts on the finished product.


Brief Messages :: #WeirdRapDiscussionGang Invites DotdotDotdotDotdot To Discuss Skits & Interludes

You know how it goes when the #WeirdRapDiscussionGang gets together… any and all things hip-hop get broken down, examined and discussed, and hopefully, everyone involved (and everyone watching/listening) steps away with a bit more insight.  This latest go-round, the topic of skits, intros and interludes (a true staple of the hip-hop genre) were on the table, and to help us truly dig deep, the homie DotdotDotdotDotdot joined Th’MoleBeverly Fre$h and myself to fawn over some of our favorites.  Check it out if you’ve got a spare hour, leave a like and a comment, and share it around so everyone can get down!


Chop Suey :: Butcher Bear Shows Out For ‘SCM FLIP SESSIONS 7’

Recently, the homie Butcher Bear took a second to give props to his friend and (iN)Sect Records supporter DJ House Shoes for the 8th birthday of StreetCornerSCM, the label that House Shoes runs.  As part of the birthday festivities, the label issued elements for SCM FLIP 7, allowing a long who’s who list of producers to that the chops and flip the elements as they please.  Those who know Butcher Bear know he has a knack for going all in, so it’s no surprise that he turned in quite the headbanger.  Check out the track, because it’s a heater, and be sure to spread the word around about the track specifically and StreetCornerSCM specifically.


Workingman’s Rap :: #WeirdRapDiscussionGang Focuses In On Midwest Hip-Hop

Everyone in the #WeirdRapDiscussionGang has been a bit on the busy side with personal projects and travelling, but recently we found the time to get back together and start what will hopefully be a smaller series within our bigger picture… brief deep dives into regional flavors of rap.  Our first stop found us examining the Midwest, though admittedly, we may have bitten off more than we can chew in a single visit.  Check us out as we talk Midwest rap (including quite a bit of Detroit rap, though not purposefully), and if you dig what we’re putting down, then leave us a like and a comment before spreading the gospel of the #WeirdRapDiscussionGang around to those you love!


Analyze This :: Recent Video Drops From The World Of DOOMonFILM

Slowly but surely, I’ve been picking up momentum over at the DOOMonFILM YouTube channel.  Out of my last four videos, three in particular feel like I’m finding my voice… while my quick thought-share and starting five lineup video for Space Jam : A New Legacy was a bit of a throwaway vid, the other three hold important places in terms of my creative drive and ability.

My deep dive into Who Framed Roger Rabbit? is a chance to explain why that film stands as my all-time favorite film, not to mention one that unveils new treasures with each viewing experience.  My analysis of Ratcatcher 2 from The Suicide Squad through the lens of the anti-villain not only stood as one of the pieces of analysis I am happiest with, but one of the quickest turnarounds in terms of film release to idea inception to production to release.  My most recent drop, a setup of The 400 Blows as direct (albeit subtle) inspiration for the films Capernaum and Juice, will probably not make my channel blow up, but it is an idea that I have been sitting on for a while, with the discovery of Capernaum helping me to flesh out the idea fully.

If you’ve not done so already, head over to the DOOMtubeATX YouTube channel and subscribe, like all the videos, and comment that you can from the blog page.  


Youth Explosion :: Weird Rap Discussion Gang Studies The Timeline Of Kid Rappers

Be it the gimmicky New Jack Swing mimicry of the early 1990s, the edgier rebellious juvenile rap of the late 1990s, the party-pop sound of the new millennium, or the modern day mini-versions of adults, hip-hop has a long history of child acts with varying degrees of success.  In true Weird Rap Discussion Gang fashion, the crew of Th’MoleBeverly Fre$h and myself took a trip down memory lane and discussed how we feel about the growth of kid rap.  This one was a little different than usual, but like always, it was a ton of fun and relatively insightful, so definitely set aside some time to check it out!  If you like what you see, leave a like and a comment, and if you find yourself thirsting for more Weird Rap content, subscribe to the channel and check out the official website,


Shadetree Deconstruction :: James Gunn’s ‘The Suicide Squad’ Inspires New #DOOMonFILM Video

After several years of running the DOOMonFILM blog over at Tumblr, where I spent my time reviewing and analyzing a wide spectrum of films from over the years, I found myself mostly fulfilled, but yearning to include video essays in my creative fold.  With the time afforded to many of us during 2020, I decided to pull the trigger on DOOMtubeATX, my YouTube channel that I hope will eventually showcase a number of different series I plan to create.  DOOMtubeATX afforded me the opportunity to add the visual element to my film analysis (as previously mentioned), and its times like this past weekend that I appreciate having committed myself to DOOMtubeATX.  I watched James Gunn‘s latest release, a refresh on The Suicide Squad, the Thursday night that it premiered early.  Then I watched it again Saturday.  And again on Sunday.  By the end of my third watch, the gears were turning, and the result is what you see above : a dissection of the Antivillian concept, with Ratcatcher 2 (depicted by actress Daniela Melchior) as the case study.  If you’re in to overanalyzing the movie viewing experience, or you’re simply open to a fresh take that could shift your perspective, then check out the video!  Leave a like and a comment if you feel moved to do so, and subscribe to the channel if you’d be interested in checking out future content.


Spin Control :: Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice Drops A New Mix For Summer 2021

I often find myself so busy these days with my numerous musical, film and blogging ventures (not to mention consistent gig schedule) that I often neglect the practice that got me where I am today : the mixtape.  Luckily for me (and hopefully for the masses), I found some time this weekend to get in a mix I’ve playfully titled a collection of songs artisanally blended in an aesthetically pleasing manner.  Hip-hop will always be my bread and butter, and it is certainly represented on here by the likes of Pop SmokeMIKETyler the Creator and Lil’ WaynePharrellKenny MasonIsaiah Rashad and Lil’ Uzi Vert, but I wanted to make sure that a wider spectrum of music got some shine, hence the inclusion of songs from Olivia RodrigoBillie EilishLeon BridgesThundercatAriana GrandeCautious ClayKAYTRANADA and many more.  If you find yourself trying to cool down on one of these warm summer evenings and think you’re in need of a soundtrack, reach for this mix!  Donate if you choose, download if you like, stream when you can and share as often as possible!


Return Visit :: BigBlackGuyReviews And DOOMonFILM Meet Again For ‘Bustin’ Loose’ Review Part 2

Shout out to BigBlackGuyReviews for once again letting me take part in a collaborative review!  This one is just as hilarious as part one, so jump on it immediately, drop a like and a comment, and share it around!