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Them Changes :: Chief And TheDoomsdayDevice Releases ‘This Town Has Turned To Dust’ Singles


Finishing an album is one of the most satisfying feelings a creator can experience.  Over the course of the next 6 weeks or so, I will have the pleasure of doubling down on the experience, as I have 2 projects completed or near completion and ready to be released.  A few weeks ago, I dropped the lead singles from A Memoir Called Noir, my upcoming rap album (and I recently dropped a third single from the album as well).  At this point, I am releasing the lead 3 singles from the upcoming instrumental album, This Town Has Turned To Dust.  Check them out, share them, and all that jazz.



Deep Cuts :: Chief Doomsday And Nick Hanover Discuss ‘Movies That Scarred Me’


Attending podcasts is one of my favorite things to do, especially the ones that stick to a specific topic or interest.  As a man of many, many interests and varied tastes, getting the opportunity to ramble about the things I love is a godsend.  Recently, Nick Hanover of the Movies That Scarred Me podcast reached out and gave me the opportunity to talk about 2 movie scenes that are forever blazed in my brain.  Check it out for a nice little trip down memory lane, stay linked to DOOMonFILM for more Chief Doomsday-related film talk, and support your local creatives!


Verbal Revival :: Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice Calls In Bernichus For ‘Old Time Religion’


I’ve been hard at work on A Memoir Called Noir for a long time.  I’ve probably been working on Old Time Religion for a good 16 months or so.  I knew from the moment this song started to take shape, however, that I wanted Bernichus on the track.  His vocal timbre, wit and delivery, in my opinion, were a perfect match for closing out the track.  Recently, Bernichus laced me with his recorded verse (shout out to Chris Boasso for the engineering assist) and I liked it so much that I decided to leak the track prior to the upcoming release of the full length album (stay tuned for details on that).  If you dig the track, give it a like, share or comment, and hopefully this album lives up to expectations… I’m very happy with it, and ready to share it.


Lasting Impressions :: Check Out The Movies That Scarred Me Podcast


As I’ve mentioned recently, a major part of 2018 has been exploring every aspect of my relation to film, be it my love for the medium or my drive to create.  In the wake of this decision, the DOOMonFILM blog was created, and one of the goals for its creation was to open the door to new opportunities.  In just 3 short months of existence, the first opportunity has emerged in the form of an invitation to appear on the Movies That Scarred Me podcast, hosted by Nick Hanover and Mark O. Stack.  The two sit down weekly and talk about films the way that me and my friends do on a regular basis, and I am beyond excited to take part in this opportunity.  Stay tuned and I’ll be sure to share when my episode goes up, but check out the other 4 in the meantime.


Keep Rising :: DOOMonFILM Surpasses The 100 Post Benchmark


On the eve of 2018, I knew that the year would be all about expanding outside of the current boundaries I’ve discovered in regards to my creative outlets.  I have specific goals I would like to achieve as a filmmaker prior to 2019, but one thing I did not bank on was taking an active role in the criticism and analysis field.  With the availability of streaming services (ie. NetflixAmazon PrimeVudu, and many more), I’d already toyed with the idea of starting a film blog, but in all honesty, I did not want to commit to the financial burden of seeing new releases.  All of that changed, however, when I became a MoviePass member, and the final piece of the puzzle completed the picture.  Cut to 3 months later, and I’ve blown past the 100 post milestone on the DOOMonFILM blog, with many more ideas in the works and infinitely more films to see.  If you enjoy what I’ve done so far, stick around, because it will only get better with time.


Preemptive Strike :: Chief And TheDoomsdayDevice Releases Lead Singles From ‘A Memoir Called Noir’


One of the purest senses of joy I experience is releasing new art into the world.  It’s been since late 2015 that I released any music, one of the longest gaps in my music making career.  I spent 2016 recovering from a wave of personal setbacks, and 2017 was focused on getting momentum going in my film career.  During both of those years, however, I never stopped writing, and as Fall of 2017 approached, I was beginning to form my upcoming release : A Memoir Called Noir.

Recording has gone smoothly, and I am now in the process of mixing songs while I wait for a handful of guest verses to arrive.  In the meantime, I thought I would begin the promotional rollout, hence the release of the lead singles : Kickstart, a song about personal responsibility in the light of an ever-changing world; and Fifth Estate Amendment, a song about learning to be a wise risk-taker.  These are extremely simplified explanations, but hopefully, you will be able to make your own connections to the material.  Expect A Memoir Called Noir no later than March, hopefully, and then be on the lookout for the instrumental album also to be released in 2018, This Town Has Turned To Dust.


Talking Shop :: Chief And TheDoomsdayDevice Visits The Trial By Error Variety Show Podcast


New Year’s Eve 2017 was one for the books.  I found myself with 3 shows that evening, all in the square of San Marcos Texas.  My first stop was Valentino’s Pizza, courtesy of the homeboy and crew ConwayTheWhale, for a early evening showcase.  While there, I was lucky enough to meet Chaznik Raab of the Trial By Error Variety Show podcast.  We jumped out in his ‘mobile studio’ for a few minutes to talk shop, and it recently hit the airwaves.  Definitely take the time to listen, as many cool bands were interviewed that day.  Here’s to everyone achieving their 2018 dreams!