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Great Radio :: Other Radio Texas Hits The Airwaves

Screenshot_1soundfounder has been hyping this up for a moment, and now that moment is finally here… after securing a digital domain, rounding up talent, and putting all of the logistical ducks in a row, soundfounder has proudly introduced the world to Other Radio Texas, an online radio channel designed to cater to underground Texas creators and those that support them.  Out of the many people in line to assist on the air, I was one of the lucky ones selected, so be sure to keep an open for mixes from my show Escapism on occasion.  Big things are in store for the radio station, so keep yourself locked in for details and updates!



Radio Daze :: Trial By Error Variety Show Presents ‘Radio-esque’ Vol. 3


Chaznik of the Trial By Error Variety Show spends an inordinate amount of time searching for and interviewing bands across a wide spectrum of genres.  Be it online investigation, festivals, or regular shows, Chaznik finds a way to interview many bands for his podcast.  This past week, he decided it was time to do a collective follow-up on a number of these bands, hence the creation of Radio-esque Vol. 3.  The podcast consists of quick updates for (and new music from) a large selection of bands, including yours truly.  Been looking for something new to listen to?  Look no further.


Let’s Play :: Chief And TheDoomsdayDevice Stops By Baby Lion’s ‘Rappers Playing Games (RPG)’

From the moment I saw the Feral the Earthworm Earthworm Jim episode of the Baby Lion-produced, Adam Protextor-hosted series Rappers Playing Games (RPG), I knew I had to get in on that action.  I immediately hit up Protextor, a fellow nerd with deep appreciation for many aspects of pop culture, and pitched an episode where he and myself chop it up over a session of one of my favorite NES games, Rolling Thunder.  The ‘cool’ thing about vintage games, however, is that they sometimes fail to work, which put the most minimal of monkeywrenches in the plans.  After a quick scouring of Protextor‘s respectable game collection, however, I locked into another old school favorite of mine : the Sega Genesis port of the arcade monster from the late 1980s known as Stryder.  We checked it, and everything ran perfectly, so we sat down and had a deeply moving and inspiring conversation about art, creativity, inspirational sources, expression and much more.  I am honored to have been a part of Baby Lion‘s official Season One lineup, and I look forward to more of the great content they’ve been putting out.  Subscribe to Baby Lion on YouTube to stay in the loop, and be sure to give our video a like, comment and share if you feel inclined to do so.


Granted Wish :: Virgil Wolfe Tags In Chief And TheDoomsdayDevice For ‘Lovely To Look At’ Remix


A month or so ago, Virgil Wolfe debuted a new single (a collaboration with producer Big Lo) titled Lovely To Look At, and it made an impression on me.  It made such an impression, in fact, that I concluded my blog entry on the song by suggesting a remix with myself on it wouldn’t be a bad idea.  Cut to the present time, and what seemed at first like a wild request has become a stark reality.  Lovely To Look At still jams, but now there’s an extra bit of lyrical craftsmanship from yours truly tagged on at the end, and the possibility of more collaborations in the future.  Check out the new version of the track, share it around, and if you really dig it, give it a like and a comment!


Hard Rhymes :: Chief And TheDoomsdayDevice Continues ‘Escapism’ Mix Series

I am happy to present my two latest entries in the Escapism mix series :


Fool’s Golden Ratio is a look at some of the more aggressive and abstract shades of modern day hip-hop, with no particular focus on region.



Blood Moonlight is an exploration on deep emotion across a vast array of musical genres.

You can always catch myself and Bad Ingredients Records every Friday at Tantra Coffeehouse for Escapism Plan, and a live version of these diverse mixes.


Making Moves :: Baby Lion’s Big Rollout

Over the course of the last year, the Baby Lion Studios collective of Adam Protextor and Stephanie Thoreson has been busy creating proof of concept episodes and testing out their production skills.  This, combined with their love of all things nostalgic, has led them (and us) to Friday, September 21 : the official premier of Season 1 for the Baby Lion YouTube channel.  The season will consist of multiple episodes for the three shows they currently have : Slumber Party ClubRappers Playing Games (RPG), and My Biggest Weirdest Fear.  In celebration of their achievement (and as a testament to that love of nostalgia previously mentioned), they released a brief clip from episode 3 of Slumber Party Club.  The clip features Stephanie and Jonah Yohana doing their rendition of a classic jam by The Beets from the NickToon original Doug :

I’m definitely looking forward to what Baby Lion has in store, and that’s not just because your’s truly is in a future episode of Rappers Playing Games (RPG).  This will most certainly be a fun ride, so do yourself a favor by following the channel, ringing that notification bell, and maybe even tossing them a like on Facebook so you can stay informed.


Independent Spirits :: John Valley And Crew Embark On The ‘Duncan’ Journey


Austin-based music video and film director John Valley is about to take a huge step forward in his creative life.  This past Monday, the Seed & Spark campaign begin for his upcoming independent feature film Duncan.  The film is a slightly embellished re-creation of the events surrounding Pizzagate, with a bit of a ‘what-if’ scenario thrown in for good measure as a reflection on the ‘fake news’ culture that runs rampant these days.  The campaign to get this film made is an important one… every bit of money and equipment donated not only will help ensure this film’s completion, but 1,000 likes will ensure the project moves to the next round, where the possibility of $60k and production credits from the Duplass Brothers becomes closer to reality.  As a member of the cast, I would certainly appreciate, and I don’t find it presumptuous to say that the rest of the cast and crew would feel the same.