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Casual Conversations :: Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice Makes Radio Stops At KOOP 91.7 And KTSW 89.9

Broadcast Blast :: Typical Girls Stops By KTSW 89.9 To Premier New Song

Master Teachers :: Winter Fires Blesses KTSW’s ‘Studio C Sessions’

The Austin – San Antonio corridor is chock full of diverse musical talent that spans many genres, so naturally, it becomes hard to pick a favorite when asked.  One band that always comes to mind, however, is the Seguin-based collective known as Winter Fires.  Recently, they made a stop by the KTSW video production known as the Studio C Session to show off the talents that they learned after first connecting at the Texas Statue University school of music.  As per usual, the performance is a moving, riveting and dynamic one, with the members getting a proper chance to each show off their talents and range to the fullest.  Give it a like, leave a comment, and share it around for others to see as well.



Texas Folklore :: Rock Bottom String Band Stops By KTSW 89.9 For Studio C Sessions

Rock Bottom String Band not only entertains, they inform.  Recently, they stopped by KTSW 89.9‘s Studio C Sessions to perform La Llorona, a song dedicated to the lore of the ‘Weeping Ghost’ (or ‘Weeping Woman’).  I would go into more detail about the story, but Tara does it much better than I can.  If you’re not already hip to Studio C Sessions, you should definitely follow the YouTube channel for constant nonstop good tunes.


Heavy Hearts :: Conwaythewhale Stops By KTSW 89.9 Studio C Sessions

Evolution is a natural part of dedicated creation.  Take Conwaythewhale, for example.  Upon their inception, the band was just a duo, albeit a powerful one.  Due to life circumstances and other creative obligations, what started as a raw musical confessional turned into a full-fledged power packed sonic testimonial, backed by a traditional full band.  What has not changed, however, is the cutting honesty and pure emotion of singer/songwriter Justin Conway.  The band stopped by KTSW 89.9‘s acclaimed Studio C Sessions recently, and their performance of John Locke was extremely touching, especially for those of us that have spent any time over the last 5 years or so in the San Marcos area.  Check it out, share it around, and be sure to give it a like and/or leave a comment.  Support college radio and local artists!


Air Time :: Manners Stops By KTSW 89.9 For Studio C Sessions

If there’s one thing that San Marcos will never run out of, it’s bands.  You can barely throw a rock without hitting someone that contains enough talent and personality to hold a crowd’s attention.  Manners is one of the groups that, over the past year or so, has stayed vigilant and managed to make a name for themselves.  Because KTSW 89.9 understands the importance of giving props where props are due, the band was recently invited to bless Studio C Sessions with a performance of their song Creeps.  Check it out, stay in tune to KTSW 89.9 and in line with what Manners are keeping up to, and always support local.


Spotlight Time :: The PNTHN Visits KTSW 89.9 For ‘Studio C Sessions’

In the information age, everything happens at an accelerated pace.  The process of forming a band, writing a catalog of songs and developing a rapport and chemistry with one another used to take years, but those days are over.  Take The PNTHN, based out of San MarcosTexas.  In what seems like a matter of months, they’ve dropped a couple of projects, a handful of music videos, have played shows throughout Texas, and recently stopped by KTSW for a Studio C Session.  Check it out, give it a like and a share, and definitely support these cats because they’ll be doing bigger things sooner than later.


Speechless Beats :: ‘The Misadventures Of Mattress Mac’ By Evan Moran


Evan Moran is definitely a cool and interesting cat.  I met him through some of my mutual KTSW and Grid Squid friends, and we instantly realized that we were coming from very similar sources of inspiration in regards to both hip hop influence and musical influences in general.  Not long after that initial meeting, Evan started populating his Bandcamp page with albums.  They’re all definitely worth checking out, but one of my personal faves was The Misadventures of Mattress Mac.  A collection of older poetry instrumentals interspersed with new material, this beats only project will take you on a mini-musical journey of sorts.  Definitely digging the way Evan gets down on the production.. pretty sure you will too.


Thoughts On DJ Culture :: Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice + KTSW 89.9

I recently took part in an interview with Matt Alvarez of KTSW NEWS (89.9, San Marcos).  The interview focused on the underexposed aspects of DJ culture, and it also included music by yours truly.  I found it interesting, so feel free to listen and judge for yourselves…


Check It Out :: KTSW Local Show Interview

For those that missed it, here’s the KTSW 89.9 Local Show interview from Thursday, January 27.  Enjoy it, share it with others, and check out KTSW for more good music.