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Spotlight Time :: The PNTHN Visits KTSW 89.9 For ‘Studio C Sessions’

In the information age, everything happens at an accelerated pace.  The process of forming a band, writing a catalog of songs and developing a rapport and chemistry with one another used to take years, but those days are over.  Take The PNTHN, based out of San MarcosTexas.  In what seems like a matter of months, they’ve dropped a couple of projects, a handful of music videos, have played shows throughout Texas, and recently stopped by KTSW for a Studio C Session.  Check it out, give it a like and a share, and definitely support these cats because they’ll be doing bigger things sooner than later.



Solo Soul :: Image Steps Out On ‘Someone You Discover’


After putting in many years of work with The Lower Class, MC and soundsmith imaGenius has ventured into the solo realm with the release of Someone You Discover.  The project was 3 years in the making, and the vast range of sounds and ideas found within it is a testimony to that time and dedication.  From song to song, thoughts grow, are handed off from track to track, are left for the listener to resonate, and amidst all of that, the ever changing range of sounds and instruments keeps us guessing and anticipating the next song.  The beautiful album artwork is the cherry on top of a true sonic treat.  Definitely listen to this one, share it around, and give image (imaGenius) some support if you can afford to.  You know… for the culture.


Clear View :: JSOULJA Drops Visuals For ‘WINDOW’

Everyone who plans on putting together best of lists for 2017 will have their work cut out for them in regards to many musical facets.  JSOULJA, for instance, recently dropped some high quality visuals for an extremely moving song, WINDOW.  The song is gripping, and serves as a true testament to not forcing yourself to accept your circumstances.  The visuals do a wonderful job of reflecting this heaviness in both the performance and narrative stages.  JSOULJA has become yet another artist on my ever-growing radar.  Give this video a like and a share, and support local.


Both Sides :: Mindz Of A Different Kind Wax Poetic On ‘Black & Brown’ Video

Mindz of a Different Kind are one of a small handful of genuine crews representing ATX to the fullest.  They recently teamed up with visual wunderkind  DVZN Media to shoot visuals for their latest single, Black & Brown, and it’s another solid representation for why ATX will be dope as always when it comes to the hip-hop.


Bite Size Beats :: TonydArk! Explores ‘Creative Vs. Generic’

TonydArk!, Houston beatsmith extraordinaire, is currently working on his upcoming The Strange Sounds of Vincent Stevens project.  While we wait for him to apply the finishing touches, he’s thrown out a little teaser to hold us over.  Check out Creative Vs. Generic, and keep an eye out for the newness.


Magical Tones :: ‘The Beginning’ From FlavaDre