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Next Episode :: Episode 002 of ‘Welcome To Your Doom’ Now Available

That’s right y’all, we’re going back to back.  Welcome To Your Doom will more than likely not be a weekly web series, but this initial round of inspiration has me on excessive output mode.  Therefore, the (iN)Sect Records episode of Welcome To Your Doom went into production mode and is now ready for enjoyment by the masses.



Double Dosages :: Dopeness At The (in)Sect Records Bandcamp Page


[A super-dope podcast from Reaganometry]


[The No Worlds LP on cassette by Vegetable Kingdom]


Collective Collabs :: Multi-Tracker and Out Of Place’s ‘Old News (HIT)’

(In)sect Records artist Multi-Tracker recently put out one of the doper electronic albums I’ve heard out of their camp, the genius Code Switching.  The homie Butcher Bear recently told me of his plans to have different MCs contribute lyrics to the different tracks (I’m jones’ng to get my voice on one or two of these myself).  old news (HIT) is the opening shot off this next step in Code Switching‘s growth, and MC Out Of Place sounds totally at home on this one.. dig it and dig it good.


Coded Languages :: Multi-Tracker’s ‘Code Switching’ Now Available


Multi-talented producer and instrumentalist Multi-Tracker has dropped one of the dopest albums to come out of the (in)Sect Records camp.  Not that the rest of the company’s catalog is subpar, but Code Switching is speaking to me.  Dig it and dig it good.



Forever Heavy :: Butcher Bear And AADM OUR HATLEY Declare ‘All Hail The New Boss, Just Like The Old Boss’

The first video from Butcher Bear‘s masterpiece This Is How The Game Gets You Played is truly a psychedelic experience.  Executed brilliantly by imagesmith Karan Kapoor, the AADM OUR HATLEY collaboration All Hail the New Boss, Just Like the Old Boss is already a sonic journey in its own right.  The added element of the visuals brilliantly matches the song’s texture and mysterious mood.  Definitely worth repeat viewings.


Stimulating Sound :: ‘Thee Perfect High’ By Reaganometry Now Available

Fresh out of the iNSECT Records podcast factory comes a new mix from Austin, TX  producer extraordinaire Reaganometry.  Free download, and this one can also be copped in cassette form from the legendary outlet Fat Beats.  Looking forward to diving deep into this one.


Dense Growth :: Lo Phi’s ‘For The Kids’

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, I’m sure… there’s nothing liking watching an artist grow.  When you see an artist start at an already amazing point, and then you seem them struggling with feelings of mediocrity, it’s hard not to stroke the ego in a way that stunts their full potential.  Lo Phi is currently on a trajectory to fulfill his potential, and For The Kids is major proof of that.  Granted, I’ve only listened once, but I already know this is a record that demands my attention.  It’s a true journey, and one that can quite possibly leave you changed for the better when you arrive on the other side.  Worth your time.