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Spaced Out :: Indubes Drops ‘A Pimp Named Slick Back’


There’s a new wave of heads coming up in Austin, and Indubes is one of those starting to make moves towards separation from the pack.  His latest project, A Pimp Named Slick Back, is a collection of spacey, dubby beats (with the occasional flow thrown in just to keep folks guessing).  The result is a short but sweet attack on the senses.  Considering this is a name your price project, you’d be hard-pressed to find a reason not to essentially pay your time to grab it and add it to your rotation.



Diverse Vibes :: 7evenThirty Introduces Listeners To ‘Jentleman Jack’


Dallas has a large number of MCs and producers who are not afraid to embrace their individuality wholeheartedly.  My latest discovery (and I appear to be late to the party) is MC/producer 7evenThiry of Vintage Noize Records.  I stumbled across his latest release, 7evenThirty is: Jentleman Jack, and the cover alone immediately got my attention… one of those ‘I have to listen to this at least once’-type covers for sure.  The music does not disappoint at all… the music has a newer vibe to it, but the lyrics are full of references, many downright nerdy in the best ways possible.  I’m pretty sure I will be revisiting this album over time, and I will definitely be keeping my ears and eyes open for music videos and more releases.  It’s a name your price release, so why wouldn’t you cop it?  Share it too, and support your local scene.


Dropping Knowledge :: TEE-DOUBLE Releases ‘Bless The Child’ EP


Of all the Austin-based MCs and producers, you’d be hard-pressed to find one with the drive, vision and longevity of Tee-Double.  Of the many hats he wears (cultural diplomat, business educator, creative advocate), the man still finds time to produce, write and engineer his own albums, adding to his vast catalog.  Bless The Child E.P. finds Tee-Double really learning the limits of his studio, the newly crowned Teetopia.  Breakbeat exploration is still used, but Tee has been throwing more and more live musical elements into his production, giving this album the sound and feel of a funk-band’s back-up.  Add the natural dosage of lyrics about being hip to the business side of the game, the journey from where he came to where he’s arrived, and the inspirational messages he gives to listeners (artists and casual fans), this E.P. is shaping up to be one of the more important releases of 2017.  Cheers to you, sir, and keep doing what you’re doing.


Raw Power :: Profit Z Drops ‘Way We Live’ EP

Back in the late 90’s, in the heyday of Hip Hop Mecca‘s stronghold on the Austin hip hop scene, I met many people that are still a part of my life to this day.  One of them is Profit Z.  Dude has been a part of (and a supporter) of the scene as long as I can remember, and for the past few years, he’s always had a new track or two to show me when I’d see him.  Enter Way We Live, and EP’s worth of work that shows nothing but promise and potential for future releases.  Raw rhymes, solid tracks, and just enough music to hold you over until the next sonic shots are fired.


We’ve Arrived :: Tee Double Speaks On Austin And Its Hip Hop Scene

Austin hip hop living legend Tee Double is definitely a wholly reliable source for the history, current state and hopeful direction of the city’s hip hop scene.  This interview, while not new, is still quite relevant, and the ideas/information imparted to whomever comes across this video are spot on.  Dig it and dig it good, straight from the mouth of The Hometown KidThe Lonestar, the amazing emcee/prodcuer/diplomat Tee Double.


Move, Sucka… :: Protextor Drops ‘SHIFT’

Protextor, while not originally hailing from Austin, has found the way represent the town’s hip hop scene in some of the most creative and amazing ways (and in a relatively short amount of time).  Aside from a solid solo career and a creative visual sense, he has started the long running weekly Austin Mic Exchange, he’s a member of the hip hop think tank Space Camp Death Squad, he’s getting the foundation set for Weird City Hip Hop Festival, and, despite all of these time consuming things, he’s also found the time to put together a new album.

SHIFT is Protextor firmly establishing roots as a major part of Austin hip hop.  He reps the town both in song form, as well as in the collaborations found on this project.  KB the Boo Bonic, Cap N Kirk, and a handful of others pop up, and a whole slew of heavy hitters get shouted out.  Cop this album regardless, but throw a buck or two his way as well, and help this bright mind get brighter.


ATX Unites :: A Message From Austin Mic Exchange & Hip Hop Hooray

Protextor / P-Tek of Austin Mic Exchange and Miss Manners of Hip Hop Hooray have a message for you.  I say support that message.