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New Growth :: Chris Conde Releases Video For Latest Single ‘Re-emerge’

Maturity Music :: Blacklight Releases ‘Full-Time’ LP

After a successful year and a half that included a debut release, a handful of impressive music videos and loads of stage time, including a festival appearance, Blacklight has found himself hitting the ground running once again.  In light of (no pun intended) all of this experience and growth, it makes sense that his follow-up project, Full-Time, would have the sound of a more mature and seasoned artist.  The touches of pure energy and emotion are definitely still present, as that rawness is a huge part of what makes Blacklight such a compelling artist, but hearing him approach more seasoned tracks with a more confident and equally seasoned approach is refreshing and inspiring.  Much of the subject matter is similar, as Blacklight has always been about positivity, self-sufficiency and making your own way, but now the feelings are backed up with stories and examples of experience.  Definitely check out the project on your favorite streaming service or online storefront, support if you can, and spread the word regardless!



Spaced Out :: Kenny Casanova And Jeffrey Garcia Strike Gold With ‘Who Is Uuu’

Kenny Casanova and Jeffrey Garcia are certainly not strangers when it comes to collaboration.  Garcia is responsible for a large handful of the first wave of PNTHN music videos, and breakout member Kenny Casanova has always been on a different wavelength than most rappers, Texas-based or otherwise.  Their latest collaboration, the beautifully insane Who Is Uuu, is a celebration of all things the duo has established as earmarks to their styles : a funky track, off-kilter and chameleon-like rhymes, a bright color palatte, and a wildly structured narrative full of homage to entertainment from years past.  There’s not much to dislike about this video, if anything at all, so go ahead and check it out, leave a like and a comment, and spread it around so it can go properly viral.


Can’t Stop :: Riders Against The Storm (RAS) And Tameca Jones Connect For ‘Red Lights’

Riders Against the Storm (RAS) have carved a name for themselves in regards to two very specific things : forward-thinking music and a true passion for dancing.  Their artistic, political and community acumen certainly cannot be denied, but the duo certainly excels in the original two areas mentioned.  Therefore, it’s no surprise that their latest single, the incredibly catchy Red Lights, fits both bills.  Sonically, the song leans in the direction of afro-futurism (in my opinion), with it’s upbeat synthesizer-based sound.  Add to that the energy-based lyrics and the wonderful hook courtesy of Tameca Jones, it’s almost impossible to ignore this as a sure shot dance track.  Stream or download the track from your favorite online streaming service, and keep an eye out for more new material, hopefully soon!


Real Talk :: SniperShot Drops ‘True Story’ Album

Over the past couple of years, I’ve watched SniperShot take part in a number of jouneys… be it time spent out at sea, habitation in remote locations, or visits to exotic locales, one thing that is abundantly clear is that seeing the world has opened his already perceptive eyes even wider.  This past week, SniperShot blessed all of us with his latest album, True Story, and even if you weren’t aware of his adventures, the experiences and growth shine through in this latest batch of songs.  His trademark delivery is boosted by even more confidence, his with is backed with knowledge-filled gems, and his beat selection is diverse, as demonstrated by the numerous producer collaborations listed in the liner notes.  Anyone who’s been around this blog for a while knows that SniperShot gets automatic props from me, so it should be second nature for you to go support by copping an album or sharing the link around, because this is one that will carry you through the weekend and beyond.


Defining Moments :: ‘I Am What You Am I Am’ By Bird Peterson Hits The Airwaves

As a longtime supporter, peer and fan of Bird Peterson, I would’ve been happy if he kept to the release schedule for projects it seemed he was establishing… after a flurry of mixes and remix projects, Plume dropped in 2015.  Four years later, the stellar Infinity Molasses was released.  Based on this pattern, I was set on Bird Peterson until the mid-2020s.  Yet, here we are, nine months after Infinity Molasses, and Bird Peterson has yet again raised the bar with I Am What You Am I Am.  Between the solid production (a Bird Peterson signature), the Bleubird guest feature and the litany of vocal samples, Bird is entering the realm inhabited by producers like DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist.  To put it plain and simple, don’t sleep on this album, as it has made a clear-cut case for album of the year right out of the gate.  Check it out, support if you can, and share it around regardless.


Due Time :: Free Radicals Connect With Nosaprise For ‘Cash Out’

The Houston-based combination of the live band Free Radicals and MC extraordinaire Nosaprise is not a new one, by any means.  The collective have played shows together in the Texas area for years, and have even ventured as far out as New York, as well as putting their energy behind good causes like Nosaprise‘s fundraising event We Give A Jam.  With such a rich history of collaboration, it’s surprising that the single and video Cash Out marks their first time making a proper recording together.  One look at the video, and one listen to the topic matter, however, and the sense of urgency to make their meaningful art is put into full perspective.  Take a moment to check out this video, leave a like and a comment if you’re moved by it, and share it around to run the numbers up!


Monarch Flow :: MAD1ONE Drops ‘King Leo Green’ LP

As a 1980’s baby, the true-school era of 1990’s hip-hop will always hold a special place in my heart.  It is this very respect and nostalgia that makes MAD1ONE one of my favorite Texas MCs, point blank period.  Dude sounds like he was plucked directly from that era, and it doesn’t hurt that his go-to producer Ruler Why has a production style that echoes the very same era.  For his latest project, King Leo GreenMAD1ONE employed Ruler Why and Kizer, along with a closing track by Furthermore, for production purposes, and guest verses by Jamar EqualityBlazy Green and Kizer help expand on the topics of royalty, power and earned respect.  If you like quality hip-hop, you’re probably already aware of MAD1ONE, but if not, get hip, support the new project, and spread it around for the masses to do the same.


Manifesto Blast :: Feral The Earthworm Keeps ‘Throwies’ Going With ‘Golden Arches’

In his never-ending quest to enlighten and entertain the open-minded section of the masses, Feral the Earthworm has dropped another chapter in his ongoing series of Throwies videos.  With Golden Arches, however, Feral the Earthworm puts the didactic tactics on hold, instead opting to focus on more abstract points such as consumerism and self-respect.  As he is not looking to lay out historical or logical context for this one, and instead stand his ground on personal beliefs, the energy is amped up, and the delivery is much more urgent, giving us a glimpse back to the days when Feral the Earthworm was a raw, uncut gem of an MC still finding ways to put his ideas together into the hard-hitting content he is known for today.  Feral the Earthworm always gets props around here, so be sure to like and comment if you dig, and share it around for others to enjoy!


Props Party :: ‘DOOMpeerREVIEW’ Episode 003 Drops

Another week brings us another episode of DOOMpeerREVIEW, the Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice-hosted video show that recently premiered on the DOOMtubeATX YouTube channel.  Episode 003 features videos from …&More…ChiClopzKenny CasanovaChucky BlkAlligator Food (Sixo Heir Max), Ben BuckUpper RealityCrew54Notes Floats with Suzanna Choffel and Butcher Bear featuring Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice and BoomBaptist.  Check it out, leave a like and a comment if you dig it, and share it around for others to enjoy.  Don’t forget to subscribe to DOOMtubeATX for more content in the near future!