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New Normal :: Click-Clack Explores The Times With ‘Thankful’


Shelter-in-place measures, compounded by a resurgent drive for racial social-economic equality, has taken a taxing toll on most creatives.  I’ve found a few peers who have stepped up to bat in regards to the racial issues, and a smaller handful who have taken on our lifestyle adjustments directly, but to my recollection thus far, Click-Clack is one of the first to take both on with equal measure.  On Thankful, his collaboration with producer BrokeboishyClick-Clack takes a six-song journey that covers isolation, bigotry and prejudice, systematic oppression, questionable social behaviors and much more with clever and insightful examination.  Over the past ten days or so, his refrain of ‘partner, could you pardon me?’ has been stuck in my head something serious.  Click-Clack has proven his consistency over the years, so it shouldn’t even be a question whether or not you check this one out and support it.


Street Knowledge :: CP Loony’s Standout ‘American Rebel’ Out Now


I never really got into this whole blogging thing to make it a profession.. it was more just a way to keep the front page of my website from getting stale or a bit too much about self-glorification.  Cut to many, many, many years later, and I’ve found myself often getting solicited music for blog post consideration, which will always and forever be a trip to me.  That being said, I love getting to discover new music, and when CP Loony hit me up to check out the recently released American Rebel, it only further validated that discovery feeling.  What I really and truly dig about CP Loony is how he moves effortlessly between what many have labelled ‘old head’ and ‘new head’ styles of hip-hop, bridging the gap between generations in a much needed manner that brings your Playboi Carti‘s and Public Enemy‘s a bit closer together.  The songs are incredibly personal, heartfelt and moving, with CP Loony taking the time to examine the world around him, and his role in it, with dynamic and observant detail.  The production is money as well, with assists from ChiChiNashiEighty 8 and ThatBossEvan filling out the roster.  If you’re looking for a brief but powerful bit of realness for your soundsystem, look no further than American Rebel.


Preserving History :: Mirage The Gr8’s ‘The Rhythm Still Plays’ Documentary Now Streaming

Mirage the Gr8 and myself have had a several year working relationship, and an even longer friendship.  The music video commissions he sends my way have made me a better editor and creator, in my opinion.  As the previous decade was coming to a close and 2020 was on the horizon, I envisioned myself making a documentary project of some kind, so when Mirage proposed his idea for The Rhythm Still Plays, a documentary celebrating the 20-year anniversary of his Good Vibe Records release Life Is A Rhythm (L.I.A.R.), I was all in.  I knew that it would be an important reflection of a big moment in the careers of he and Tee Double, but I had no idea that it would turn out to be a solid reflection of the era in Austin hip-hop that was the most inspirational for me as a young man.  Sit back, enjoy, leave a like and a comment if you dig it, and share it around for everyone to see!


No Relation :: Benji Alx Snaps On ‘It’s Not Your Boy’


One wonderful bonus of having a talented network of friends and peers is that everything dope and creative ends up on your radar.  With the homie poolboi blu out carving a major name for himself in the Central Texas area, I make sure that I stay attentive to his posts and support them when I can, so when he posted that he’d produced nearly half of the recent Benji Alx release It’s Not Your Boy, I had to check it out on general principle.  I’d always been a fan of Benji Alx‘s way of mixing his laid back nature with an aggressive edge, but I was in no way, shape or form prepared for the lyrical and stylistic onslaught he brought to the table for this one.  I could sprinkle praiseworthy adjectives on this project all day, but it’s best to go ahead and check this one out for yourself, and then reserve it a spot on your local year-end lists, as it’s almost certainly guaranteed to appear on a few.  It’s Not Your Boy is streaming and available for purchase in all the places, so go cop that asap.


Dropping Science :: Feral The Earthworm Makes A Historical Deep Dive For ‘Heritage’

With no signs of shelter-in-place slowing down anytime soon, many artists have been forced to make wild adaptations to their lifestyle.  Feral the Earthworm, the Austin original known for being a man on the road, has recently found himself parked back in the weird city once again, and after a bit of an adjustment period, it appears that he was snapped right back into action by the extra-volatile nature of current day social media.  With items like The Confederate Flag being used as bargaining chips against the main issue, it is important to recognize their inflammatory history without allowing them to be a distraction from the primary goals, and with an educated wordsmith like Feral the Earthworm scoping the landscape, gems like Heritage come to life.  Dig how he addresses the flag’s significance, symbolism, the brief time period it represents, how it came to be a monument of an overly-glorified period of time, and much more, all in a brief but powerful two minutes and change.  Feral the Earthworm never ceases to amaze me, hence my sharing with you, so you already know what to do… like and comment if you feel what he’s putting down, and share it around for all to see and hear.


Direct Request :: Cha’Keeta B And Kiki Ambrose Release Video For ‘Pull Up’

Cha’Keeta B has never been shy about displaying her skills or letting the world know exactly what she wants and needs, qualities that make her one of the more respected MCs and artists in the Austin area.  Her latest single, Pull Up, is a deceptively smooth banger featuring Kiki Ambrose on the chorus and plenty of rapid-fire raps about how Cha’Keeta B will handle her business at the moment of truth.  Thanks to Dan2theL, who has been on a respectable tear himself in regards to stellar music videos, Cha’Keeta B brings the song to life with a straight-forward narrative-style video featuring a dope car with switches, a handful of beautiful women, and plenty of steamy action for those in need.  If you’re a fan of Cha’Keeta B (or even if you’re not), take a second to check this one out, leave a like and a comment if you dig it, and share it around for others to enjoy.


Coming Attractions :: Mirage The Gr8 Readies Release Of ‘The Rhythm Still Plays’ Documentary

After several years of collaborating on music video projects, Mirage the Gr8 and myself decided that 2020 was the year we would step our game up.  The year also coincided with the 20-year anniversary of Mirage‘s first label release, Life Is A Rhythm (L.I.A.R.) on Good Vibe Records.  Based on the importance of this anniversary and the release of that record at the time, it was decided that a documentary should be created to commemorate the release.  With interviews from NickNackDJ Mike SwingBrotha K.DJ Crash and key figure Tee-Double, plus the candid story of the album from Mirage himself, this is definitely a project of great importance in regards to Austin hip-hop history.  Check out the trailer, and stay tuned for the release of the full documentary in early July!


Live Direct :: HaplogroupX Rocks Live From The ‘Duress EP Release Show’

A couple of Sundays ago, MC Homeless teamed up with HaplogroupX for an online show titled Homeless/Haplo virtual show to end police brutality.  Had the goal stated in the title of the event worked, then the team would have done something extraordinary, but what was achieved was the release of Duress, an collaborative EP between the two camps.  During the live show, Bernichus and Transplant performed and documented their portion of the live show and decided to share it via YouTube for those unable to tune in to the event.  Check it out, leave a like and a comment if you dig it, and share it around if you know somebody that would enjoy this.


Hard Truths :: Tank Washington Taps Kydd Jones For ‘I Can’t Breathe’


The Austin-based LNS camp is taking the creative lead in terms of topical, moving music related to the racial, systematic and economic unrest we are dealing with these days.  This time, Tank Washington steps up to the plate with I Can’t Breathe, a self-explanatory ode to what has become an unfortunate statement uttered in multiple instances of police brutality and untimely death.  With Kydd Jones assisting on a moving hook, every bit of this unbelievably touching song resonates from start to stop, so definitely take a few minutes for this one, spread it around for others to hear, and if you can spare a buck, go ahead and support.


Bonus Truths :: TrumpCard Collaborates With Chief And TheDoomsdayDevice For ‘Shithole’

As painful as it is to sit back and watch the ills and injustices that are currently taking place (and have taken place for longer than I’ve been on this Earth), you find yourself in between the rock of silent, sad acceptance and the hard place of trying to clarify emotionally intense reactions in order to share them as sound, logical points.  Luckily, I find myself able to work though most issues with my pen, and it didn’t take much convincing when The SCROTUS reached out to me for inclusion on Shithole, one of the lead singles off of TrumpCard‘s upcoming second release, Cult 45.  Rather than put on a performance, The SCROTUS decided that reality spoke more than enough for the sentiments shared in this song, hence a video comprised of news and protest footage juxtaposed against images of American ‘values’.  This video is not an easy watch, but it is an important one, especially if we are looking to change this reality in any way, shape or form.  Please watch, please share, and please do not be silent against what you feel is unjust or an injustice.