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Ballistic BoomBap :: MAD-1-ONE Presents ‘Bombz (Funeral Muzik)’ Video

San Antonio-based hip-hop artist MAD-1-ONE is back at it again.  In preparation for the July 6 release of his upcoming album Ghost of the Record StoreMAD-1-ONE connected with fellow hip-hop artist Mr. Composition, enlisting his visual skills to create a video for the first single.  Bombz (Funeral Muzik) serves as half calling card, half stern warning to anyone foolish enough to not recognize or respect what MAD-1-ONE is bringing to the table : knowledge of self, knowledge of culture, years of experience, and razor sharp bars that inspire just as much as they entertain.  The video features MAD-1-ONE and crew wandering the block, rocking in the record store, and raising spirits in the cemetery, all of which fit into the larger scope that MAD-1-ONE seems to be presenting with Ghost of the Record Store.  If the first single is any indication of what the full length holds in store, I think it’s safe to say San Antonio will have a project they can be proud of in 2018.



Summertime Rolls : Clemits Drops ‘Selfish Summer’ Video

Austin-based hip-hop artist/producer Clemits has really been putting in ground work in anticipation of his upcoming instrumental release, Cult Classic.  After dropping a pair of singles via multiple streaming services, Clemits has released a third single, Selfish Summer, via music video.  The song is a mellow affair, with a hypnotic finger-picking sample surrounded by traditional boom-bap drums.  The video, however, is a celebration of solitude and doing the things that make you happy regardless of (and as long as they don’t harm) those around you.  Josiah Panella captures Clemits as he ignites fireworks, takes a pedicab and bikes around Austin, and eventually ends up back in the lab working on more beats.  Overall, the entire presentation is memorable, definitely something that Austinites can be proud of, and another notch in the belt for Clemits as he continues to rise.


Open Book :: Nathan Painter Leaves It All On The Table For Debut ‘Welcome To Reality’


Sometimes, being new to a discipline is a benefit, as you do not have the burden of unlearning habits or hesitation.  For example, Austin-based artist Nathan Painter recently dropped his debut project Welcome to Reality, and the gems he’s dropping are those of a seasoned veteran.  This album definitely shows that he is not afraid to hold the mirror up to society, his contemporaries, or even himself, with extremely forthright insight and honestly exploding off of these tracks.  If you’re a fan of the new wave of brutal honesty coming out of the Austin hip-hop scene, Nathan Painter is definitely for you.


Building Breakdowns :: AKAdemics Represent CHHK With ‘Creation Of Destruction’ Music Video

Over the last few years, the Austin-based collective College of Hip Hop Knowledge has provided an arena for upcoming creatives to build with one another and hone their energies/skills into productive output.  Most recently, CHHK has birthed the group AKAdemics, comprised of members Big Mic, Jsun the Prophesor, and DJ Berlin.  Their latest single and video, Creation of Destruction, is an honest look at how America tends to be the master of their own negative destiny, glorifying the things that they shun at breakneck intervals.  The newreel footage blends seamlessly with the original images captured for the video, resulting in a very informed piece of work with visual and informational replay value.  Definitely support these guys and their efforts, as they are trying to make positive change on multiple levels.


Brutal Honesty :: More Talk Time With DDotElles And Lit Up AV

You know what it is.  DDotElles, the Austin hip-hop version of The World’s Most Interesting Man, took some time to chop it up with Lit Up AV.  On this particular snippet, we get to hear my man speak on hip-hop as a culture, genre and subgenre classification, and the art of knowing you’re great while recognizing there’s a time and place for your particular style of expression.  Enjoy, like, share, and leave a comment!


Rebel Music :: Secret Levels Goes Off With ‘The Game is Never Over’


I’m all about innovation in hip-hop.  I don’t think we should be chained to production and performance tropes, and I find the divide in tastes emerging between the last few generations disturbing.  That being said, I love hip-hop that is rooted in the elements that brought it to the status that it has achieved today, and it’s apparent that Secret Levels feels the same way.  The Game is Never Over is drenched in the boom-bap aesthetic, and while dropping tons of homage to days past, the album never sounds dated.  Think Ugly Duckling with a bit more bite to it, or a linear evolution of what Pharcyde was doing.  Period point blank, this is an album that should be in your rotation if you care at all about supporting the Austin hip-hop scene, because this is high quality work.


Styles Clash :: The PNTHN Release ‘POTLUCK’


As much as I dig individual skill in hip-hop, I’m more so a fan of a crew that can get down.  The PNTHN seem primed to be the crew to watch for in the central Texas scene these days, taking all of the necessary steps to blaze a trail.  After a handful of memorable videos and some time on the road, the crew has released POTLUCK on all of the streaming sources.  The project, while only 6 tracks deep, does a great job of showcasing each member’s skill and personality without being disorienting.  Those familiar with the live shows should easily be able to identify who is who, which will certainly amplify reaction at the live shows.  Plain and simple, I’m excited to watch the trajectory of The PNTHN, because it feels like success will be as attainable as they want it to be… staying focused and driven will be the key to making it a reality, and the crew has already shown they are ready to make moves.