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High Rise :: BlackLight And Aline Align For ‘Skyline’ Video

BlackLight out of Austin is on a mission to prove that you can be successful without compromising your vision or integrity, and up to this point, he is making all the right moves.  His latest music video, the visual love letter to Austin that is Skyline, features he and singer Aline pontificating on manifesting your vision, making money, and keeping your head to the sky in an energy-filled track.  The visuals show a lot of the usual downtown Austin suspects via drone footage and artistic dutch angle shots, and the parking garage performance echoes one of my favorite eras in hip-hop.  I’m definitely all for this creative streak that BlackLight has been showing, and I hope it resonates for quite a while.



Natural Mystic :: BlackLight Goes On A Vision Quest For ‘Woah!’ Video

BlackLight has been on a very public and heartfelt journey to better his craft on all levels, both creatively and as a man, and it has been a very inspirational journey to watch.  Aside from the public works and songwriting that he does, he’s delved into the world of visual production as well, and a significant point in the growth was marked by a pair of music videos : Crying AF, which was previously covered on this blog, and Woah!, a slightly heavier allusion to the journey on which BlackLight was about to partake.  The video shows him symbolically (and, at a certain point, literally) stepping outside of himself to explore his life, journey and choices from a number of different angles, all with the help of a mystic woman and some time spent alone in nature.  The video has a wonderful DIY ethic, but it still manages to have a deep enough psychedelic aesthetic to make its point clear and concise.  I am definitely looking forward to what future creations BlackLight has in store, as he’s mentioned that he’s cooking up a couple of projects that promise to entertain to maximum potential.


Taking Action :: BlackLight And Ricki Savage Connect For ‘Crying AF’ Music Video

These days, it seems that the simple act of existing as a minority in a tension-filled society is one filled with paranoia… fear of systematic oppression, fear of violence at the hands of those meant to serve and protect, and fear of being judged unjustly are all very real concerns that have always been around, and that continue to be relevant as the times supposedly change.  Austin-based MC BlackLight, along with collaborator and fellow MC Ricki Savage, dove into this reality musically via BlackLight‘s track Crying AF, and with human rights rallies popping up in Austin, it only seemed right that footage from those rallies should be used in conjunction with their story for a music video.  The pair manage to show how art and reality often intertwine and imitate one another, as large numbers of people are shown uniting for the very same things that the pair are rapping about.  Definitely help these guys spread this much needed message via a like, comment and a share to their video, and never forget to support your local creators.