Taking Action :: BlackLight And Ricki Savage Connect For ‘Crying AF’ Music Video

These days, it seems that the simple act of existing as a minority in a tension-filled society is one filled with paranoia… fear of systematic oppression, fear of violence at the hands of those meant to serve and protect, and fear of being judged unjustly are all very real concerns that have always been around, and that continue to be relevant as the times supposedly change.  Austin-based MC BlackLight, along with collaborator and fellow MC Ricki Savage, dove into this reality musically via BlackLight‘s track Crying AF, and with human rights rallies popping up in Austin, it only seemed right that footage from those rallies should be used in conjunction with their story for a music video.  The pair manage to show how art and reality often intertwine and imitate one another, as large numbers of people are shown uniting for the very same things that the pair are rapping about.  Definitely help these guys spread this much needed message via a like, comment and a share to their video, and never forget to support your local creators.



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