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Act Now :: Jeffrey Garcia Releases DVD Commercial For ‘Henrietta And Her Dismal Display Of Affection’

Legend Connections :: Jeffrey Garcia Lends His Filmmaking Talents To Twohorizonra For ‘Daskyizfalling’ Video

Sneak Preview :: Jeffrey Garcia Releases Clips From ‘Henrietta And Her Dismal Display Of Affection’

This past week, the homie Jeffrey Garcia released a set of clips from his debut feature film Henrietta and Her Dismal Display of Affection.  In total, Jeffrey Garcia put five clips from his masterpiece up at his JeffysPlayhouse YouTube channel, all of which are wild, and all of which are worth checking out if you don’t mind your cinema spiced up with a bit of wildness and irreverence.  Above is a clip featuring my good friend Steve Jones and myself as Uncle Albert and Balderdash, respectively, as we invade a house party in the only way that a Jeffrey Garcia duo can.  Check it out, leave a like and a comment if you like it, share it around, and most importantly, jump over to the JeffysPlayhouse channel for more clips from Henrietta, as well as a world of other content.



Shop Talk :: Rebekah Porter Drops VHS Documentary For The Making Of ‘Henrietta And Her Dismal Display Of Affection’

It’s been a pleasure watching Rebekah Porter, a very talented visual artist in her own right, find new realms of expression in her time spent around the off-beat auteur that is Jeffrey Garcia.  With Henrietta and Her Dismal Display of AffectionGarcia‘s feature-length debut film, in the can and on the way out to the masses, Porter finally showed the world one of the projects she was working on : a VHS-filmed behind the scenes documentary about the daunting task that was making a feature-length film with unknown actors and essentially zero budget.  Check out the documentary for some interview footage from the many stars of the film, not to mention some candid moments between cast and crew.  If you dig it, leave a like and a comment, and be sure to share it around for everyone to enjoy!


Cinematic Rebel :: Jeffrey Garcia Pushes His Boundaries Via VHS-Based Feature Film ‘BUBBLEGUM’

After dropping short films for over a decade (if memory serves correctly), the homie Jeffrey Garcia decided to take the plunge and step his game up.  This personal upgrade resulted in his feature-length debut, the wonderfully insane Henrietta and Her Dismal Display of Affection, and for most independent creators, a resume of this nature would serve as a good stopping point, or at least a key resolution before winding the creative machine down.  The complete opposite seems to be the case for Garcia, however, as he has quickly followed up Henrietta with another feature, the upcoming BUBBLEGUM.  As if writing, producing, directing and editing a feature film isn’t a monumental enough task, Garcia decided to make BUBBLEGUM a production entirely shot on VHS tape, making it that much more difficult to shoot and edit.  A little uphill battle has never stopped Garcia, however, so lucky for us, BUBBLEGUM appears to be right around the corner for our enjoyment!  Keep your eyes opened for release information, and in the meantime, drop a like and a comment on this video and spread the insanity around.


Quiet Place :: Marshall Anderson Taps Jeffrey Garcia For ‘Mermaids’ Video

Marshall Anderson just hit us with another beautiful tune, and this time around, he tapped Jeffrey Garcia‘s creative energy to create a memorable and era-blurring video.  Mermaids, when taken on its own, is a dynamic song with layered guitars, a shuffling but catchy drum performance and a ton of subtle harmony, all courtesy of Marshall Anderson and company, so in order to match the timeless feeling of the song, Jeffrey Garcia went with a VHS-based video, resulting in a look that is unique to current aesthetics, but definitely reminiscent of a few generations passed.  Definitely take some time to check this one out, leave a like and a comment if you feel it, and share it around so everyone can enjoy!


Trippy Trap :: Ken Casio Drops Another Mind Scrambling Video With ‘BallinOuttaControl’

Ken Casio and Jeffrey Garcia have found themselves a winning formula, and it doesn’t look like they have plans to abandon it at any point in the near future.  Their latest collaboration, the upbeat BallinOuttaControl, uses the same psychedelic Tim & Eric, Awesome Show, Great Job! approach they’ve used in previous videos, and you know what they say… if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.  The visuals match the energy put forth by Ken Casio and the Popstar Benny Baredex production, with every element jumping off the screen and at your eyeballs with warp speed and reckless abandon.  Dig the video, leave a like and a comment if you’re feeling it, and share it around to make it viral!


Special Feature :: Chief And TheDoomsdayDevice Visits The ‘Back To The Feature’ Podcast

Friends and fans of Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice are likely aware that film is just as important to me as music.  Recently, after weeks of behind the scenes work from the homie Conwaythewhale, I was lucky enough to be interviewed by Justin and Edward of the Back to the Feature podcast, where the duo generally reviews film, talks topics and interviews Texas-based movers and shakers.  Over the course of about an hour and a half, we talk about my short films, some of the upcoming projects I have taken part in, my collaborative efforts with Jeffrey Garcia, my recent top films of 2020 list from the DOOMonFILM blog and much more, and in all honesty, it felt like we could’ve kept going on and on.  If you’re a fan of film and have some time to spare, I highly recommend giving this one a spin on Spotify, or wherever you stream your podcasts!


Funny Games :: DC4PREZ Drops Video For ‘KEY & PEELE’

Alternative hip-hop artists in the central Texas area that are smart seem to be hitting up the homie Jeffrey Garcia for music videos, and the results have been nothing but gold.  The latest collaborator, DC4PREZ, recently dropped his video for KEY & PEELE, and the duo cooked up a colorful video full of life and slacker irreverence.  The track is ridiculously catchy, bouncy and radiating vibes, so having a visually stark companion-piece for it does nothing but enhance the enjoyment and experience.  Dig the video, give it a like, leave a comment, and spread it around so that the numbers get run up!


Absurdist Swag :: Kenny Casanova Strikes Again With ‘BP Oil Spill’

If (or more likely, when) Kenny Casanova blows up, I wouldn’t be surprised if he continues to collaborate with Jeffrey Garcia on his music videos, because these crazy little masterpieces work extremely well for the vibe that Kenny Casanova has created and embraced.  His offbeat and unique approach to modern day hip-hop has found a perfect visual match with the random hilarity of Jeffrey Garcia, which makes BP Oil Spill one of many collaborative videos from the duo that jump out of the crowd of normal music video tropes.  You’ve probably already hit this one with a like and a comment, maybe even already shared it, but do all of those things immediately if you’ve not already done so, and don’t sleep, because if I was a betting man, I’d bet more of these wild creations are on the way.