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Raw Deluxe :: Ben Buck Promotes (iN)Sect Records Release With ‘Pocket Sand (Ruler Why Remix)’ Vid Drop

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Bear Witness :: Aux Cutter Drops New Video For ‘Keep It Live’

Headliner Status :: Ben Buck And BoomBaptist Drop Video For ‘Marquee’

Dynamic Words :: Writing On The Wall Drops ‘Filtered Water’

One benefit of having a creative peer group is the way that the circle of awareness expands in terms of just how many people are truly out there chipping away at their own creative journey.  Point in case : I’ve been watching the homie Ben Buck make major strides, and yet, he still has time to point other artists in the right direction, with this specific example being him putting me on the Writing on the Wall radar.  With their recent release Filtered Water on the way to release, they hit me up, and I’ve gotta say, this project is a journey.  Like many of us, the duo is clearly multi-faceted and hard to pigeonhole, but the difference between them and most folks is the way that they embrace this dynamic nature rather than narrow it or restrain it.  From song to song, you can hear a wide range of off-kilter production that covers and array of lyrics that goes from deeply personal and self-reflective to very observational and constructively critical of not only the hip-hop culture, but quite often, society at large.  If you’re a fan of heady hip-hop that resonates in your mind as much as your ears, give yourself some time to check out Filtered Water on your favorite streaming service.


Collision Courses :: Ben Buck X BoomBaptist Go Wonder Twins For ‘The Marquee EP’

What happens when one of the most consistent and proficient Austin producers combines forces with another one of Austin‘s most prolific MC/producers?  The most recent example of this phenomenon would be The Marquee EP, a seven song collection featuring BoomBaptist on beats and Ben Buck on bars.  Buck has always had a knack for the roughneck approach to hip-hop with gritty, grimy production heavily influenced by the 1990s “True School” approach to hip-hop, so it’s a nice change of pace to hear him over Boom‘s production, which matches intensity in terms of drum sounds but has a flourish and glamour that sits on the opposite end of the spectrum.  This project definitely plays like a victory lap of sorts, and with the latest batch of output the duo has put out on their own, there’s nothing wrong with Boom and Buck pairing up for some good times.  Check this one out wherever you stream music or buy it digitally, and make sure your people do the same.


Boom Bapping :: AUX CUTTER Drops Megablast Of A Debut

While I am happy to see so many hip-hop acts in Austin receive props in the press nowadays, it is frustrating to see one or two specific styles dominate the scene.  As someone whose age runs essentially directly parallel with hip-hop, I have held on to my so-called ‘backpack’ ways for decades now, and while I have learned to adjust to a mind-state where I can be more open-minded and accepting in regards to new sounds and styles, I can’t allow my love for boom-bap hip-hop to fade.  Maybe that’s why I’ve been super hype for AUX CUTTER, the debut self-titled album from the trio of Ben BuckNate thee Great and producer Shadowboxin.  AUX CUTTER is clearly not hear to play games… the album hits hard and is relentless from front to back, with the lyrical energy easily matching the pounding and intense production.  Come year’s end, don’t be surprised if you see this near the top of many lists.  Do yourself a favor and get hip early, and if you’re feeling it in any capacity, tell your people to follow suit.


Deep Impact :: Aux Cutter Makes An Instant Mark With ‘On Blast’ Video

It’s hard to be a fan of Austin hip-hop over the past 5 years or so and not be familiar with Ben Buck, and after a strong last couple of years with his hands in several different ventures, it appears that he is ready to make a sizeable impact on the scene via Aux Cutter, a collective featuring himself, the equally talented Nate Thee Great and hard-hitting Austin-based mainstay Shadowboxin on production.  On Blast, their debut single, hits the ground running as the lyrical duo trades brief sets of bars over the driving, momentum-filled beat, and thanks to the highly artistic eye of Jonathan K. Horstmann, the debut video not only looks great, but does a great job of catching the visual version of the energy that infuses the single.  Definitely check this one out, leave a like and a comment, and share it around for everyone to get hip to.


Groove Food :: Ben Buck Beatbox Blasts Listeners With ‘WHATABANGER’

For the unfamiliar or uninitiated, Whataburger is a Texas institution.  Most anybody from Texas will give you a detailed account of their love for the fast food chain, if given the chance, so it makes complete sense that the homie Ben Buck would dedicate a bit of his beatsmith prowess to WHATABANGER, an unofficial sonic ode to the fast food giant.  The production more than lives up to the banger expectation set in the title, and for good measure, Ben Buck throws in every burger-related vocal sample that you could imagine.  If you’re looking for some good beats to keep your head nodding, then look no further than this collection… cop it if you’ve got a few bucks to spare, and share it with all of the other Whataburger lovers you know so that we can all celebrate together!