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Clout Talk :: Ben Buck Stepping Out On ‘Spirits’ Single


When it comes to street buzz backed up by real skill, Ben Buck has to be at the top of any list of Austin MCs you make.  For the last couple of years, his hustle has been impossible to ignore, and on his latest single Spirits, we got not only a brief oral history of this experience, but a dual demonstration of growth as a recording artist and confidence in his skill level… the latter of which is ironic, as Ben Buck was never one to doubt his skills.  Flobama easily matches Buck‘s energy and urgency with his production, making the testament that they will ‘break y’all’s spirits if  you fake that realness’ one with real weight to it.  This song has the makings of being both a mixtape and live show staple, so check it out, leave a comment, and share it around for others to get familiar with.



Ripple Effect :: Ben Buck Making Waves With ‘McNasty Was Here’ Video

Ben Buck most certainly embodies the Austin aesthetic, and his video for McNasty Was Here cuts right to the heart of that matter with its two main elements : weirdness and live music.  Director Gravy Jones cuts between live footage and material that looks like B-roll from a skate video to perfectly capture what a day in the life of Ben Buck must feel like.  I’m not the man, so I can’t speak for him, but to my knowledge, most days entail kicking it with his crew, being creative, making music, and whenever the chance affords it, jumping on stage to further the legend.  Definitely check out the video, give it a like and a share, and leave a comment for support!


Around Town :: Ben Buck’s ‘Raunch Dressing’ Music Video

Ben Buck is a young man on a come up in the Austin hip-hop scene.  Recently, he connected with FOCI Productions to create a music video for Raunch Dressing, the lead single off of Ben Buck‘s instrumental project McNasty21.  The video captures a day in the life of Ben Buck as he goes around town with his musician friends to rehearse and perform (both on the streets and on the stage).  This one is definitely entertaining, and it does a good job of letting you in on the personality of the ever entertaining Ben Buck.  Definitely spread this one around, give it a like, and leave a comment.


Skill Share : Ben Buck Drops ‘Beat Tape #5’


Ben Buck stays working on the beats, rhymes and beatbox output, sometimes to an almost unfathomable degree.  Like clockwork, you can expect Buck to drop new batches of beats every 4-6 weeks or so.  His latest collection, Beat Tape #5, is a collection of mellower offerings than normal.  Most hit around the 90s tempo (beats per minute and era of hip hop), and while a handful still have angular rhythms, most are good for lyrical vibe sessions or smoke sessions.  Props to Ben Buck for his perseverance and dedication to his craft.


Beat Machine :: Ben Buck’s ‘Boom Bap (Summer Beat Tape)’

Some people live and breathe hip hop… it exists in every fiber of their being.  MC, producer and beatbox artist Ben Buck is one of that gigantic faithful, and he proves it on pretty much a daily basis.  His latest evidence is his recently released Ben Buck Boom Bap (Summer Beat Tape), his latest collection of tracks that have yet to be blessed.  Dude’s production is consistently dope, and this collection is no different.  Dig it and dig it good.


Collective Resonance :: AMX Cypher Vol. II

One of the true gems of the Austin hip-hop scene is the Austin Mic Exchange (AMX).  It allows MCs of all styles and levels of experience to get together, build collaborations, and hone in on your skills while gaining inspirations from others.  2017 brings us volume two of the AMX Cypher, and this go round, we’ve got a killer line-up : Ben Buck on rhymes and production, and verses by Valor AlanAggieN∆TEChuck DuzeYou F. Oh and K-Sol.  AMX godfather Protextor drops in to film, and props to Exploded Records for providing the proper backdrop.  You know the drill… like it, share it, and support local!


Brief Introduction :: Ben Buck Has ‘Been Buck’

One of the 2016 bright moments was meeting Ben Buck at Beerland during The Triggermen‘s album release show.  I was familiar with the name, but knew nothing about him as an artist.  Needless to say, his wonderful balance of beats, bars and beatboxing blew my mind.  His latest release, Been Buck, is a collaboration with beatsmith supreme Dr. Bobby Banner, MPC.  It’s reminiscent of those early 90s hip-hop tracks where you were allowed to be honest about yourself, joke about yourself and be a little clever as well, before everyone started taking themselves way too seriously.  Good jam for sure, and I’m looking forward to a full-length project… hopefully sooner than later!