Collision Courses :: Ben Buck X BoomBaptist Go Wonder Twins For ‘The Marquee EP’

What happens when one of the most consistent and proficient Austin producers combines forces with another one of Austin‘s most prolific MC/producers?  The most recent example of this phenomenon would be The Marquee EP, a seven song collection featuring BoomBaptist on beats and Ben Buck on bars.  Buck has always had a knack for the roughneck approach to hip-hop with gritty, grimy production heavily influenced by the 1990s “True School” approach to hip-hop, so it’s a nice change of pace to hear him over Boom‘s production, which matches intensity in terms of drum sounds but has a flourish and glamour that sits on the opposite end of the spectrum.  This project definitely plays like a victory lap of sorts, and with the latest batch of output the duo has put out on their own, there’s nothing wrong with Boom and Buck pairing up for some good times.  Check this one out wherever you stream music or buy it digitally, and make sure your people do the same.



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