Funky Combinations :: ‘French Cuff Sleazy’ Live With The Triggermen And Ben ‘McNasty’ Buck

Last fall, The Triggermen released their latest album, Live Wire.  To celebrate its release, they threw a dope show at Beerland.  I was honored to be a part of it, and that night was my introduction to Ben ‘McNasty’ Buck.  His set was incredibly captivating, and then later that night, he took to the stage with The Triggermen for French Cuff Sleazy, and the results were fantastic.  The Triggermen were in the midst of capturing footage for their Party Pro video, and this was a pleasant bonus that has now been shared for the masses.


Don’t Panic :: …&more… Release ‘Existence Is Futile’


Sometimes, pure skill and talent simply cannot be denied.  Enter Scuare and no1mportant, two MC/producers who individually are capable of doing great things.  When combined, however, these two work on a wonderfully harmonic resonance.  Both cats have unique, rapid-fire and melodic styles that are similar enough for the duo to make total sense, but different enough from one another to compliment one another effortlessly.

A statement from …&more… concerning their amazing sophomore release, Existence Is Futile :

“In many ways it’s a celebration of a loss of ultimate purpose and growth through acceptance. The Star Trek metaphor helps to illustrate that notion through what we think is a pretty comical lens.

Outer Space is often juxtaposed with samples and lyrics that relate to how people view sex and relationships.  These themes represent opposing points on the spectrum, and serve as anchors from which to expand.”

Take the time to dive into this wonderful piece of art.  There is no sign of a sophomore jinx here.


Shared Visions :: Cha’keeta B. & Jake Lloyd Explore ‘Forever Love’

And yet, another high quality song and video coming out of my beautiful hometown of Austin.  This one is by Cha’keeta B., with an assist from Jake Lloyd.  The song and video for Forever Love share what it can be like to be on the same wavelength with another soul.  The good times are better, the creative energy can be shared, and the presentations to the world can be much stronger.  This one came heavily recommended by many of my musical peers in Austin, and this was a pleasant surprise, and further proof that our scene can hold one another down when it matters.


Heart Beats :: Retr0gRaDe Drop ‘Body Heat’ Music Video

Retr0gRaDe is one of the handful of Austin hip hop groups that seems to have their eyes set on exponential growth for 2017.  The self-titled debut album is cruising along nicely, and now the duo has dropped a second single and video.  Body Heat is a nice dose of love rap, rounded out with a little advice about the key points to keeping your lady happy.  The video is crazy dope… simple, but powerful, and amazingly well shot, lit and composed.  Quality work from some quality fellas.


Looking Back :: The Final .::liquidstereoproject Show

It took many many years.  It took the rounding up of footage from multiple cameras.  It took finally getting an editing setup that could handle the magnitude of footage it would be forced to render, edit and so on.  And, after all of those hurdles, it took a full 24 hours to get it on YouTube, but it’s finally here and ready for the world : the final .::liquidstereoproject show.  This is comprised of footage collected from Atom ToddDave Brewer and myself.  Rather than choose the best moments, I decided to share it all.  The audio (and some of the video) is a little choppy, seeing as this was well before HD, but the feeling shines through.  I know I always say enjoy, but really and truly, I hope you do enjoy this… we left it all on the stage that night.


Love Games :: SniperShot Drops Amazing Video For ‘8-Bit’

My main man SniperShot dropped an extremely wonderful video about love and being yourself, and just in time for Valentine’s Day to boot.  8-Bit not only tells, it shows, and both expressions will stay with you for a long time, guaranteed.  This is 100% DO NOT SLEEP ON material.


Grand Return :: …&more… Are Back With A Vengance

Wow.  Existence is Existential, the debut offering from …&more…, was already way ahead of its time when it dropped.  I knew that when they hit us with a follow-up, it would be good.  I had no way of fathoming that it could potentially be as good as the lead single, Faces Places, is setting the bar.  Point blank, period, this is the jam.  I am stretching the depths of my mind to find something grounding to say about this song, because it literally woke me right up from the first second.  Good god, I can’t wait for Existence is Futile to drop.