Pack Light :: Spy Coastal Talks Letting Go With ‘I Gotcha’ Video

‘When you meet someone new and fly but they got way too much baggage with them’ truly sums up the vibe being laid down by dynamic duo Spy Coastal in the insanely catchy i Gotcha.  The Austin-based duo, consisting of Dat Boy Craig and Dama Nilz (who respectively originate from opposite coasts), come together perfectly to explore the concept of asking someone you connect with to fill the shoes of someone from your past.  The wonderful thing about that kinetic spark between you and someone new is the potential for discovery and exploration, and asking them to carry a burden you’ve become fixated on is not a fair action.  The Dama Nilz produced beat… the way each members’ singing abilities and bars dance around one another… this track definitely deserves all of the shine.  Like it, share it, comment on the work Kamaryn did for the video, and talk this one up!



Mass Effect :: Blastfamous USA Drops ‘BUSA Flock EP’

The collective that is busa flock continues to grow and intrigue.  Recently, Blastfamous USA introduced us to the busa flock concept via the Pull Up video, which featured an amalgamation of Blastfamous USA and Blackillac.  Now that the EP has hit the airwaves, the picture is much clearer in regards to the membership… on top of those previously mentioned, MobleyFort Never and BLXPLTN all pitch in to help create a project with equal parts energy, urgency and intellect.  Blastfamous USA has made it crystal clear in their short existence that they are a force to be reckoned with, and now that the flock has a roster of hard hitting peers, there’s no telling how far they can all fly.


Staying Afloat :: Chris Conde Hits The Masses With ‘No Air (Remix)’ Video

San Antonio-based MC Chris Conde has never been one to shy away from being proud of who he is.  No pun intended, but you get more straight talk about the game from Chris Conde than you do from many of his hetero, cis peers.  In the video we get direct addressing of peoples’ unfounded fears of a gay rapper, plenty of proof that his drive and skill level has nothing to do with his lifestyle, and tons of humor on top of everything to let people know that the issues really aren’t worth the venom they normally receive.  Rather it be skateboarding, prepping wigs, walking down the street eating icees, or just doing the normal posturing associated with hip-hop, Chris Conde is here to force diversity and open-mindedness into a scene that has needed it for quite a while.


Affirmation Raps :: Poolboi Blu Keeps Up Momentum With ‘Dad Moves’


These days, it’s weird if poolboi blu doesn’t drop new music within the span of a workweek.  After being rained out for a 4th of July event, poolboi blu decided to break out his new recording setup and dive deeper into the output.  The result is the ambient infectious gem dad moves, a track that seems like a quick motivational buildup (or maybe a quick reminder of what poolboi blu is made of).  The track brings back memories of the groundwork laid in the slept on classic cloudy w/ a chance, and hopefully it will lead to more vocal work from poolboi blu on top of his already vivid production.


Nowhere Fast :: Andrés Drops ‘SEWELL.’ Music Video

Unusuals was already impressing me with the production vibes, but lately, there’s been a metamorphosis taking place that has me wholly interested.  After some public deep diving into a range of deep influences, a handful of andrés tracks have manifested, all of which are deeply personal and introspective over deep production.  ‘SEWELL.’ has been blessed with the video treatment, with the enclosed space of a car backseat serving as visual reference to the claustrophobic nature of dealing with deep feelings of longing, especially for someone you have yet to learn more about.  The video definitely reminds me of being ready to move forward with no control of direction and nobody in the driver’s seat.  Definitely a strong and evocative piece of minimalist art… and the wardrobe decision doesn’t hurt at all.


Making Tracks :: Blastfamous USA + Blackillac Connect For ‘Pull Up’

The magic that can occur in the rare instances where you introduce old friends to new friends only for everyone to get along is hard to match.  Maybe that’s why it seemed inevitable that Zeale Rapz would find a way to link his multiple successful ventures into a single stream of dopeness.  His longtime companionship/collaborative efforts with Phranchyze, along with their mutual friendship of Gary Clark Jr., resulted in the creation of Blackillac.  Meanwhile, Zeale Rapz had forged a newer, sharper and more politically driven connection with the killer production duo of NGHT HCKLRS, resulting in the lightning fast creation and maturation of Blastfamous USA.  With both camps combining forces for the upcoming busa flock EP, it was only fitting that they signal it with a music video in the form of pull up.  The video showcases all of the key components folks need for understanding what busa flock is about : unique aesthetic, high style, banging production, quality rhymes and a sense of humor are all calling cards the crew possesses.  The connection is intriguing, and yet it makes all the sense in the world… I will definitely be keeping my eyes and ears open for more.


Idiot Boxing :: Virgil Wolfe And Strcolctr Serve Up ‘Unlimited TV Dinners’


The influence that television has had on the last few generations is undeniable.  It has shaped our cultural context and standard frame of reference in ways that we may never return from, which isn’t inherently a bad thing.  Take, for example, the collective efforts of MC Virgil Wolfe and producer Strcolctr.  The duo recently took their love of TV from their childhood, took a direct look at how it has effected them emotional and rationally, and have poured those thoughts into the short but powerful Unlimited TV Dinners, with whip-smart ruminations on ideas like investing your time in meaningless ventures, cultural identity and more.  Don’t let the lighthearted veneer fool you, there’s some heavy lifting being done on this project.  If Unlimited TV Dinners Deluxe dropped at some point in the future, I wouldn’t be mad at that one bit.