Giving Props :: Looking Back At EVAK

Recently, the homie EVAK responded to an Instagram post of mine, and just seeing his name again reminded me of how ill his music was.  That’s why I’m making this post, so you can know how dope he is too… if you’re into raw, forward-thinking, innovative, brain-bending hip-hop, you’re welcome in advance.

There’s more stuff out there (just click his picture above), but these three still stand as some of my favorite Texas hip-hop, period.


Blitzkrieg Bars :: SUNGODS (EVOLVE X IBE HUSTLES) Drop Ill Video For GR!+S

Check it out… some raw rap live and direct from the SUNGODS, the collective featuring EVOLVE and IBE HUSTLES.  These cats are all about the in your face approach, so it makes sense that the video for GR!+S would emulate this by literally having the pair deliver their message in a fourth-wall breaking manner.  Dig the video, leave a like and a comment if it moves you, and spread it around for all to enjoy!


Station Agents :: Curbside Jones and Dexter Fizz Deliver ‘The Last Train’

I’ve been hyping this one up with each single release, but man, I wasn’t ready for how strong The Last Train would be.  Curbside Jones really shines on the production, and his lyrical prowess is evident as well, along with that of collaborators Dexter Fizz and LafLife.  This is definitely one of those situations where I could go on and on with beautiful descriptors about this album, but in all honesty, this one is worth loading up and hitting play with or without a primer on it.  Check it out, support if you can, and share it around regardless!


Spirits Moving :: Perilisium Cantos Releases “Nails Into The Head Of Christ” LP Via (iN)Sect Records

From the digital desk of (iN)Sect Records :

Perilisium Cantos was an emo hardcore band formed in San Francisco’s west bay in 1995 and lasted til 1996.  The band was made up of three veterans of the hardcore and emo music scenes at the time; Eyad Kaileh of Indian Summer on drums; Frank Marchi of Agents of Satan on bass; and Mark Rodgers of ShroomUnion on guitar/vocals.  The three of them met when ShroomUnion and Indian Summer played a show together in 1994.  They became fast friends and with Indian Summer breaking up shortly after they met, the three of them formed Perilisum Cantos.  The band only lasted a year but managed to play with some pretty amazing shows with bands like: Dead And Gone, No Less and Christie Front Drive as well as play at the famed punk club, Gilman Street in Berkeley.

The brainchild of Mark Rodgers, this album was made at their practice space by the remote engineering legend, Bart Thurber, who has recorded thousands of bands in San Francisco.  The recording happened in one day; tracking, mixing and mastering, all done in the heat of the moment back in 1995.  Another world and a completely fresh sound at the time, that still emanates from the speakers as soon as you hear it.  Think Neurosis fronted by the folks from Unwound.  The band was noisy and controlled with a massive sound that came from the three friends.”

If you’re a fan of abrasive, unapologetic experimental rock and roll, then don’t hesitate… cop this one immediately, and tell all your people to check it out!


Weirding Out :: The #WeirdRapDiscussionGang Keeps The Momentum Going

Having the honor of being a core member of the #WeirdRapDiscussionGang is truly amazing, as it affords me at least one opportunity a week to complete go untethered in terms of my love for hip-hop music.  We’ve been putting in a lot of work over at the Weird Rap YouTube channel, not to mention expanding our reach for the #WeirdRapDiscussionGang series into the podcast world, and our latest few episodes have been dynamite… we’ve recently covered science-fiction-based hip-hop, went down the rabbit hole of viewer suggestions with super special guest David Liebe Hart and did a deep dive into the work of Philly-based MC Tierra Whack.  If you love hip-hop music, YouTube commentary or sincere entertainment, then get locked into the Weird Rap network sooner than later, and if it really speaks to you, then be a supporter over at the Weird Rap Patreon page.  Big ups to Th’Mole for putting everything together and to Beverly Fre$h for always having an interesting point of view.


Open Tuning :: Spirit Dad Introduces Himself With ‘Agoraphobia’

From the digital desk of Spirit Dad :

“I wrote this song right around my 30th birthday in December 2020.  I get pretty depressed around my birthday a lot, but this year was a particularly hard one for everyone as I’m sure whoever is reading this is well aware.  COVID has definitely made it easier to fall into habits of isolation.  It’s weird to have a coping mechanism like writing songs, where solitude tends to lead to more art, but vocalizing your feelings outside of song with the world can feel more alienating.  I hope you enjoy this one and get something from it maybe?  Maybe it connects with you too.  I wrote this as an honest albeit depressing acoustic song, but when I went to start demoing, it definitely took shape in a fun and cathartic process that turned into this alt-country emo tune.  I might release a couple other versions of this one soon too. Anywhoo, thank you for listening and I love you.”

You know the drill… check it out, and if you dig what Spirit Dad is putting down in Agoraphobia, then spread the word so that everyone can enjoy!


Free Spirited :: Anthony Miguel & DK Thundah Present The Youngest Child’s Self-Titled Debut

From the digital desk of Anthony Miguel DK Thundah :

“A long time coming, The Youngest Child is a collaboration effort between Anthony Miguel and DK Thundah.  They began working on the EP Summer 2020 while in quarantine.  Each song was written and produced by both Ant and DK with the help of Grampa Mane on L O W.  The EP has themes of growth, determination, vulnerability, the softer side of masculinity, and relationship dynamics.”

This one is super dope.  Find it on your favorite streaming service by clicking the album cover above, and make sure your friends (and your friends’ friends) do the same thing.


Blu Thunder :: Poolboi Blu Shows Up And Shows Out For ‘Sound In Color’ Part 2

With the possibility of COVID-19 taking a downturn stateside, a slow return to whatever will constitute the new normal could happen if people are responsible.  With this scenario in mind, I’ve been spending my time thinking about the inevitable transition back into whatever the live music scene looks like moving forward, and I get curious about who’s been complacent versus who’s been working and staying ready to jump in the game once it’s on.  Clearly, poolboi blu is hungry to get his momentum going again, and while he’s always in the studio, his recent appearance on Sound In Color Part 2 is proof that he’s stayed stage ready as well.  In the span of about half an hour, poolboi covers old and new tracks from JubileeRain of the SquidsAntsy and more, and thanks to the efforts of Andres MeloJulio FigueroaEvan K of Seize the Means Productions and Abel Ibarra, the Dktr N9ne & Friends Present production of Sound In Color looks like a million bucks.  Definitely check it out, give it all the like, comment, subscribe and notification bell action, and spread it around so your people can do the same.


Looking Back :: (iN)Sect Records Celebrates A Decade With House Shoes Mix ‘The First 10 Years Of The iN’

If you’re already down with (iN)Sect Records, then you know about the impressive list of achievements and accomplishments, including (but not limited to) : the wildly successful Exploded Drawing events; a roster split between extremely creative, forward-thinking locals and legendary talent from around the states; a long history of projects released digitally, on cassette and on vinyl; and, most importantly, a decade strong in the game.  In order to celebrate this hallmark, the label tapped roster member House Shoes to do a mix dedicated to the label, and House Shoes went above and beyond for The First 10 Years Of The iN.  If one ever had doubts about the variety of sounds, diversity of roster, or sheer volume of talent within the (iN)Sect Records camp, this mix should soundly put those doubts to rest.  It’s free to download, free to stream, and free to share, so do all of that, and be there for 20 years, 30 years and so on!


Looking Forward :: (iN)Sect Records Releases ‘Phonkadelic’ LPonCS From The Point

(iN)Sect Records is shaping itself up for a promising 2021.  Dig what they’ve got going on with a promising young new duo, The Point

The Point are a duo of multi-instrumentalists/producers from Austin, Texas.  They began playing music together when they were in 7th grade, and started making beats when they went to high school, which they just graduated from.  They both play virtually every instrument.  Joe Roddy, 18, covers trumpet, keys, guitar and vocals, while Jack Montesinos, 19, covers upright and electric bass, guitar, vocals, percussion and both handle all of the production.  They have gone through genres that span jazz fusion, hip hop, trap, country, and polka, all inspired by our southern roots.  They’ve opened up for Jimmie Vaughn, Kamasi Washington, Gary Clark, Jr. and Barbara Lynn and have been featured on CBS This Morning.

“PHONKADELIC” came together out of them listening to Texas artists such as UGK, Freddie King, George Strait, DJ Screw and and many others.  They took those influences and tried to make a short and sweet project bringing them all together.  This album is not only Texas trap beats, but also features elements of country, RNB and blues.  Made entirely with samplers and live instruments played by Jack & Joe, mixed by them with GarageBand and their phones.  If you rep the Lone Star state, bump this in your whip.”

All facts, so don’t sleep.