Banger Factory :: Kydd Jones Drops ‘Nothing To Play With’


This song goes stupid hard.  One listen to Kydd Jones‘ new track Nothing To Play With makes me wonder if he isn’t secretly getting some Drake cash sent to him for ghostwriting, because this sounds like the kind of stuff I’ve been waiting for the so called self-proclaimed ‘Greatest Ever’ from Canada to come with.  That being said, I know I can always count on solid tracks and growth/evolution of style from Kydd.  This is just further validation of that fact.


Esoteric Clerics :: ‘Barbaric Rhetoric’ Video Drops

When Butcher Bear reached out to me for a guest verse spot on This Is How The Game Gets You Played, I was honored.  When I heard the final version of Barbaric Rhetoric, with BoomBaptist added on, I was blown away.  Then, when Butcher Bear reached out to us for a Karan Kapoor directed video, I was very much excited.  We shot it, shopped it, and I’m glad to say that it has now hit the digital airwaves.  I could not be happier to share this video with everyone, and I’m looking forward to future collaborations with all of these guys.


Night Terrors :: ‘3am’ Video From Robot And MLMG

Mona Lisa Music Group affiliate (and original member) Robot has just unleashed a beast of a music video on us.  Music video may be selling it a bit short… director CiaraBoniface actually refers to it as a film right out the gate.  3am is definitely a super solid track, and the visuals are engrossing as hell.  This one definitely deserves your attention and your shares.


Sound Alchemy :: Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice Drops A New ‘Mixtape’


There’s a new ‘mixtape’ out from Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice, and clearly, someone has been watching too much Game Of Thrones.  This 3rd installment has been dubbed The Night Is Dark And Full Of Terrorsand it is a slight departure from the normal ‘mixtapes’ Chief Doomsday has dropped.  This one is presented like a radio broadcast, and it’s comprised totally of blends and remixes, minus the rap remakes of songs (I did not find them necessary this go-round).  Enjoy the listen, and thanks for the support!


Labor Days :: ‘Never Seen Me’ By Krypol Haze Gets Visualized

Confidence… if you don’t have that in this hip-hop game, you’re lost before you even start.  Based on Krypol Haze‘s Never Seen Me video, it’s clear there is no lack of confidence in this Austin MC.  Spitting bars at the job (a scenario I am all too familiar with) is just spitting bars to this cat.  This is the type of track to put naysayers on notice… lets folks know that just because we’re not living the glamorous life doesn’t mean we aren’t spitting life changing lyrics.  Do yourself a favor, and get hip now.


Main Course :: ‘Chips & Salsa’ From Sertified and Haris The Terrorist


In this noisy digital world, sometimes you miss out on things when they make their first appearance.  Chips & Salsa, a collaboration between Texas MC Sertified and beatmaker supreme Haris The Terrorist, is a prime example of this.  The fellas hit the ground running in January of 2016 with this release, and via the homies at OVRLD, I’ve been hipped.  This is good old-fashioned boom-bap hip-hop with a taste of Texas throughout.  Definitely worth your time and money.


Stand Up :: Da’Shade Moonbeam’s ‘Power’ Visualized

Da’Shade Moonbeam has never been one to shy away from the important issues at the time they mean the most.  Power finds Da’Shade speaking about those that serve and protect us, how we must learn to trust without being victims, and how they must learn to do a job that may be against their nature.  The police are definitely here to protect us, but the ultimate responsibility for protection of you and yours lies on the individual.  Anytime Da’Shade speaks on topics that matter, I will most certainly listen.