Triple Vision :: …&more…’s ‘New Groove’

…&more… is quickly becoming one of my favorite hip hop projects, local or otherwise.  The combination of no1mportant and Scuare works in a very synergistic manner.  Both of these cats are very talented, but both allow one another the room to shine, which is rare in the group dynamic.  My eyes and ears are most certainly open for whatever comes from their direction in the future.


Travel Jams :: Weird Star State Tour – The Soundtrack


In the name of making a brand out of Weird City Fest, the genius minds behind Austin Mic Exchange have decided to hit the road with a handful of their favorite acts.  There will be several stops made around the state of Texas, with the goal being bolstering each city’s local hip-hop and creative scene while promoting Weird City as an entity to be celebrated yearly.  DJ Burnzy took a number of tunes from the artists on the tour, added some of his expert turntablism, and the result is Weird Star State Tour – The Soundtrack.  Don’t sleep on this, or the stop this tour makes in your town.


Staying Power :: Mirage (@Mirage512) Drops ‘Till The End’ Video

Austin MC Mirage is continuing #TheAmeliorationCollection with the subtly powerful and moving Till The End.  Over some very solid and smooth production by Trill GatesMirage waxes poetically about the importance of longevity in the hip-hop culture, and his efforts to express that through his career and his art.  Bonus trivia: he hit me up on the edit for this one.


Double Dosing :: OMNiii and Dusty Grin’s Masterpieces



In the wake of Return ProphetsSan Marcos hip hop crew Heroes was at a crossroads.  Members of the band were moving on to new cities, and the remaining members were facing a time in our country where only fools remained silent about what was going on.  Rather than try and make a salvaged version of Heroes, emcees OMNiii and Dusty Grin decided to take the double LP approach, and the genius My Laptop Weighs A Ton / Indingenius was born.  OMNiii spits fever pitch rhymes on hectically wonderful beats to illustrate the madness of our times, while Dusty Grin took the urban griot approach of a mercenary watching the madness from the fringe.  A beautiful accomplishment from one half of an incredibly dynamic crew.


Speechless Beats :: ‘The Misadventures Of Mattress Mac’ By Evan Moran


Evan Moran is definitely a cool and interesting cat.  I met him through some of my mutual KTSW and Grid Squid friends, and we instantly realized that we were coming from very similar sources of inspiration in regards to both hip hop influence and musical influences in general.  Not long after that initial meeting, Evan started populating his Bandcamp page with albums.  They’re all definitely worth checking out, but one of my personal faves was The Misadventures of Mattress Mac.  A collection of older poetry instrumentals interspersed with new material, this beats only project will take you on a mini-musical journey of sorts.  Definitely digging the way Evan gets down on the production.. pretty sure you will too.


Ready Position :: Indelible Inc.’s ‘Openwide’ Hits The Airwaves

Indelible Inc., the combination of Muggzy Flowz bars and Dr. Bobby Banner, MPC‘s beats, is no doubt a sure shot winning team.  Throw in AMX alumn and …&more… wordsmith No1mportant for guest bars, and you’ve got the mellow banger Openwide.  Throw in some DVZN Media video expertise, and you’ve got one hell of a music video.  Props to Promise PsuedoKilmatik and more for making guest appearances the way rappers used to appear in one another’s videos back in the day.  This is all wonderful.


Night Moves :: The Midnight Stroll Make Beautiful Music


soundcloud link

For Aaron Behrens of Ghostland Observatory, the ride that was the EDM movement was becoming a bit much.  The songs were still coming, but the mood was changing.  After some soul searching (and some musician searching), enter Jonas Wilson of Lomita and The White White Lights.  Both amazingly talented in their own right, it’s a given that The Midnight Stroll is already making compelling music right out of the gate.  Keep an eye on this band.. there are certainly good things to come.