Warning Shot :: SIL3NCE Drops ‘The Prelude’


The Dallas/Fort Worth area is always up to something.  This time around, artists Hologram Dagger and VOMOT have joined forces to create the production duo of SIL3NCE.  The first release from the team is aptly titled The Prelude, as it serves for a quick taste of the sinister sounds these two have in store.  I know it’s not always fair to set expectations off of this little data, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the next wave of sounds is equally as hard hitting.  Here’s to patiently waiting to find out.


Beat Philosophy :: Flobama’s ‘Strong Style Slaps’ Hits Hard


This album is good old fashioned boom bap beats, with a little bit of far eastern influence for good measure.  flobama came with it hard on Strong Style Slaps.  These are the kind of albums that make my producer wish list just keep on growing…


Shreddin’ Texas :: Old Man Skateboards’ Daily Skate Sessions Hit Texas

Recently, Old Man Skateboards took to the road for a return trip to Texas, his former stomping grounds.  Since the inception of Old Man Skateboards, we have since growth in terms of board confidence and skill set.  This video, maybe due to the fact that he’s home again, shows some wonderful growth.. longer manuals, boardslides, 50-50 grind attempts, and even some transition skating into bowls, hips and so on.  My man even took a couple of decent spills and got right back up.  Inspiring stuff, for real.


Quiet Storm :: Delano Taylor Releases ‘Cloudy W/ A Chance’


Delano Taylor continues to make some of the most moving music out there, independent or label artist.  His approach is deceptively simple, but I believe it is the way he uses familiar elements in original ways on top of his at times sparse (but always perfectly balanced) production, so that when it builds or changes, you’re invested in the journey.  cloudy w/ a chance is another sonic suite composed of several movements, with one of the most adorable cover photos ever as a complete compliment to the music.  Very good stuff.


Worldly Views :: Evan Moran Rises With ‘Phoenix’

Man… the end of 2016 seems to have a common theme, and that theme is awakening.  Artist after artist that I come across this winter seems to have a prime directive of opening the eyes, ears and minds of any listener they are able to reach.  Evan Moran, who normally is already pushing boundaries, just so happens to be another example of someone practicing this awakening principle.  Phoenix finds him on a sparse (but suprisingly heavy) beat produced by UMRU, and with a little help from Ascendant Apaulo, they proceed to tear into the concepts of closed-minds, witch hunts and other human injustices in some of the most captivating ways possible.  Think music indeed.  I am very much looking forward to the release of Faulty Intercessor, and with a little luck (and hard work on my part), you may even see a familiar name pop up on future Evan Moran material.


Powerful Beauty :: Upper Reality’s ‘Silver’ Is Must-Listen Material

First and foremost, I must thank Austin for being a city so rich in culture and talent that I never have to want for quality material to consume and review.  That being said, I have heard some captivating projects over the years from many, many talented musicians, but Upper Reality‘s Silver is quite simply one of the most breathtaking projects I have heard in YEARS.  Based in poetry and sparse production, but far from short on surprises and insight, this project should be mandatory listening for songwriters, emcees and poets in this area, as Silver is nothing short of a masterclass in all of those disciplines.  My ONLY gripe is that this is an EP, and not a full-legnth project, but this EP is incredibly powerful, which I cannot state enough.  Very glad to have stumbled upon this thanks to a recent Austin Chronicle article about Upper RealityAnastasia and Alesia Lanai (which, out of the 3, Upper Reality was the only one I was not familiar with).


Temple Work :: Anastasia Practicing ‘Kale & Yoga’

Austin-based emcee Anastasia (FKA Anya) is a picture perfect example of positive growth.  She was already fresh out the gate, but after making an introductory push to the greater Austin music scene the past few years, she took a brief moment to reflect and redirect.  The result is a mentally and spiritually stronger artist, who seems to be both enjoying the ride and focused enough to control the direction it leads.  More power to you, and here’s to great things in your future.