Alone Together :: Voodoo Boogaloo Teases New Music With ‘We’re Alone Now’ Acoustic Video

Recently, Voodoo Boogaloo decided to take a societal detox, purchasing a ranch and taking a go at being self-sustainable while simultaneously exploring and expanding their sound.  Apparently, these efforts have been fruitful, as the duo decided to tease the masses with a beautiful acoustic rendition of one of their upcoming songs, We’re Alone Now.  The song is an expression of their efforts to not only bolster their personal connection together, but also bolster their respective connection to their audience and supporters, as both of these synergistic relationships are infinitely important.  Logan and Stephanie have not only promised that their more traditional, psychedelic approach to production will hit this song soon, but that they already have others ready to share in the near future.  I’m certainly looking forward to seeing these two perform again, and I am anxiously waiting the release of a new project.  In the meantime, check out this video, give it a like, leave a comment, and share it around for others to do the same!



Doomsday Desire :: Chief And TheDoomsdayDevice Release ‘Carte Blance DuBois’ Single


You already know what it is… Day For Night is right around the corner, so naturally we’ve got to release a single or two from the Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice camp.  First up is Carte Blanche DuBois, a statement about keeping your integrity in check and forward moving in a time when all but integrity seems to matter.  This track, like the rest of the EP, is self-produced, and I even decided to dust off the turntables for the hook.  I’m very excited about the project, so stay tuned for a follow-up single in the next week or so, and the full EP in mid-October, more than likely.  Definitely share Carte Blance DuBois around, leave a like and a comment, and support your local creatives!


Nostalgia Ultra :: Emcee Eats And Company Release ‘Lakshmi’s Lament’


Over the past decade, Emcee Eats has been realizing a musical vision in the form of Lakshmi’s Lament.  During this time, it seems that Emcee Eats has been exploring the divide between his inherently abstract approach to hip-hop versus the ‘fundamental’ and more traditional styles, especially in light of one of the most forward-pushing eras in terms of hip-hop style, influence and popularity.  With the help of several producers (SK the GreatestAdam Hilton and Alex Balentine), lyrical assists from StormShadow and Black DaVinci, and an artistic collaboration with Bryan DeLaGarza, plus a Sat Nam by Kate Balderas, it feels like Eats has created an instant classic.  I’ve always been a fan of his work, but the growth and maturity shown in this project is purely unrivaled in terms of Austin artists.  If you need a bit of inspiration or spiritual healing, check out this project, and spread it around so others can do the same.


Double Dive :: SiCK THoTS And Poolboi Blu Reconnect For ‘Easside’


What happens when you connect musically, and it sounds dope?  Naturally, you do it again.  Funny enough, SiCK THoTS and poolboi blu must agree, because they recently dropped dual singles in support of their respective projects.  Nites and Weekends showcased the range that will be found on poolboi‘s upcoming project DIXIE, and it seems like SiCK THoTS convinced the homie to collab on Easside, their latest single.  The song is a laid-back powerhouse, perfectly capturing the feeling of kicking it late night in East Austin, be it a good or bad night.  I feel like this one is going to get a lot of play from me, especially while I’m on the road, so do yourself a favor and check it out on your favorite streaming service as well.


Poolboi’s Game :: Poolboi Blu Drops ‘ENDER’ Single


poolboi blu‘s latest single may be titled Ender, but he’s certainly not playing any games.  His last single showed range, but Ender is a display of growth in terms of poolboi‘s lyrical content and delivery.  With each rap song the homie releases, I see the confidence and skill growing, and I’m all here for it.  Keep your eyes open for DIXIE, because it’s definitely going to be a banger and a half.  Go check out Ender on your favorite streaming service, and encourage others to do the same.


Making Tracks :: Cort Sikes Stops By ‘Rappers Playing Games (RPG)’ For Some Super Mario Kart (SNES)

Baby Lion is keeping it moving right along with a new episode of Protextor‘s amazing series, Rappers Playing Games (RPG).  For this edition, Austin hip-hop scene member and proponent Cort Sikes stopped by to challenge Protextor to a game of Super Mario Kart on the SNESCort reminisces on his entry into the Austin hip-hop scene via the Texas Battle League and the peers he met along the way, his introduction to Protextor via the Austin Mic Exchange (AMX), and more, all the while dropping knowledge on the local culture and which racers run the Mario Kart tracks.  You already know the drill with this series… like, comment, share and subscribe!


Traveling Band :: Breaking Even Crew Makes More Magic With ‘Dang ‘OL EP’


This past summer, the Breaking Even Crew embarked on a multi-state tour simply for the sake of spreading the word about their brand of hip-hop in the ‘old-fashioned’ way.  The crew, consisting of MC/DJ Cold SweatManny PhestoBen Buck Beatbox and Jantzonia, decided to cap off the tour with another classic move : dropping a collective project.  The Dang ‘OL EP, like a handful of other recent projects out of Austin, embraces a feel not present in hip-hop since the ‘gold school’ era of the early to mid-1990s, with vibrant and bolstering production large enough to handle the range and variety that the collective brings to the table.  For four tracks, there is more than enough to chew on, which is a testament to the skill of all involved.  Here’s to hoping that the winter produces a follow-up project of some sort, but in the meantime, pass this one around so others can enjoy it!