Champion Sound :: Muff Makes Big Noise


One of the great things about the Austin/San Marcos corridor is watching music superfans turn into wonderful bands.  Muff is a perfect example of this.  I’ve quite often spent time discussing awesome bands with multiple members of the group, and listening to their self-titled debut LP, it’s hard for me to not place them among the company of those groups.  Dope songwriting, wonderfully recorded and played, and very well put together.  Here’s the video for the first single, East Side Love.


Digital Resurrection :: ‘Return Prophets’ By Heroes Finds The Internet


The central Texas area has never been a stranger to massive amounts of talent, and that goes for all creative and expressive cultures.  Right smack in-between Austin and San Antonio lies the rapidly growing small town of San Marcos.  Back in the 2000s, there was a massive boom of talented rock, folk and hip-hop acts that hit the scene, and one of the premier acts was Heroes.  This hip-hop collective of OMNIIIDusty Grin and Tone of the Cosmos brought some of the most insightful and infectious tunes around.

Return Prophets was a love letter to that creative scene and moment in time.  With guest spots by songbird Sarah Lamb, hip-hop underground legend Josh Martinez, and members of The Word Association on multiple tracks, this album was a celebration.  Now, we celebrate it finding the digital light of day, forever stored online for future generations.


Feminine Mystique :: The Cypher Effect (All Female Cypher)

Bars.  A nice collection of styles on behalf of The Cypher Effect, with some dope participation from Alsace CarcionMokah Soulfly and Kree23.  The ladies are doing it to death, so pay attention!

Park Party :: S.P.O.S.M. Chronicles Vol. 18

Jonathan Butler, the brain behind Ellipsis Media, is all about capturing the skate culture in the ever growing town of San Marcos.  Here is volume 18 of the Skate Park of San Marcos Chronicles, featuring a healthy slice of local talent… enjoy!


Catch-23 :: ‘My People’ Audio-Visuals From @Mirage512

I’ve known my man Mirage for a long time now.. nearly half my life.  He’s one of my original Austin inspirations for transitioning from hip hop fan to hip hop participant.  Over the years, we’ve kept in touch and watched one another evolve.

Recently, he hit me up to edit a music video for him, which I am very excited about.  Then, yesterday, he dropped this self-directed gem on us.  My People is a dope song, and the video is a well-crafted visual reflection of it.  Simple, yet strong, with some wonderful framing for some honest performances.  Dig it and dig it good.


Collective Collabs :: Multi-Tracker and Out Of Place’s ‘Old News (HIT)’

(In)sect Records artist Multi-Tracker recently put out one of the doper electronic albums I’ve heard out of their camp, the genius Code Switching.  The homie Butcher Bear recently told me of his plans to have different MCs contribute lyrics to the different tracks (I’m jones’ng to get my voice on one or two of these myself).  old news (HIT) is the opening shot off this next step in Code Switching‘s growth, and MC Out Of Place sounds totally at home on this one.. dig it and dig it good.


Brain Food :: ‘H.A.F.’ By Click-Clack And Kydd Jones


Two of my Austin favorites, Click-Clack and Kydd Jones, have teamed up over Pack|Season production to create High As Fuck, a perfect sonic approximation of being lost in the loud.  Half confidence statements, half poetic musings on beautiful food, this is the kind of track that’ll stick in your head and grow on you.  It doesn’t hurt that both MCs drop great takes on the verses, each unique, over a track that morphs effortlessly between having room to breathe and being wonderfully dense.  Good stuff… hoping this is a sign of what’s to come, quality wise, on the next solo Click-Clack project.