Live Direct :: Virgil Wolfe Drops Live Music Video For ‘On A Whim’

Virgil Wolfe apparently has Open Heart Daydream, his latest project, on deck and ready for release this fall via BearTooth Collective, so it’s only proper that he let the rollout begin.  Wolfe is using the video for his first single, On A Whim, to provide those not lucky enough to see him perform live just a small taste of the energy he can bring to his song when on the stage.  The beat is on point, the performance is strong, and Wolfe even takes a bit of time to let himself be in the moment, much to the joy of the camera (and us by extension).  Definitely check this one out, like it and leave a comment, and spread the word so others can do the same!



Loco Motion :: Notes Floats Keeps It Going With ‘FULL STEAM AHEAD’


With two-plus decades in the rap game, it’s nuts how consistently fresh that Notes Floats is able to continue to be with each new release.  His latest project, FULL STEAM AHEAD, has all the earmarks that we’ve come to know and love from a Notes Floats project : funk-laden production with a quirky edge, humorous and witty lines with an acute sharpness to them, a focus that is not lost in the humor, and quality guest verses, this time from the likes of Gorilla Monk, and Devo.  This album also has a running theme of trains throughout, including a free-form sonic, poetic exploration to close out the proceedings.  If you dug the Triple Dang Snap single, then buckle up for a memorable ride.


Regal Vibes :: RoyalKingMinus Drops Knowledge On ‘The Regalia LP’


San Antonio-based MC RoyalKingMinus has seemingly always been about mixing education into the finely-tuned bars he delivers, from what I can tell.  In the opening moments of The Regalia LP, his latest project, the reasons for this approach are laid out : the status of the hip-hop artist in the community, the responsibility that comes with their power, and the sphere of influence they create.  This speech sets the table perfectly for the feast of rhymes and ideas that RoyalKingMinus presents the listener over the next ten tracks, with a style that morphs and melds to whatever beat is presented.  I’m a new fan, but will definitely be a dedicated one based on what I’ve heard so far from RoyalKingMinus… I suggest taking some time and checking him out on your own.


Public Service :: MC Homeless & Swordplay Release Video For ‘Cracked Screens’

It’s amazing how the information age has seemingly done nothing but dumb us down in the grand scheme of things.  The smartphone is a powerful tool, but in the hands of the unimaginative or apathetic, it can be a crutch at best, and a hindrance at worst.  MC Homeless and Swordplay clearly understand what I’m talking about, and address the sentiment head on in their collaborative single for Cracked Screens.  The information they spread is on point, but the real parallels to the peril we face are drawn in the video, which is full of real life clips where humans show our less than stellar side, alongside clips of the manufacturing and selling of cellular phones.  For good measure, or maybe just for my amusement, there’s even a dose of Quantum Leap thrown into the mix, to show the hopes we once had for technology and humanity working in harmony with one another.  This is definitely a video worth sharing around, so spread it far and wide… and don’t get lost on the irony of folks watching it on the very device that dooms them.


Live Wired :: Bogan Villa Rocks The Parish

Bogan Villa is a prolifically talented band, and as good as their recorded material is, the trio really thrives in the live setting.  This past June, the group made a stop at The Parish on the legendary 6th Street in Austin, and needless to say, they brought the house down.  Luckily, Chris Jackson of @CJShootsPhoto was present to document part of the set, and the result is a live capture of Triad, so that those of us that were not there to witness it to enjoy.  Check it out, share it around, leave a like and a comment, and support your local rock stars!


Classic Tactics :: SWAB X EVOLVE Combine Forces For ‘OUT FOR SELF’


After the release of the initial Masta Ace featuring single FAR BEHIND, I knew that SWAB X EVOLVE had something special queued up.  OUT FOR SELF did one better, however, and exceeded expectations by leaps and bounds.  I’ve always been a fan of EVOLVE‘s approach to wordplay, lyricism and performance, but something about SWAB‘s production does nothing but showcase the best aspects of these individual focuses, meaning that the bar is set high early and met throughout the project’s run time.  There are some high level features on this album, but even if SWAB X EVOLVE were the only artists whose presence were felt on this project, that would more than serve to make this an early contender for 2019 Top Ten lists.  Remember this one when the year-end comes around, and don’t sleep on it now.


Looking Back :: Sill Makes Powerfully Moving Video For ‘Ego Death’

After dropping the over the top video for Crazy 88, you’d imagine that most artists would double down on the initial style and aesthetic laid out.  Sill, however, has decided to do his College of Hip-Hop Knowledge brethren proud by following up with a powerful, thought-provoking music video for his second single, Ego Death.  With the help of Nvision FilmsSill takes the concepts of self-reflection and self-sabotage he explores lyrically to a different level with the cinematic narrative presented.  The video starts off normal enough, subtly introduces what seems like innocent visual trickery, only to turn that trickery on its head in the most compelling way possible.  This is a serious candidate for video of the year, and I hope that all involved consider presenting it to the Austin Music Video Festival in December.  Check out the video yourself, leave a like and a comment, and share it around for others to do the same.