Breaking News :: ‘Apocalypse Later’ By Anthony Maintain, Onry Ozzborn and Meganoke


After a stint in Anthony Maintain‘s live set, Apocalypse Later is now seeing the light of day.  A banger of an Anthony Maintain track, with a little verbal assistance from Onry Ozzborn and Meganoke, this track is haunting in the best ways.


Sound Synthesis :: Brainwave Releases ‘Surface’


Sometimes, change is necessary.  Letting go of the old leads to new opportunities for growth and exploration.  Surface seems to be Austin-based electronic mastermind Brainwave‘s celebration of this evolution.  This album is like an audio journey through the channels of the mind.  Very rich, textured, and the kind of depth that draws you in deep.  Show some love, show some support, and tell a friend not to sleep on Brainwave.


Surreal Life :: DDotElles And Carlos Pagan’s ‘efa’

Never let it be said that Austin hip-hop lacks depth.  The latest to provide a gem to the continuum of creation is DDotElles, who connected with director Carlos Pagan to create the meta-documentary efa.

The beauty of this project was its ability to mix sincerity with deeply sarcastically dry humor.  DDotElles has always been appreciative of film (as myself), and the ability to tell this story deeply reflects that.  Echoes of Spinal Tap, comedian Steven WrightThe Real World and more are immediately apparent.  The jokes land sharply, and DDotElles skill and passion are captured.  The home Delano Taylor is also showing some nice comedic chops as well in a wonderful guest appearance.

Don’t sleep.. give it a like, a share, and a comment.  Show love for the creators in our scene.


True Grit :: Ghost Palace Drops ‘Vampires’ Visual

Ghost Palace stays putting in work.  Like, to a ridiculous degree.  Emcee Evolve and beatsmith Progeny are currently putting the finishing touches on their latest project, Road To Nowhere (Still Running), which should see the light of day come November.  The first single and video, Vampires, is the standard dose of dope you’d expect from these guys.  Props to Seattle artistic mastermind Graves 33 on the direction of this video.


Memories Released :: The Short Films Of Nicolas Luna

A handful of years ago, when the Austin hip hop scene was experiencing a full-throttle renaissance/resurgence period, one of the standout groups was Parking.  A two-man outfit, Ibriham handled the rhymes while Nicolas Luna got down on production.  I knew that Nicolas and myself shared a love of film, but at that time, I had no idea he had aspirations of creating them.  Cut to a number of years later, and Nicolas is in New York.  During a recent timeline binge on Facebook, I came across a post featuring a YouTube video called 3 Elements.  It was simple, yet powerful, and extremely well put together.  It also turned out to be one of Nicolas Luna‘s many shorts that he recently had uploaded to YouTube.  Here is a playlist of them for you to share and enjoy.


Dark Fantasy :: Dank $inatra Drops ‘Winning’ Video

Winning, the latest visual from Austin (by way of Atlanta) emcee Dank $inatra, is on some gritty vibes.  We’re talking darkness in the daytime gritty.. like the movies we all love.  The song is a banger, and the visuals are strong.  This one is dope, and definitely has the potential to rack up major views.  Looking forward to more quality work from this neck of the woods, hopefully in the near future.


Memory Lane :: ‘The San Martian Project’ Trailer Hits The Internet

It’s hard to be a part of the San Marcos culture and not be familiar with the huge impact the Triple Crown had on the entire scene.  Currently, only the memories of this wonderful bar remain, but The San Martian Project is looking to change that by documenting the history and the stories surrounding this legendary location.  Hopefully this trailer can tide you over until the full project hits the airwaves.