Home Adventures :: Om Wahs Drops ‘Fogwall’ Single


If there is one thing that is plentiful in Austin, it’s rock bands.  They come in all shapes, sizes and genres, which makes it hard to cut through the noise.  What helps is discovering your niche, carving it out, and excelling at it, which Om Wahs appears to be on the  path to doing.  Fogwall, a new single released in anticipation of an album this spring, comes on with the strength of a Tame Impala or Deerhunter, making the fact that it was recorded in a bedroom that much more impressive (not bad company to keep, seeing as those artists started out doing a similar method of recording).  I love myself some psych rock, and Om Wahs has definitely made my watchlist.


Straight Talk :: The Mic Fiends Visualize ‘Precision Poetry’

When The Mic Fiends step up to the plate, you know you’re getting some quality factors in the rhymes you are receiving : knowledge, wordplay, confidence and experience just to name a few.  With Precision Poetry, we find the pairing kicking rhymes casually around Austin as well as at one of the final Strength In Numbers events (shout outs to some of the local talent and promotional heads making cameos in the video).  The rhymes are real, from the heart, and extremely meaningful.  Props to DVZN Media for knocking yet another music video out of the park.


Shifted Dynamics :: Kelene Blake and Da’Shade Moonbeam Reflect On Austin Gentrification

Some statements speak for themselves.  Black, Brown, ATX is a short (but heavy) dose of reality about the shifting populations of Austin over the past decade or two, and the damage it causes in the foundations of some key Austin neighborhoods full of rich culture and history.  Much love to Kelene Blake for voicing things, and Da’Shade Moonbeam for visualizing it.


Lasting Impressions :: SK The Greatest Releases ‘Signature Sounds’


The ability to turn samples into sonic gold is a gift worth treasuring, and it’s clear that GMGOmusic representative SK The Greatest treasures his gifts to the fullest.  Signature Sounds is an incredibly solid collection of instrumental musings, ranging from boom bap to jazzy, thought provoking to head nodding, and all points in-between.  There are some great DJ moments, vocal chops and so on sprinkled in, but the lack of MCs on this project is incredibly refreshing, due to the fact that these beats all stand up on their own.  Worth your time, worth your money, and worth spreading the word about.


Lasting Impressions :: The Legacy Drop ‘Decompostion’


Hip hop in its traditional ‘beats and rhymes’ sense is definitely a beautiful thing.  A hip hop influenced, band, however, is a cherry on top of a wonderful concept.  The Legacy (of Taylor Louis & The Legacy notoriety) are an example of how a hip hop band can take you places a traditional approach to hip hop production can not.  Decomposition, while being a focus on life and its fragility, is full of that life that synths and drum machines can emulate, but can’t quite capture.  These guys definitely dive in when they make their music, and this album is living proof of it.  Show some love, for sure.


Sweeter Things :: Delano Taylor Brings ‘Chocolat’ To The Sonic Landscape

One of my favorite local musical discoveries of the last few years is beatsmith Delano Taylor.  I am not sure which quality this young man has more of… talent or humility.  He is never hesitant to speak on his music, but Delano tends to speak on his output as if it were run of the mill.  The beautiful thing about Chocolat is that these are songs that were initially ‘skipped over and neglected’, but together, they make a wonderful way to spend an hour of your life.  caged bird sangs is a personal favorite of mine.  Hopefully, I can offer my music video services to Delano in the near future and help visualize some of this ear candy he keeps doling out.


Psyched Out :: Devras Plexi Presents ‘Ornamental & Medicinal Plants’


If being a blogger has taught me anything, it’s that good music is a magnet for more good music.  Some of my best finds have been friends of friends, or suggestions from talented friends.  This particular week has been a banner week for discoveries (probably due to SXSW fever running wild), and one of my favorite discoveries so far has been Devras Plexi.  The beatsmith scene in Austin is somehow densely packed without artists stepping on top of one another, allowing for a wide breadth of sounds, and Ornamental & Medicinal Plants are some of my favorite sounds lately.  The beats take you on a deep dive, and leave you spinning upon completion.  Here’s to more sounds in the near future from Devras Plexi!