Hollywood Swingin’ :: Jeffrey Garcia’s ‘Terrence’ Now Available on YouTube

2016 has been a big year for me on the visual front.  The music video and documentary output has been beautiful, and I recently even dusted off my acting chops for a short film by local filmmaker Jeffrey Garcia.  His latest project, Terrence, is the story of a small-time ventriloquist with big dreams (played by San Marcos legend Furly Travis), and the struggles he goes through from day to day.  Highly entertaining.. please check it out and share it around!


Animated Gems :: Eraserfase’s ‘Sapphire’ Gets FanVid Treatment

Los Angeles based producer eraserfase already produces sounds that are colorful enough.  Recently, his song Sapphire landed in the hands of French artist PEEL, who took it upon himself to add animation to a dope track.  The result is a stunning video.  Watch, absorb, share, repeat, and as always, enjoy!


@MIRAGE512 & Chill :: Mirage512 Drops Visuals For ‘Just A Mirage’ / #TheAmeliorationCollection

I see you, Mirage512… stepping up the narrative ante on the visual front.  The thing I dig most about this video is that it is telling a story rather than focusing on the artist.  Many music videos miss out on the opportunity to leave a lasting impression by using a simple narrative structure, casting people to fit the roles, and then have the story play out with your song as the mechanism that moves things forward.  The smart ones, like Mirage512, sprinkle themselves in as an easter egg, thus maintaining the status quo of showing up in their video without taking up the majority of the frames.  Well done, sir.


Dreaming Destiny :: Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice Drops ‘Money From Home’ Visuals

After many years of doing Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice videos totally solo (one-man crew), it was nice to finally be able to work with someone else for the production side of things.  That someone else was the incredibly talented independent filmmaker Jeffrey Garcia of Dream-Atomic Productions.  A fellow member of the San Marcos Cinema ClubMoney From Home was the opportunity for us to make something that would stand up to the quality of other independent work out there.  I had faith in the song and faith in the vision, and I knew that I could edit something strong together.  Jeffrey came through on the photography, and even lended a handful of solid ideas.  I am very happy with the effort, and very proud of the result.  Share it, and spread the word.


Go Play :: Delano Taylor Releases ‘Recess’ EP

If there were an award for most humble super-producer in the central Texas area, Delano Taylor would be a candidate.  The soft-spoken nature is fitting, because his music speaks volumes.  Recess is another growth step, in the vein of his progression seen on Fine Dining… & Breathing, with the difference being the divine balance he finds between spacey (room to breathe) aesthetics and body moving rhythm.  At this point, I cannot wait to hear what the next full-length project will be like.


Big Arrival :: Alligator Food Makes A Major Debut


One of the best things about being involved in the independent music scene is watching mutual friends combine to make big steps on big projects.  Heir Max has been a friend and someone I have shared a number of stages with for quite a while.  Sixo and I have crossed paths on occasion, and we share a number of mutual friends.  The two of them have combined under the label Fake Four (the indie juggernaut run by my friend Ceschi) to form Alligator Food, a no-nonsense combination of hard beats and hard rhymes.  On some six degrees of separation action, my friend Grace Park left her songbird presence on one of the tracks for this EP.  The guys from Alligator Food were even nice enough to put together a lo-fi mindscramble of a video for G.O.Y.A., the lead single.


The Unlocking :: Clemits Drops ‘Doors, Locks, Keys’ Music Video

My man Clemits is on an outright inspirational tear this days.  CRUSH has hit the streets, and the barrage of music videos keeps coming.. the latest is Doors, Locks, Keys.  Dig the explanation from the man himself:

‘The concept of the song is breaking through the walls, or opening the doors, we all build to protect our feelings and egos.  It’s about finding human connection and letting go of barriers, hence the title Doors, Locks, Keys.  The video shows me as a hologram being projected onto walls, and buildings.. letting it all go, I’m able to escape the confines of ego as a hologram.’