Humble Bragging :: Notes Keeps The Heat Coming With ‘TRIPLE DANG SNAP’


Notes Floats is at it again, and all of us old-school Austin hip-hop heads can get properly hype about it.  FULL STEAM AHEAD is apparently in the works, and if TRIPLE DANG SNAP is any indication of what’s in store, it’s going to be another win for Notes, the losing champion.  Notes does what he does best on this one, spitting humble brags and dropping properly dope references over a Gorilla Monk beat.  This one is catchy as hell, hitting all the right tones and attitudes to keep the gears turning and your head nodding.  Dig this one and dig it good, share it around, and leave a comment.



Bonus Beats :: Lantic Releases Singles In Preparation Of ‘Anti-Gravity Elevator’


Being involved in the central Texas music scene is a blessing for fans of unknown or up-and-coming bands.  Between band members, label owners, sound guys, bar owners and promoters, you’d be hard pressed to go a week without hearing about a handful of local gems.  In my quest for website content, I sometimes get so many recommendations that I overlook some, and Lantic is a prime example of this.  The guys at Apogee presents… posted about Lantic in regards to their upcoming album, Anti-Gravity Elevator, and I promptly saved the link and forgot about it.  Upon digging back through my saves, however, I gave the new tracks a spin, and now I’m waiting urgently for the full-length release, as Lantic hits all the same buttons for me that bands like Tame Impala or artists like Jim James hit.  If you’ve not heard of these guys yet, now’s a good time to get hip.  They were good enough to warrant a double post today!


Headline News :: John Valley Premiers First Trailer For ‘Duncan’

2019 promises to be an exciting year for many creatives, myself included.  Exhibit A : John Valley and his debut feature film, Duncan.  After a successful crowdfunding campaign via Seed&SparkValley and crew shot the film, and going into festival season, it appears we may have something in the works that could potentially make some noise.  Working on this project was a blast, and I’m honored to be a part of it in any capacity.  Stay tuned to Duncan on your favorite form of social media, and be there when this one hits, because it feels like it’s going to hit big.


Traffic Jams :: Click-Clack Drops New Single For ‘Speeding’


From the moment I first heard Bulletwound, I knew Click-Clack had style for days.  Over the years, he’s managed to prove me right by consistently reshaping and evolving his sound, especially when it comes to collaborating with other producers.  That’s why it shouldn’t be any surprise that Speeding hits so hard… producer ICYTWAT serves up a killer of an instrumental, and Click-Clack drops a couple of different styles intermingled together to drive us through the track.  While it would’ve been cool to get a longer song, I’m happy with this banger being a the quick fix that it is.  Definitely share it around, give it a like and a comment, and stay connected to what your local creatives are doing.


Champions’ Circle :: Born Soul And Protextor Go ‘American Gladiators’ On ‘Rappers Playing Games (RPG)’

Baby Lion really has something golden going on with Rappers Playing Games (RPG)In just a handful of episodes, Protextor has managed to continually have thought-provoking conversations with a vast array of individuals coming from many different schools of thought.  Born Soul was the latest to drop by, and he broke down a bit about his musical legacy, the hip-hop that inspires him, and the path he took that has shaped him into the craftsman he is today.  Subscribe to Baby Lion if you haven’t already, because it feels like the fun is just getting started.


Flowing Vessels :: Emcee Eats Recruits StormShadow And SK The Greatest For ‘Gayatri Shakur’


If you want bars with depth and inspirational content, look no further than Emcee Eats and the company he keeps.  He recently enlisted fellow enlightened MCs StormShadow and SK the Greatest, and over an SK production, the trio has created Gayatri Shakur, a song that my words cannot serve proper justice for.  The best thing I can say about this track is that it is sure shot listen material, and will soon become a member of my DJ set regular rotations.  Dig this one and dig it good.


Reality Reflected :: Wallaby And Bobbes Drop ‘Day In The Life’ Video

Muggzy Flowz and Dr. Bobby BannerM.P.C., the duo more formerly known as Wallaby and Bobbes, seems to have two things on their mind when they release work : class and classics.  As for class, their presentation has always been consistently professional, with a down to earth aesthetic that makes connecting with their soulful music and thought-provoking lyrics that much easier.  Visually, the crew always makes clips that you could place in the canon of class and current hip-hop videos, and the work will be quality enough to fit right in.  Day in the Life finds the crew performing soundstage style this time, drowned in a white abyss as the camera floats around them like a spirit.  Add the dissolves and fades that tie together visually like a dream, and you’ve got a hypnotic and mesmerizing video that will certainly rack up views.  Definitely spread this one around.