Staying Afloat :: Anthony Maintain Shows Out On ‘Plugging Holes In The Same Leaky Boat’


This is one of those moments where the anticipation pays off.. where the wait was well worth it.. Anthony Maintain has been teasing the release of Plugging Holes In The Same Leaky Boat for quite a while now, debuting bits and pieces in live sets prior to moving from the Austin area back to the East Coast.  Everyone who’d heard the tastes provided, however, knew that when the project dropped, it was going to drop like a ton of bricks, and Anthony Maintain has proven me correct.  This album is a sonic journey through moody soundscapes and thought-provoking wordplay, plus there are a handful of special contributors on the project (one of which you may recognize).  Check this one out at the link above, or on your favorite streaming service, and encourage others to do the same!



Infinity Pool :: Poolboi Blu Keeps The Ill Content Coming

Seems like a weekly occurrence these days to hit you with some poolboi blu news, but that was always his gameplan… my man has been stating that he’s in work mode, and the steady stream of output these past few months is a testament to the work he’s putting in.  This go ’round, I got the chance to collaborate with him on the lead video for his upcoming release DIXIE… a somber track called Marco Polo that we utilized visual imagery to match the lyrical threads present.  Check it out, leave a like and a comment, and share it around.

When you’re done with that, you can dive into the latest volume in his mix series, sincere (volume 0 1 1), because like the rest of the mixes, it’s dope.  Give this one the same like, comment and share treatment, and hopefully, poolboi blu will keep the dopeness coming.


Raw Deluxe :: Big Jaw Drop Video For ‘Mess Around’

When it comes to music, live or otherwise, nothing hits home quite like a solid and heartfelt rock band.  It appears that the Austin-base rock band Big Jaw is well aware of this fact, as their latest single and video, Mess Around, is a no-nonsense, direct attack on the senses courtesy of lead singer/guitarist Clint Roth, bassist Ishaq Clayton, and drummer Marty Mack.  The video flips between psychedelic pinwheels of the band members and a performance space session, but the pure energy and joy the band members exude radiates off the screen in waves.  This one is a banger for sure, so check it out, leave a like and a comment on the video, and share it around so others can enjoy!


Love Games :: Tone Royal And DEVMO Collaborate With Dynasty Wells-Union On Unforgettable Video For ‘Daily’

While not the first video I’ve seen made entirely of Lego‘s, I have to say that Tone Royal and DEVMO‘s video for Daily, created after a month of painstaking work by director Dynasty Wells-Union, is an achievement nonetheless.  The narrative presented mirrors that of the song, and the perspective switch (and style switch) used to convey point of view (and time of events, respectively) is extremely simple but effective.  Tone gives an extremely heartfelt performance, but manages to avoid the trappings of a one-sided story by providing DEVMO the opportunity to give the other side, allowing both to come to a loving middle ground after seeing the greater picture of good and bad.  This one will definitely get some year-end recognition, but don’t wait until then to check it out, as it deserves to go viral right now.


World Premiere :: ‘Gang Signs’ Hits The Airwaves

I’ve been a fan of what the League of Extraordinary G’z and all those connected have done for a long time now, and one of the main reasons I love what they do is because of the energy they bring to their music.  You can tell that these cats speak from deep experience, and that they stand behind every word spoken.  All of these aspects are on 10 for the latest release, Gang Sings, a banger courtesy of $.DotDoWrong and Dominican Jay.  As a longtime fan of groups like Compton’s Most WantedSouth Central Cartel, and rappers like DJ Quik, this track checks all the proper boxes for me.  The video is dynamic, with excellent camerawork and direction guided by Super Thing, and the Eric Dingus track matches the energy level of all three MCs, who straight snap on each verse.  This one is an instant classic, so get in on the ground floor with the likes, comments and shares, because folks are gonna get hip quick to this one.


Switching Gears :: Heroes Die Young Throw A Curveball With ‘Hey There Honey’

Songwriting can sometimes become a delicate balance between dangerous adventuring outside of your comfort zone and falling into a predictive rut.  It seems like recently, Heroes Die Young found themselves somewhere in the middle of this realm, as the self-admitted punk and alternative band dipped their toes into the waters of swing via their latest single, Hey There Honey.  The group has always had an appreciation for musical diversity, which keeps their songs from sounding repetitive, but the playful energy at the beginning of Hey There Honey gives it a unique life and bounce… this song definitely would lend itself to a music video, if the group ever chose to create one.  Check out the track, share it around for others to enjoy, and support your local creatives!


Mental Blessings :: StormShadow And Dr. Bobby Banner, MPC Visualize ‘The Pathway’

The Indelibe Inc. camp stays in creative mode, and their latest output is a solid slice of inspiration messaging courtesy of StormShadow, one of Austin‘s more forward thinking and esoteric MCs.  With the help of Dr. Bobby Banner, MPC on both production and creation of the accompanying video, Storm presents the masses with guidance in terms of bars that focus on recognizing the power within you, harnessing your understanding through education, and learning how to focus your energies into positive outcomes for yourself and your circle.  I’ve always been a fan of where Storm‘s head is at, and The Pathway is just further proof that he’s on the right track creatively.  Check out the video, like it and leave a comment to help boost its YouTube presence, and share it around so others can do the same.