Master Mentality :: Curbside Jones Laces Us Up Quick With ‘Lupin’


Curbside Jones, possibly more so than any other Texas hip-hop artist, continually finds ways to reinvent himself and sound fresh while keeping a signature feel to his sound.  On his latest drop, the Lupin single pack, Jones offers up a quick banger with clever wordplay and a methodical track with some weight to it, and as a bonus, he gives an acapella for anyone wanting to mix (or possibly remix) things up.  Even the cover has a flare and style of its own while simultaneously mirroring the aesthetic of classic jazz albums.  For a buck, what have you got to lose?



New Forms :: Dynja Completely Transforms ‘The Chase’ By The Vapor Caves

The art of the remix is one that is vast, far reaching, and full of room to establish a unique identity.  This is what makes it so special when a song like The Chase by The Vapor Caves is put out in the world for producers to revamp, and those like Dynja take the opportunity to make the song completely new and fresh.  Dynja flipped the tempo and feel of the song, turning a New Jack Swing-influenced hip-hop/R&B track into a spacey, high energy dance track.  On top of all of that, the song also got the video treatment in the most tasteful way possible, showing how vibes translate from one person to another in an infectious way.  Good stuff all around.


Pretend Agenda :: ‘Let’s Go Camping’ With TrumpCard

TrumpCard believes that the children are the future, and it shows in their latest music video offering, Let’s Go Camping.  After a recent visit to the Texas state capitol, the group decided to try and bring a set of young ones into the fold, helping to educate them in their beliefs and teach them the proper ideologies to succeed in life.  As evidenced by the video, the group’s methods are flawless, and the young crowd quickly fell in line with their train of thought.  If you’re interested in going camping with TrumpCard, all you have to do is like the video, leave a comment, and share it around!


Mind Scramble :: The Brain Drops Visual Science With ‘Many Questions’

The Brain, member of prolific Austin hip-hop outfit SubKulture Patriots, has recently been bitten by the bug that is visual creation, and in a giant step forward, has released a multi-layered instant classic in the form of Many Questions.  The Brain has always been known for writing that is both creative and dense, and his visual style follows suit to great effect.  The feelings of the questions provided juxtaposed against the eerie visuals are addressed in the song’s midpoint by the vocal sample, and the flip from hectic cutting against the questions to a bolder, longer take with an assertive flow for the answers gives the song great balance.  Definitely give this one a like, share and a comment, as The Brain says he has more in store for us.


High Rising :: Cameron Elise Creates Visuals For ‘East Side’

Singer/songwriter Cameron Elise has now joined the list of creators that have taken the task of creating a music video into their own hands.  After the recent acquisition of a camera and nothing but inspiration to guide her, Elise was able to create a memorable and striking video for East Side, capturing several slice of life moments to punctuate her musical tales of people chasing their dreams.  The mostly black and white, highly stylized visuals work well, with the occasional peppered in use of a mirror split screen and rain effects thrown in for good measure.  Definitely impressive for a first time effort, and here’s to hoping that it won’t be the last.


Mellow Hype :: Poolboi Blu Steps Up To The Director’s Chair For ‘Lounge’ Video

When it comes to being an independent musician/artist, you enjoy collaborative efforts, but you quickly learn that the key to putting out songs/videos at a rate that works for you is taking over in all capacities.  poolboi blu has had the beats and rhymes on lock for a minute, but 2019 is showing that he has a visual side as well.  His first music video from ANTSY is the self-shot and edited jam that is lounge, and it features poolboi in elements that he is quite familiar with… home, Bad Ingredients Records, the Yellow Store, and even in the proximity of a pool.  As much as I like working with poolboi on the video tip, if this is an indication of what he can do with no experience, I’m all for seeing what his visual eye develops into.  Give this one a like and a share, and be sure to leave a comment as well.


Quick Hit :: Kenny Casanova Self-Produces A Banger With ‘WE$ $NIPES’


Writing rhymes is an incredibly dedicated discipline already, but for a certain breed of lyricists, one of two things inevitably happens… they either spend enough time around producers that they become inspired to produce themselves, or they out-write the beats that are available and become forced to learn how to produce in order to keep the song output going.  I’m not sure which path Kenny Casanova chose… he may not even adhere to one of those paths… honestly, it doesn’t even matter, because WE$ $NIPES goes hard regardless.  The airy, 808-grounded beat has an upbeat energy to it, and Kenny Casanova matches that energy with his rhyme patterns, delivery and bars to a tee.  I’m looking forward to the day when Casanova starts moving in multiple verse tracks, or possibly beat switches, but whatever he chooses to continue to do, I’m down for it.