Reel Rap :: DotdotDotdotDotdot Drops A Bomb With ‘From Russia With Drugs’

When the homie DotdotDotdotDotdot hit me up super excited with a sneak preview of his upcoming opus From Russia With Drugs, I got excited myself.  This hypeness came from the fact that referring to any single one of his works as an opus seems redundant, as he never puts anything less than his all into the music he releases.  Still, I was not prepared at all for what From Russia With Drugs held in store for me… DotdotDotdotDotdot took the Prince Paul approach made famous in A Prince Among Thieves and essentially made what equates to an audio movie, and as difficult a task as that is to pull off, my man does a killer job of it.  Thanks to some vocal assistance from Alesia LaniPro Zay and Dray Yard, the project has a range of vocal textures, and with such an intriguing story enhanced by DotdotDotdotDotdot‘s stellar wordplay, this is a project you’d be foolish to skip.  Dig this one and dig it good.


New Normal :: Attic Ted Explores Post-Pandemic Life Via ‘The Pandemic Single’

As the United States, not to mention the world at large, emerges from the shadow of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is clear we have all been impacted, but it is unclear in what ways this impact will manifest itself.  The homie Attic Ted is one of the first local artists to explore and address this directly with his upcoming project The Pandemic Single, a two-song exploration from his perspective.  For those that missed it, one of the songs already has a music video out : 

The songs are available to stream currently on the Attic Ted Bancamp page, and on August 1st, a run of 1,000 12″ records will be available courtesy of a recent audience investment campaign.  Regardless of whether you’re a die-hard Attic Ted fan and supporter, or you simply dig the Lance McMahan artwork on the front of the project, this is one that collectors shouldn’t sleep on.


Deep Diving :: The #WeirdRapDiscussionGang And Friends Go In-Depth On ODB’s ‘Return To The 36 Chambers : The Dirty Version’

Being a part of the #WeirdRapDiscussionGang has been a true honor, but of all the episodes we’ve done, the one that really meant the most to me was our discussion centered around Ol’ Dirty Bastard and his debut album, the instant classic and Grammy nominated Return to the 36 Chambers : The Dirty Version.  Th’MoleBeverly Fre$h and myself welcomed Skiz Fernando and Tokyo Cigar to the fold as we all provided our insight and personal experiences with the album, and then Th’Mole went the extra step of contacting and interviewing Buddha Monk for additional insider insight into Dirty‘s art, craft and the making of his debut.  Definitely check this one out, leave a like and a comment, share it around for everyone to enjoy, and most importantly, subscribe to the Weird Rap YouTube channel so you never miss out!


Lucid Streams :: Fake Four Releases Entire Fake Fourantine 2021 Twitch Stream To YouTube

Sit back and enjoy this 6-plus hour stream of a multitude of Fake Four artists, yours truly included!  If you dig it, leave a like and a comment, share it around and go follow Fake Four Inc. on Twitch!


Square Biz :: Deuce Malone Drops Science And Drops Names In Latest Vlog Post

One of the best aspects of being a native Austinite and growing up in the central Texas area is the wealth of creative and highly driven individuals that populate the area.  One of my long-standing friends and creative collaborators, Deuce Malone of The World of Deuce online, clearly mirrors that sentiment, as he is known for sharing posts all across social media sharing the secrets behind his rise into an industry position that suits him well.  After a recent spotlight in Voyage AustinDeuce decided to immediately pay it forward (and in some ways, pay it back) by dropping a video on his self-titled YouTube channel called How I Got a Job in Radio that breaks down the importance of not only creating a network of like-minded individuals, but how key it is to maintain that network as well as just how easy it can be to create one if your intentions are correct.  If you’re looking for business tips, entertainment insight or sincere motivation, then subscribe to Deuce Malone on YouTube, but regardless, check out this video and make those key adjustments in your life!


Swim Good :: Anastasia Hera Drops Defining Single With ‘Big Tuna’

Austin-based rapper, singer and songwriter Anastasia Hera has been gearing up for the release of the recently dropped This Is Anastasia, a slight redefinition and recalibration for the already heavily motivated artist.  Her lead single, Big Tuna, serves as a quick reminder or update to those familiar with her, and a very up-front introduction to those discovering her for the first time.  If you dig what you’re hearing on the single, then head on over to for the complete album as well as more news and media.


Divine Mathematics :: Mad1ne & Henry Kool Mckool Drop ‘The Equation’ Single And Video

You know how it goes… Mad1ne joints get instant props around these parts.  His latest collaboration with producers Henry Kool Mckool and The Fall, the horn-driven and catchy The Equation (plus the little bonus bars at the end) is the exact high-quality hip-hop we’ve come to know, love and expect from the San Antonio wordsmith.  Give this one a bunch of watches this weekend, leave a like and a comment, and spread the word about it!


Hard Selling :: Andrew Mbaruk & Th’ Mole Unleash ‘Papier​-​Mâché Chalet’

From the digital desk of Andrew Mbaruk & Th’ Mole :

Papier-Mâché Chalet is not for everyone.  It’s not for most.  It supposes an audience familiar with literary modernism and postmodernism, approaching its topics as Gertrude Stein approaches objects, food and rooms in Tender Buttons.  So, it’s probably not for you.

Following hundreds (possibly thousands) of self-published songs and a dozen books, poet Andrew Mbaruk, in collaboration with composer Th’ Mole, presents Papier-Mâché Chalet as a kind of sonic effigy – it’s a record of who he was at the time of its recording, and a record you’ll likely love to hate.

Despite disinterest upon disdain, the Weird Rap label continues to herald Mbaruk (previously known as Lil Ghostwriter) as a post-post-postmodern literary genius and considers Papier-Mâché Chalet a masterpiece of high art rap.

In partnership, Audio Recon, Weird Rap, and the artists humbly unveil Papier-Mâché Chalet this May the 19th without regard for acceptance, much less popularity.

But that is a lie.  In truth, our hearts contain a dim hope for a small, appreciative audience.  For those few disposed listeners, if they exist at all, Papier-Mâché Chalet awaits.”

With such a rousing endorsement from the creators, why not take the plunge?



Rejuvenation Raps :: Tee-Double Returns To Form With ‘Local Transplant (REworked​,​REbuilt​,​REbirth)’

It’s no secret that Austin legend and Kinetic Entertainment mogul Tee-Double is the type of creative cat that lives and breathes hip-hop, so it’s no surprise that after a run through health complications and a set of successful surgeries, Tee-Double is right back at it preparing an album rollout.  For Local Transplant (REworked​,​REbuilt​,​REbirth)Tee-Double sticks to some familiar topics (such as hip-hop culture, DIY motivation and thinking for the future rather than the now) while invigorating his rhymes with a sense of urgency fueled by recent current events, and a sonic palette that continues bang harder and get more refined as the years go by.  I definitely recommend streaming this album and sharing it with others, but most importantly (especially in this case), if you can financially support by copping a copy, do so, as all proceeds go towards the post-kidney transplant care and treatment of the man behind the music. 


Awakening Sleepers :: Babelfishh Drops “Coma Worthy” Project

babelfishh has never been a stranger to breaking conventions and pushing the boundaries of creation, and he continues these sonic practices with coma worthy, his latest release.  Rather than me fumble around for the right words, I think I’ll let babelfishh speak on the project : 

“The second outing on Divergent Series, babelfishh‘s multidiscipline approach to everything real and unreal is actualized here – an uneasy gauntlet that runs through an unlucky 13 tracks combining chewing, junkyard blackened samples and fragment skull cleatings – ready for tooth pulling and leg bone mangling.  Wet blanket enthusiasts keep your distance.  667!

For those that care, this album took an exceedingly long time to complete due to living in an off grid cabin that is still without solar for now.
That in conjunction with doing a fair amount of rambling around and/or living out of the truck.
With that being stated, this album was written mostly on the road and then recorded in: people’s guestrooms, backyard shakes, garages, trailers, rehearsal spaces, an occasional hotel room and eventually finished up in what used to be a commercial kitchen.  These songs bleed as intended and spoil as predicted.  A celebration of nothing.”

Straight dopeness.  If you’re in to having your brain scrambled, dig this one and dig it good.