Daily Operation :: Cory Kendrix X Sloesip Connect For ‘July 18 Freestyle’


My man Cory Kendrix stays in the booth.  Personally, I’d find myself distracted by all the party favors in Colorado, but Cory has managed to not only find his voice as an MC and an artist, but he continues to grow in terms of confidence and range with each new song and project.  For July 18th FreestyleCory whipped up a deceptively simple monster of a track and hollered at his homie Sloesip to jump on board for some braggadocio bars.  Cory Kendrix even put the artwork together for this one, showing that he sees the bigger picture and is not limited to traditional rapper roles.  This one sounds like it’ll find itself comfortably within someone’s mixtape with its all business approach, so don’t sleep on it.


Nature Sounds :: Pleasure Venom Session 1 From Wolfshield Ranch

With so much uncertainty in the air in regards to what live performance will look like moving forward, and a temporary halt on the traditional methods, artists have been forced to be creative in order to establish some sense of normalcy.  Recently, the Austin-based punk outfit Pleasure Venom paid a visit to Wolfshied Ranch to document a 4-song power-packed set.  The set is split between the single Hive, the album cut I Can’t Find My Black Lipstick, and two previously unreleased tracks : White Lie and Fascist.  The visual style is old school in the most delightfully entertaining ways, and if you’re not paying direct attention, you’d think you were listening to studio recordings with how tight the band’s performance is.  Dig the full session or one of the individual videos, leave a like and a comment if you feel it, and share it around so everyone can do the same.


Raw Power :: HateWaker Drops A Trio Of Performances Via The Noiz Sessions

The almighty force that is HateWaker recently found themselves guests to The Noiz Factory Recording Studios for their performance series known as The Noiz Sessions.  Over the course of a couple of weeks, The Noiz Factory has released Left Hand PathInvoke Blasphemy and Black Sheep as independent videos, with a full performance still slated to come.  For fans of heavy metal, emotion-infused music and raw talent, this is for you.  Check out the videos, like and comment on what moves you, and share it all around!


Ticking Clock :: Urban Heat Collaborates With Mr. Pink Records For ‘Running Out Of Time’

From the digital desk of Urban Heat‘s Jonathan K. Horstmann :

In the spring of 2020 I started working on a collection of songs with the intention of going into the studio with Jonas Wilson (Mr. Pink Records), as was our practice with previous releases.  COVID-19 had other plans, and my family found itself needing to leave Texas to quarantine in North Carolina with my wife’s family.  Jonas and I decided I would finish the songs remotely and send them to him for mixing.  This meant driving to the East Coast in a car packed with my wife, daughter, dog, outboard studio gear and a ton of synths.  Nearly 2 months later we returned to Texas with finished songs, one of those being Running Out of Time.

I think we’ve all been changed by the experience.  Quarantining with your family teaches you a lot about yourself, your limits, and how to be patient.  Recording on your own provides insight on your choices, how you make decisions, and how to forgive yourself.

When it came time for a video we got the band together for a socially distanced shoot.  Everyone’s parts were filmed individually in a home studio and cut together.  I filmed Kevin and Pax, and my wife Hannah stepped in when it came time to film my parts.

Vibe Check :: DK Thundah Drops Solo Banger With ‘Eldritch’

DK Thundah of Yngldy is one of those ‘eat, breath and sleep music’ cats, meaning that his sonic creations come fast and furious.  Recently, he did a quick promo run for Eldritch, a futuristic sounding single featuring DK Thundah‘s mixture of swaggy bars and raw, cloud-rap influenced singing.  The song sounds like the kind of track you’d hear opening up a movie, TV show or video game, and I love that about it.  Check this one out on your favorite streaming service or digital storefront, and don’t sleep on the magic of DK Thundah.


Prodigious Talent :: SniperShot Takes A Lighter Tone With ‘Confident’

Everyone knows that SniperShot is talented, grounded, insightful and wise beyond his years, but not everyone is hip to the fact that SniperShot is also a pretty funny guy.  Lest we forget or act like we didn’t know, SniperShot decided to drop a quick gem in the form of Confident, a song and music video that embraces the lighter side of his nature.  The track is pretty solid, with SniperShot professing his skills in the humblest of braggable ways possible, but Augustus Minott-directed video really takes things to another level.  As my film knowledge has taught me, you show rather than tell, so I leave it to you to let SniperShot show you his humorous side, but I will say this… don’t sleep.  Check out the video, leave a like and a comment if you feel it, and spread it around for others to fall in love with.


Direct Action :: Kydd Jones And Ben Buck Speak Truth On ‘Rubber Bullets’


Two Austin icons teaming up for some real talk about the current (and seemingly never-ending) hard times that minorities are facing?  You don’t have to tell me twice… and that’s exactly what we’re getting here.  Kydd Jones has dropped a number of socially-aware tracks over the past month, and the streak continues with Rubber Bullets, a collaboration with Ben Buck and producer Wiardon.  What really hits me about this song are the two parallel perspectives, which are different yet like-minded : Kydd talks about achieving dreams while hoping your light isn’t snuffed out early, while Ben Buck speaks a bit on privilege, being a proper ally to the cause, and the clear-cut difference in approach that Police bring to the table, depending on whom they are dealing with.  This track is another notch in the belt of positivity for Austin hip-hop, so don’t sleep on it.


New Normal :: Click-Clack Explores The Times With ‘Thankful’


Shelter-in-place measures, compounded by a resurgent drive for racial social-economic equality, has taken a taxing toll on most creatives.  I’ve found a few peers who have stepped up to bat in regards to the racial issues, and a smaller handful who have taken on our lifestyle adjustments directly, but to my recollection thus far, Click-Clack is one of the first to take both on with equal measure.  On Thankful, his collaboration with producer BrokeboishyClick-Clack takes a six-song journey that covers isolation, bigotry and prejudice, systematic oppression, questionable social behaviors and much more with clever and insightful examination.  Over the past ten days or so, his refrain of ‘partner, could you pardon me?’ has been stuck in my head something serious.  Click-Clack has proven his consistency over the years, so it shouldn’t even be a question whether or not you check this one out and support it.


Street Knowledge :: CP Loony’s Standout ‘American Rebel’ Out Now


I never really got into this whole blogging thing to make it a profession.. it was more just a way to keep the front page of my website from getting stale or a bit too much about self-glorification.  Cut to many, many, many years later, and I’ve found myself often getting solicited music for blog post consideration, which will always and forever be a trip to me.  That being said, I love getting to discover new music, and when CP Loony hit me up to check out the recently released American Rebel, it only further validated that discovery feeling.  What I really and truly dig about CP Loony is how he moves effortlessly between what many have labelled ‘old head’ and ‘new head’ styles of hip-hop, bridging the gap between generations in a much needed manner that brings your Playboi Carti‘s and Public Enemy‘s a bit closer together.  The songs are incredibly personal, heartfelt and moving, with CP Loony taking the time to examine the world around him, and his role in it, with dynamic and observant detail.  The production is money as well, with assists from ChiChiNashiEighty 8 and ThatBossEvan filling out the roster.  If you’re looking for a brief but powerful bit of realness for your soundsystem, look no further than American Rebel.


Preserving History :: Mirage The Gr8’s ‘The Rhythm Still Plays’ Documentary Now Streaming

Mirage the Gr8 and myself have had a several year working relationship, and an even longer friendship.  The music video commissions he sends my way have made me a better editor and creator, in my opinion.  As the previous decade was coming to a close and 2020 was on the horizon, I envisioned myself making a documentary project of some kind, so when Mirage proposed his idea for The Rhythm Still Plays, a documentary celebrating the 20-year anniversary of his Good Vibe Records release Life Is A Rhythm (L.I.A.R.), I was all in.  I knew that it would be an important reflection of a big moment in the careers of he and Tee Double, but I had no idea that it would turn out to be a solid reflection of the era in Austin hip-hop that was the most inspirational for me as a young man.  Sit back, enjoy, leave a like and a comment if you dig it, and share it around for everyone to see!