Boom Talk :: Urban Heat Island Effect Drops Captivating Video For ‘Guns’

One thing I love about the Austin music scene is how collaborative it can be.  Talented musicians form bands, play with other bands, and new bands form out of these meetings.  Urban Heat Island Effect is a perfect example of this phenomenon, as it contains a roster full of hugely talented musicians from other successful projects : Jonathan Horstmann is a veteran of several projects, including BLXPLTN and VC30Kevin Naquin is a founding member of the standout duo NGHT HCKLRS, who joined forces with Blackillac to form Blastfamous USAJessica Alexander did time with Bike Problems before joining this crew; and Paxel Foley rocked with Betaplayer previously.  As a collective, the crew is coming out the gate hard with Guns, a throwback-style post-punk, no-wave-esque track with a very, very timely message about misplaced machismo.  2019 is proving to be a killer year in terms of quality work, and Guns is just another notch in Austin‘s belt.  Check out the video, like and comment on it, and spread it around for others to enjoy as well!


Fine Dining :: 5-D Drops Another Gem With ‘Burger Cheese’


It seems that variety is the wave once again in hip-hop, and luckily, Austin has a diverse selection of MCs and producers to provide us with a large variety of hip-hop locally.  Local legends HBZ and RuDi Devino, collectively known as 5-D when they connect with Solar Shield, have been flexing their creative range as of late, and their latest single is a monster.  Burger Cheese finds the duo dropping bar after bar about ascension and standing out, and do so by mixing in a metric ton of visual imagery and metaphor over a beat that swings way harder than it has any business doing so, and it all mixes together perfectly.  This one is an earworm for sure… you’ll probably run it back a few times on the first listen, and it’ll definitely stick with you for the long run.  Check it out, like and leave a comment, and spread the word about 5-D and Burger Cheese for others to enjoy and do the same.


Fair Times :: Chief And TheDoomsdayDevice Drops Visual For ‘Bee Drowns In The Honey’

What do you do when you’re schedule to play the silent disco at Hill Country Fair VI, but you don’t want to wait until midnight to go out to the festival?  If you’re Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice, you drag some camera equipment out with you and go impromptu style on collecting moments.  Then you montage those moments over Bee Drowns In The Honey, your favorite song off of your latest release, Day For Night.  Then you share it with the world.  Enjoy!


Background Action :: JPEGMAFIA’s ‘Free The Frail’ Now Streaming In Video Form

JPEGMAFIA‘s 2019 release, All My Heroes Are Cornballs, has continued to be a strong contender for album of the year, and after dropping a more traditional style music video for Jesus Forgive Me, I Am A Thot, it appears that he decided to flip the script with Free The Frail.  This one is not afraid to show touches of production elements, which helps ground the extremely emotional and honest lyrics that float through the production that somehow manages to coexist as both ethereal and heavy.  The production took place in Austin, and if you keep your eyes open, you are likely to see a familiar face in the video (one that, at one point, had a hard time staying on their feet).  Check out the video, leave a like and a comment, and share it around for others, as it is a moving one.


Inner Visions :: ‘Day For Night’ By Chief And TheDoomsdayDevice Now Available


It’s funny how creative drive and overall intention almost never seem to line up with one another.  In my mind, I was reaching the transition point for my Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice project… the original idea was to wrap up the collaborative projects I was working on with other producers, then make a shift towards more instrumental-based projects.  But earlier this year, I had a production session that resulted in the beats for the six songs that make up Day For Night, my latest EP release.  This batch was too inspirational to skip out on, and it turned out that I still had a few personal views and stories to share, as the lyrics came together relatively quickly as well.  For an unplanned project, I am very happy with how Day For Night turned out, and even happier to share it with the world.  Feel free to download it, donate a few bucks if you like, or go to your favorite streaming service to enjoy it… and definitely share it around so that others can do the same.


Soul Repair :: SniperShot Gets Personal With ‘This Life We Live’

SniperShot has never been one to be held down by the ‘supposed’ limitations of life.  He’s always embraced his free spirit nature, and it’s taken him far and wide, allowing him to spread his positive, inspiring and uplifting message via his music and life journey.  That being said, even the best of us are sometimes grounded by reality, and reality hit SniperShot hard in 2019 via the passing of is father.  The loss of a parent is already a tough road to take, but in this case, his father was suffering from Alzheimer’s in a facility that was abusive and that made it tough to get him freed.  We all work through grief in different ways, and in this ordeal, SniperShot leaned on his music to produce This Life We Live, an ode to his father and to the struggles we face on a daily basis.  If this one hits you the way it hit me, leave a like and a comment, and spread it to someone who can use the comfort.


High Powered :: Poolboi Blu Continues The Run With ‘Ramen’


It’s official.  If you see poolboi blu mentioned in the title of one of my blog entries, read the article if you want.  The important thing to do, from this point on, is just to trust that the content is fire.  Ramen is poolboi blu just showing out at this point… after dropping DIXIE, a unique mixture of personal reflection and textured bangers, Ramen is a straight sonic flex.  The beat is fire, the rhyme is fire, the delivery is fire, and the cover is an instant classic.  It’s getting hard to come up with new adjectives, so just check the track out for yourself, pass it around, and get ready to hear this one on a lot of my mixes.