Dream Works :: DJ Byron Art And Hydeen K. Beverly Explore Mind Over Matter With ‘Grace’


While combing Facebook for content (as I usually do), I came across a post by the homie MadCoins that intrigued me.  He mentioned his homie Hydeen K. Beverly, a Philadelphia native currently residing in Austin, dropping bars on a new single named Grace, and with a classic style cover accompanying the recommendation, it was nearly impossible to skip.  Thank God I didn’t, because this brief but powerful track really left an impression on me.  Hydeen‘s wise and philosophical ruminations on life fit well over the DJ Byron Art track, and the additional versions of the track contain equal levels of impact.  The drums on the original bolster the message, the additional flourish on the Vincent Rohr remix give the track a bittersweet beauty, and the unplugged version allows the piano to showcase Hydeen‘s words perfectly.  If you’ve got ten minutes to spare, check out this track, and if it leaves an impression on you like it did on me, share it around for others to feel as well.


Quick Flex :: J Soulja Creates Impressive ‘GUCCI FLAMINGO EP’ In A Day


The creative process differs from artist to artist, but when inspiration strikes, the best answer the call and allow themselves to be driven.  In the case of Austin-based MC J Soulja, not only did he answer the call when it hit, but he delivered something tangible in the span of the day.  This tangibility is symbolized by the GUCCI FLAMINGO EP, a 5-song collection with more range, diversity and style than many MCs are able to amass over the course of 8 to 12 songs.  Sporting production by DailyOnThisTrackFootOnThaBeatMalOnTheBeat and ShaunSolo, plus guest verses by fellow Austinitand top notch MC Blakchyl and the mighty Ab Soul, this project leaves a lasting impression.  I am certain I will be revisiting this project many times over, and if the buzz I hear is correct, the world will be hearing much more of J Soulja in the near future.  Check this one out, leave a like and a comment, and spread it around so everyone can enjoy.


Warning Shot :: Chief And TheDoomsdayDevice Collabs With Moodie Black For ‘The Limit Is Mythic’


Many years ago, I played a show with Moodie Black at the now defunct Triple Crown, and I was blown away by their performance.  Sean‘s love for guitar definitely shone on top of K‘s mind-blowing production, and her performances were powerful and captivating.  Over the years I got to know the duo better, even toured with them, leading to a friendship between and myself.  As made plans to grow Moodie Black and the umbrella moves she was making under Moodhouse, she began to offer deals on production, any many emcees (including myself) jumped on the opportunity.  Cut to present day, and a Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice EP written by myself and produced entirely by K is in the chamber.  The first single, the limit is mythic, is just a small taste of what’s in store, so definitely keep your eyes and ears open for the release of Panic Ruminations in January.


Controlled Chaos :: Chuck Duze And Ative Go Hard On ‘Cow Chow’

Chuck Duze (of the Austin-based FOCI collective) and Ative just made the rowdiest ode to the loud that I’ve heard in quite a while.  With the help of producer Kato On The Track, the pair of MCs drop rapid-fire bars on getting lifted on Cow Chow, with a high-energy and slightly trippy music video produced to match that audio energy.  Period point blank, this one is fire, so don’t front… check it out asap, leave a like and a comment, and spread it around so it can go viral.


Family Ties :: Wreblemuzik Reflects On Father’s Music Collection Via ‘Everette’s Crates’


Austin-based producer wreblemuzik recently spent some downtime with his father digging through record crates, and based on the knowledge shared during this session, the inspiration for Everette’s Crates was born.  Apparently, the digging session at the greenhouse stirred up strong reactions, memories and thoughts, as the beats presented in this short collection have a nearly perfect balance of hip-hop edge and soulful echoes.  Hearing the product of genuine inspiration is always a pleasure, so props must be given to wreblemuzik for chasing the muse, and subsequently sharing his creations with all of us.  Definitely check out the project, leave a like and a comment on your favorite track, and share it around for others to dive in!


Radio Waves :: Soundfounder Drops Top Songs Of 2019 On His KUTX Show


As if being half of the creative genius behind Exploded Drawing and the father of Exploded Records wasn’t enough, the homie soundfounder has continued to rise in 2019 by landing a radio show on the legendary KUTX as the first DJ focusing solely on electronic-based music.  He hit the ground running with a Flying Lotus in-studio interview, and every Saturday night since then, he’s blessed listeners with an eclectic mix of electronic and instrumental music from Texas and elsewhere.  As the year wrapped up, soundfounder provided an episode focused solely on his top music of 2019, with artists as varied and diverse as the aforementioned Flying LotusOpen Mike EagleKaytranadaThom Yorke, and even Texas artists like Khruangbin and The Vapor Caves making the cut.  Click on the pic above to check out the top tracks, and tune in every Saturday night for an audio blessing from soundfounder wherever you listen to KUTX.


Divine Shine :: Sungods Drop New Visual For ‘Huītzilōpōchtli’

When its all said and done, the homie Evolve may end up being one of Texas‘s most prolific artists in terms of output and crew affiliations.  Rather than do one-off collaborations with producers and artists, Evolve has a knack for throwing himself into deeper collaborations that result in the creation of supergroups and MC/producer tandems.  This time around, Evolve has connected with Ibe Hustles to form Sungods, a duo of MCs with distinct and direct styles used to bless listeners with knowledge and lyrical gems.  The two hooked up with producer eLiMenCe to bring forth Huītzilōpōchtli, and with the help of Not Just Entertainment, a music video has been created to accompany the moody track.  Definitely check it out, leave a like and a comment, and share it around for others to do the same!