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Rise Again :: THE DƎER Bless Listeners Once Again With ‘The Beautiful Undead’


Divinely Intertwined :: The Deer Explore Intimately Deep Connection With Latest Single, ‘Bellwether’

Knowing Yourself :: The Deer Prep New Album Release With ‘I Wouldn’t Recognize Me’ Video

Double Down :: The Deer Release Two-Song EP Via Keeled Scales


After the successful release of Do No Harm, you’d imagine most bands would be content to ride that success for a while, but The Deer are not most bands.  As an outfit that is always looking to give more than they receive, it only makes sense that, in conjunction with label Keeled Scales, The Deer would waste no time in releasing new music.  The two-song ep, Acid Wash | Superstition Mountains, is more of that classic material that folks have come to love from The Deer : vivid singing and songwriting, lush instrumentation and plenty of spirit embedded into the mix.  If you’re looking for some songs to kick off summer to, then The Deer have got you covered with this duo.


Earth Tones :: The Deer Release ‘Swoon’ Single In Preparation For ‘Do No Harm’ Album Release

Watching The Deer go from close friends to local heroes to band on the bubble of stardom has been a pleasant thing to experience from afar.  I can attest that the group is still standing behind the values that helped them form and propel towards spreading their good word.  Their latest single, Swoon, from their upcoming release Do No Harm, shows growth from the group that I cannot wait to hear be translated into live performance, as it possesses a new found spirit and energy that has been hinted at in the past, but (to my knowledge) never embraced with such force or joy until now.  That being said, I continue to be a fan and supporter of The Deer, and I am excited to see where this leg of their journey takes them.


Stolen Moments :: The Deer’s Intimate Live Performance Of ‘Acid Wash’

Back in February of this year, The Deer were on the road (as they usually are).  While in Colorado, they set aside some time to perform Acid Wash live from Mountain Star Studio (located in Black Hawk).  With instruments ready, and a single light bulb to illuminate them and set the mood, the group poured themselves into this beautiful song, and the performance is one for the ages.  Take some time to immerse yourself, give it a like and a share, and maybe even a comment if the song moves you enough.


Actual Miles :: The Deer’s ‘And Like Through The Eye Go I’ Shows The Road Being Kind

The last few years have been full of growth and achievements for The Deer.  Their latest video release, a compilation of live performances from all over tied together by the song And Like Through The Eye Go I, shows how rewarding and beautiful it can be to share your gift with any and everyone willing to listen.  This video brought me joy, and hopefully it does the same for you.


Animated Realities :: The Deer’s ‘Do Return’

In preparation of The Deer‘s release of their upcoming LP Tempest & Rapture, vocalist Grace Park dug deep into her artistic side to create a truly beautiful piece of art.  Do Return is a powerful video both in concept and execution.  It leaves you captivated, yet is simple enough to inspire one who experiences it to dig into their own creative side.  Worth your time, and worth sharing with friends.


A Fresh Breath :: The Deer ‘Look Alive’

One of the many blessings of hiding out in San Marcos for so many years has been the exposure to a wealth of very creative minds.  One of the most consistently creative groups has been The Deer.  Their songwriting is deeply textured, and their music touches upon many influences, while weaving them together as if they were a singular expression they were simple sharing instead of creating.  Look Alive was recently performed on KUTX 98.9, and as one would come to expect, they did not disappoint.  Dig it, share it, and enjoy it!