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Stepping Out :: Kady Rain Drops Self-Titled Debut LP

Business Casual :: Alesia Lani Drops Banger Single And Video “I Don’t Mind”

Keepsake Sounds :: Kady Rain Drops Digital Single And 7″ Vinyl For ‘You Got Me/Lovestruck’

Body Movin’ :: Maikéru Taps Talents Of Frank Montero (Cuento Media) For ‘WHENIMDANCING.’ Video

Street Spirit :: Kady Rain Drops Rebel-Energy Filled ‘Got Away’ Video

Kady Rain just dropped a dope new video for Got Away, the lead single off of her upcoming debut album scheduled to drop in late January 2022.  Here’s the skinny from Kady herself on the production of the video : 

“The Got Away music video was directed by Jackie Purdue Scripps and filmed in a whirlwind 8 hour shoot in East Austin, Texas, with a diverse cast and crew local to Central Texas.  Some of it was shot with Super 8 film, contributing to the edgy old-school feel.  The video involved some of my close friends and super-fans, bringing every part of the Rainicorn community together to create some magical moments!”

Check out the video, leave a like and a comment if you’re feeling it, and share it around so everyone can see how Austin gets down!


Melodic Moods :: Typical Girls Releases ‘Memories Of Old Love’

Some of my favorite rock music comes from bands based out of central Texas.  It seems that something about this area pulls in artists with musical abilities, musical virtuosos with talent in multiple dramas, walking encyclopedias of music knowledge and those with a deep DIY ethos that find ways to connect and form bands.  Typical Girls has always been one of my favorites from the area, as their sound somehow manages to sound like the Austin bands I grew up with while at the same time sounding like bands from New YorkPortlandLondon and many more places that shaped my love for alternative rock and roll.  Memories of Old Love, even at just under 20 minutes, is able to take listeners on quite the emotional and sonic journey, giving us tinges of nostalgia while managing to still sound fresh and ahead of the curve.  Definitely check this one out, support if you’ve got the money to do so, and if not, stream it on your favorite streaming service and encourage others to do the same!


Snuffing Gaslighters :: Kady Rain Cuts Deep With ‘Crooked’

A seemingly inevitable part of human interaction is toxicity… it is not present in all individuals you meet, but the capacity is there, and more than enough people in the world do not hesitate to show the worst of themselves, especially if it benefits them, and regardless of who may be impacted.  It’s clear that Kady Rain is aware of this fact also, as her latest single, the part-pop, part-industrial and highly danceable Crooked focuses squarely on these types of individuals.  Big props to Kady Rain and collaborator/bandmate Morgan Davis for penning such a powerful follow-up to the high energy lead single Got Away… go find this one on your favorite streaming service or digital storefront, or even better, show some direct support by visiting the Bandcamp links above, but whatever you do, don’t sleep on this one.


Being Me :: Rajinee Shakes Souls And Enlightens Minds With ‘Catcall & Response’ (featuring Ol’ Black Stooge)

I hadn’t heard of rajinee prior to the homie Ryan Darbonne‘s (or, in this case, Ol’ Black Stooge) post, but if the homie is a part then I’m in with no questions asked.  As someone who’s been on a major Deb Never kick, rajinee was definitely speaking to my soul, though rajinee has the benefit of bigger, livelier and more bombastic production supporting her.  On Catcall & Responserajinee not only brings wisdom to what is almost certainly a reoccurring traumatic experience, but manages to artistically express the interaction via some very striking choreography.  The King of the Hill shoutout is super entertaining as well, and allows my aforementioned homie an entrance into the world of the June Third Films production.  This is the kind of video that will likely win some Austin Music Video Awards trophies, should they choose to submit the video, but regardless of whatever possible awards and recognition this video may get, it deserves your attention, so don’t hesitate to give it a watch, a like and a comment before spreading it far and wide!


Skating On :: Kady Rain Drops Hot New ‘Got Away’ Single

If I had to guess, I’d say that Kady Rain is familiar with the old adage “kill them with kindness” based on Got Away, her latest high energy single.  Over a very lively backing track, Kady Rain drenches some extremely pointed and aggressive lyrics in layers and layers of playful and boisterous delivery, making this song about regret and leaving toxicity deceptively layered and extremely catchy.  Hopefully this song gets the music video treatment, because catchy tunes like this totally deserve memorable visuals to accompany them.  Don’t sleep on this gem from Kady Rain… cop the track if you’ve got a couple of bucks, stream it on your favorite music service, and spread it around for everyone to enjoy!


Humble Abode :: Donja Drops ‘Phone Home’ Single

During a recent DJ set at The Porch, someone stepped up to the booth.  This is nothing new, and normally, it’s the signal that someone is about to ask for (or, more often than not, obnoxiously try to force) a request.  Luckily though, he just said what’s up and told me he was enjoying the mix.  I thanked him and went back to focusing on my mix, as DJ’ng requires much more concentration than the average observer realizes, but he kept going with the conversation attempt.  Normally I would feign interest or cut things off so I don’t run into a bad conversation situation, but I let it ride that time, and this is how I met Donja and learned about his music.  The catalog was prolific, and much like MAIKÉRU, who I also recently met, Donja sounded seasoned, and he was doing genre-blending music that purposefully stood out from the norm in terms of both quality and approach.  His latest single, the super catchy Phone Home, serves as a continuation of the vibe that I was picking up when checking out Donja‘s back catalog, and if you’re unfamiliar with him like I once was, then the single serves as a perfect introductory point.  Check out the track on your favorite streaming service, and find Donja on your favorite social media site to stay in the release loop!