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Open World :: Jonny Jukebox Exceeds All Expectations With ‘U > EVERYTHING ELSE’ Release


Masterpiece Theater :: DotdotDotdotDotdot Drops Another Classic With ‘Montoya, Vol. 1’

If you don’t already know who DotdotDotdotDotdot is, now is the time to get hip, because it won’t be long before his name rings bells in the underground and beyond if he keeps dropping projects like his last few.  His latest, the deeply immersive and symbolically personal Montoya, Vol. 1, continues the DotdotDotdotDotdot practice of lavish storytelling, clever lyricism and stellar beat selection.  Even though Montoya, Vol. 1 is not his first foray into crafting what equates to a sonic film with deeply personal undertones in the narrative, DotdotDotdotDotdot somehow manages to continue to push that envelope forward, creating more compelling songs as time goes by.  With production assists from Genius khristBeautiful LouZachary LIght, the homie poolboi blu and MARC.SET.GO!, plus verbal appearances by Austin all-star The Teeta and rising underground star Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire, the tier quality is the highest, so definitely don’t sleep on one of the strongest releases of the year, rivaled only by the equally brilliant and more ambitious From Russia With Drugs.  Check it out on your favorite streaming service or digital storefront, and most importantly, let everyone know about it.


Episodic Nature :: Latest Episodes Of #DOOMpeerREVIEW Now Streaming

Here we are, seven weeks deep into #DOOMpeerREVIEW, my YouTube-based music video show, and there are no signs of slowing down anytime soon.  The last couple of weeks have been absolutely star-studded in terms of central Texas talent, with videos featured from a long list of the homies : Abuzayed the FreeSCDSDr. Bobby Banner MPC featuring Muggzy Flowz and No1mportantA Better TomorrowThe TeetaMagna CardaDdotEllesemcee eatsLeague of Extraordinary G’zParkingEvolve featuring Deacon the Villian and JunclassicSertifiedJMAC the Dragon featuring Aye CueFrank Villa CA The CommonerNorman BA$E feauring Prophet Ski and another DdotElles appearance, J Souljah with BLakChylRobot JonesMelatRetr0gRaDe and myself all appear in this run.  Subscribe to DOOMtubeATX on YouTube if you’ve not already, leave likes, comment your favorite videos, and share these episodes around for everyone to enjoy!


Motivated Mindstates :: Kydd Jones And The Teeta Connect For ‘Checks’

One should never doubt the self-motivation that Kydd Jones possesses.  From the jump, Kydd set out to make a name for himself in the industry in as many ways as possible, and while some of it is for clout and respect, it’s undeniable that some of it is for the money as well.  That’s why, with the help of The TeetaKydd Jones has dropped yet another banger in the form of Checks, a bit of self-validation for the pair of self-motivated individuals.  The song has swagger for days, so definitely check it out, support if you dig it, and spread it around for as many people to enjoy as possible.


Hometown Heros :: ‘Slack Capital 3’ Hits Bandcamp


Need a nice compilation of Austin artists?  Perhaps one the length of a triple album, covering multiple genres, with both new and old artists from the Austin scene?  Look no further than Slack Capital 3 : Slacking From Home Edition.  The lineup of talent on this bad boy is massive and impressive : SpoonThe TeetaCalliope MusicalsSailor PoonClick-ClackMagna CardaHikes, Botany and many more all contribute.  All proceeds go to the Austin Justice Coalition, so if you feel like rewarding your ears and your soul at the same time, grabbing this compilation seems like a no-brainer.


Taste Makers :: NextGang And Breadshots Link Up For ‘0001’ Visual

Austin has always had a hip-hop scene, be it focused upon or marginalized, but lately it’s shown levels of diversity that truly validate the strength of the scene.  For an instant example of that diversity, one should look no further than the Breadshots directed visual for NextGang‘s latest, 0001.  The crew, consisting of SheLovesLyrikImYounginThe Teeta and Seas, put it best in the video description :

‘The very rare legendary NextGang links up with infamous Breadshots to film a lyrical gumbo that captivates listeners with variations of cadences and styles cohesively blended to cater many genres of Hip Hop wit.’

Honestly, I’d have to agree.  On top of that, the transitions and visual trickery employed by Breadshots keep things lively, showcasing both his skill as a director/editor and the unique style of each MC.  Check this one out, share it around, and leave a comment if you dig it!


Latenight Trip :: SpaceMan Zack And The Teeta Connect For ‘Audrey Hepburn’ Video

I’m a sucker for movie imagery and references in music, especially when done cleverly.  That’s why when Audrey Hepburn by SpaceMan Zack featuring The Teeta crossed my radar, I was initially intrigued.  What hooked me, however, was taking a song about success, shallowness and those attempting to take advantage of you, all aspects of the famous Truman Capote novel turned Audrey Hepburn film.  Add to this the fact that director T. Aubrey laced us with a frame video full of dope still shots and trippy transitions, and we’ve got a burner on our hands.  Dig this one, share it around, and leave a like and/or a comment on it for sure.


Game Plans :: Flyhorse Radio Episode 1 Available, Featuring The Teeta


Hope everyone is ready, because FLYHORSES have entered the podcast game with FlyHorseRadio.  Norman Ba$e and DDotElles have taken their collaborative music project and transitioned the energy into an interview show that asks real questions and demands real answers.  Episode 1 features Austin rap legend in the making The Teeta as he talks about his inspirations, his goals and what he’s been going through over the years.  Props to FLYHORSES for bringing their dope vibes to the podcast game… definitely a breath of fresh air.


Hit Parade :: The Teeta Drops Another Stunning Visual With ‘Mood Swings’

Consistency is an important yet often overlooked trait when it comes to building your brand.  In hip hop, being consistently dope is one surefire way to set yourself ahead of the rest.  If there’s one cat in Austin that is 100% on the consistently dope list, it’s The Teeta.  Not only does he drop standout music that most others emulate with minimal success, but when he puts video to these tunes, he takes things to a completely new level.  Mood Swings is no exception, bringing all of the trademarks you’d expect for a video from The Teeta : trippy aesthetic, hip hop tropes turned slightly on their ear, and plenty of swag without giving a damn who notices.  The run has been legendary, and here’s to hoping it continues trending upward.


Next Lifetime :: The Teeta x SheLovesLlyrik Dive Into ‘Afterlife’

The Teeta has been on a creative tear the last few months or so.  It seems like there’s always a new song or video dropping, and yet, each of these projects seems as if it’s had proper incubation time.  One of the latest presentations, the music video Afterlife, is a track with a cloud-rap type approach, and a visual element reminiscent of the late 1970s/early 1980s aesthetic that independent filmmakers and those in the wake of the New York Factory Scene became famous for.  The project grabs your attention and holds it for a few minutes without stressing a sense of immediacy or urgency, a testament to the assured approach of director Jesse Rodriguez.  I have definitely enjoyed the variety of creativity coming from The Teeta, and I am curious to see where this journey continues to lead all of us.