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Episodic Nature :: Latest Episodes Of #DOOMpeerREVIEW Now Streaming

Here we are, seven weeks deep into #DOOMpeerREVIEW, my YouTube-based music video show, and there are no signs of slowing down anytime soon.  The last couple of weeks have been absolutely star-studded in terms of central Texas talent, with videos featured from a long list of the homies : Abuzayed the FreeSCDSDr. Bobby Banner MPC featuring Muggzy Flowz and No1mportantA Better TomorrowThe TeetaMagna CardaDdotEllesemcee eatsLeague of Extraordinary G’zParkingEvolve featuring Deacon the Villian and JunclassicSertifiedJMAC the Dragon featuring Aye CueFrank Villa CA The CommonerNorman BA$E feauring Prophet Ski and another DdotElles appearance, J Souljah with BLakChylRobot JonesMelatRetr0gRaDe and myself all appear in this run.  Subscribe to DOOMtubeATX on YouTube if you’ve not already, leave likes, comment your favorite videos, and share these episodes around for everyone to enjoy!



Memories Released :: The Short Films Of Nicolas Luna

A handful of years ago, when the Austin hip hop scene was experiencing a full-throttle renaissance/resurgence period, one of the standout groups was Parking.  A two-man outfit, Ibriham handled the rhymes while Nicolas Luna got down on production.  I knew that Nicolas and myself shared a love of film, but at that time, I had no idea he had aspirations of creating them.  Cut to a number of years later, and Nicolas is in New York.  During a recent timeline binge on Facebook, I came across a post featuring a YouTube video called 3 Elements.  It was simple, yet powerful, and extremely well put together.  It also turned out to be one of Nicolas Luna‘s many shorts that he recently had uploaded to YouTube.  Here is a playlist of them for you to share and enjoy.


Look Out Weekend :: Tunes To Hold You Over Until Monday

This feels like a fun weekend coming up, so it’s time to get it soundtracked… here’s the latest batch of good music I’ve seen come down the digital pipelines… enjoy!


New Music Alert :: Chief and Mnolo present Mixed Signal Transmission

Here is the first batch of mixes from the forthcoming collaboration between myself and my longtime friend, the super producer Mnolo.  The project is titled Mixed Signal Transmission… it will feature guest appearances from SymmaTree, Tone Maintain of The Locksmiths, Ibrahim of Parking and more.  Crawling Lessons and Latchkey Kid are available for free download (donations accepted, as always):

The artwork is by my man Esrever-Ni-Tra… stay tuned for more.


Are You On The Grind?

Big shout out to my homeboys Parking.  This is the debut single from the debut album The Crown Fits.  The video was shot in Austin by International Jackets.  Dig it and dig it good.