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Dark Arts :: Gain Gang Connects With Sertified And Pirscription For ‘Voodoo’

Gain Gang, the ‘national beat store for rappers’, just hooked up with Texas rappers Sertified and Pirscription for Voodoo, an extremely moody banger with subtle allusions to both flexing and mysticism, all cleverly intertwined with a music video that shows growth for the artists involved.  Elements of clairvoyance and voodoo (of course) permeate the video, especially in the extremely well-lit tarot and crystal ball sequences.  Add in the blunts, gold teeth and Texas flavor, and you’ve got a familiar foundation with a fresh twist on the top.  Good stuff all around.



Money Rotation :: Clova Brings A Crew For ‘Bandz’ Music Video

Clova just made the blog about a week ago, but you know how you’ve gotta do it in this rap game… hit folks again quick, and hit them harder than you did the last time.  Bandz finds Clova trading bars with some hard hitters in the Austin scene.  SertifiedGeeweezy and Domincan Jay all drop the science on keep stacked up.  The Real Chino comes through with a rock solid video, yet another one in a year full of wonderful Austin-based video output.  Here’s to hoping that 2018 can even hold a candle to what a wonderfully creative year 2017 has been for Austin rap, hip-hop and music in general.


Making Moves :: Sertified Is ‘On The Go’ In New Music Video

Sertified is right back at it with another solid track and video.  He’s been making a solid bit of noise the last couple of years, and On The Go finds him doing what he does best : living the fullest life that he can despite whatever energy is in his vicinity.  The track is smooth, the lyrics are honest, and the video brings nothing but smiles and motivation to those checking it out.  Props to Sertified for another positive notch in the belt, and here’s to more of that quality good stuff in the future.


Main Course :: ‘Chips & Salsa’ From Sertified and Haris The Terrorist


In this noisy digital world, sometimes you miss out on things when they make their first appearance.  Chips & Salsa, a collaboration between Texas MC Sertified and beatmaker supreme Haris The Terrorist, is a prime example of this.  The fellas hit the ground running in January of 2016 with this release, and via the homies at OVRLD, I’ve been hipped.  This is good old-fashioned boom-bap hip-hop with a taste of Texas throughout.  Definitely worth your time and money.


Austin Off The Top :: TX Power House TV Cypher Part 2

Tosin was hosting.

Bavu Blakes was hanging out.

Gerald G, Tuk Da Gat, Pimpin Pen, Cory Kendrix, Sertified and Kydd got down.

Haris laced the beat that DJ Hella Yella fed em.

Dig it: