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Episodic Nature :: Latest Episodes Of #DOOMpeerREVIEW Now Streaming

Here we are, seven weeks deep into #DOOMpeerREVIEW, my YouTube-based music video show, and there are no signs of slowing down anytime soon.  The last couple of weeks have been absolutely star-studded in terms of central Texas talent, with videos featured from a long list of the homies : Abuzayed the FreeSCDSDr. Bobby Banner MPC featuring Muggzy Flowz and No1mportantA Better TomorrowThe TeetaMagna CardaDdotEllesemcee eatsLeague of Extraordinary G’zParkingEvolve featuring Deacon the Villian and JunclassicSertifiedJMAC the Dragon featuring Aye CueFrank Villa CA The CommonerNorman BA$E feauring Prophet Ski and another DdotElles appearance, J Souljah with BLakChylRobot JonesMelatRetr0gRaDe and myself all appear in this run.  Subscribe to DOOMtubeATX on YouTube if you’ve not already, leave likes, comment your favorite videos, and share these episodes around for everyone to enjoy!



Homeward Bound :: Abuzayed The Free Goes Bluegrass With ‘Crossed On Over’


Abuzayed the Free has never been one known for sticking to the normal paths and methods of music making.  Her love for her culture and diverse musical education has always been present (especially on her strong debut), but after a move to New York, the last thing anyone would have expected was a bluegrass song.  This, however, is exactly what Abuzayed the Free has presented us in Crossed on Over, effortlessly mixing her inspirational and mystic lyrics with the rhythm of a string band.  The result is an interesting dance between styles, and one that I wouldn’t mind seeing explored a bit more in the future.


Well Connected :: Abuzayed The Free Presents Video For ‘To God From God’

Abuzayed the Free has never been ashamed to explore or talk about her oneness with nature, spirituality and hip-hop.  In her latest music video, a collaboration with La Bu for To God From GodAbuzayed speaks on these specific topics with confidence and love.  Her refrain about ‘making love to the air with her breath’ encapsulates her vast feelings in a nice, easy to digest capsule of wisdom and assertion.  Give this video a like, comment and a share so that you can help spread some much needed positivity around.


Fly Femininity :: Abuzayed The Free Releases Official Video For ‘So Much Swag’

Abuzayed the Free, recent transplant to New York via the Austin route, is continuously demonstrating how a women can portray her inner and outer beauty in balance without having to lower your standards or accept misbehavior from the opposite sex.  The So Much Swag music video (and song) almost serve as a personal mantra, or a reminder for when moments seem bleak.  Over the Chris Rockaway beat, Abuzayed gives herself well-deserved props and affirmations, both showing how easy it is to do so and validating the practice as anything but selfish.  The video is strengthened by the strong visual guidance shown by director Aaron Fine, who provides a cinematic quality and tone to the events.  Abuzayed makes sure to show both sides of the male spectrum as well, with the number of men she spends time around as an equal far outnumbering those representing men who take women for granted.  It’s nice to see Abuzayed continue to grow as an artist and woman, and I hope her trajectory continues it’s current path, if not a better one.


Another One :: Abuzayed The Free’s Session With ‘The Hot Conversation’

Once again, Ovrld comes through with another dynamite edition of The Hot Conversation.  This go-round, Austin MC turned new New Yorker Abuzayed the Free stopped in to talk about her music, her philosophy, and her general outlook on life, among other things.  Lots to digest here, and definitely worth your listens.


Free Speech :: Abuzayed The Free ‘Love Always Wins’ Documentary Hits The Internet

Upon the recent release of her solo debut LP Worlds WithinAbuzayed The Free has found herself touring and telling people her story.  In a bit of serendipitous timing, Arthur Shimko Jr. recently released Love Always Wins, an exploration and presentation of Abuzayed The Free‘s music and worldview.  Shot over the spring of 2017, during her initial name making push and pre-release promotion for Worlds Within, the documentary catches an artist at a wonderful crossroads.. a crucial period of growth.  Definitely worth your time, your shares and your likes.


Divine Debut :: Abuzayed The Free Shares ‘Worlds Within’


Sometimes, the gift of discovery is realizing that you were essentially born to excel in a realm you never realized you had potential in.  I had the pleasure of recently meeting Abuzayed the Free, and in a few brief conversations we spoke on topics such as self-reflection, potential, artistic responsibility and much more.  It made it that much more rewarding when I had the pleasure of hearing her debut project, Worlds Within.  The project wonderfully blends reflections on culture, religion, spirituality and self-affirmation.  It’s hard to believe that this is a first attempt at an album… the production is solid, both on the beats and the recording quality, and the content is uplifting and enlightening.  I highly recommend folks checking this out and sharing it far and wide.