Fly Femininity :: Abuzayed The Free Releases Official Video For ‘So Much Swag’

Abuzayed the Free, recent transplant to New York via the Austin route, is continuously demonstrating how a women can portray her inner and outer beauty in balance without having to lower your standards or accept misbehavior from the opposite sex.  The So Much Swag music video (and song) almost serve as a personal mantra, or a reminder for when moments seem bleak.  Over the Chris Rockaway beat, Abuzayed gives herself well-deserved props and affirmations, both showing how easy it is to do so and validating the practice as anything but selfish.  The video is strengthened by the strong visual guidance shown by director Aaron Fine, who provides a cinematic quality and tone to the events.  Abuzayed makes sure to show both sides of the male spectrum as well, with the number of men she spends time around as an equal far outnumbering those representing men who take women for granted.  It’s nice to see Abuzayed continue to grow as an artist and woman, and I hope her trajectory continues it’s current path, if not a better one.



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