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Sonic Singularity :: Robotfingers Releases ‘Finger Foods, Vol. 1’

Houston-based producer Robotfingers seems to have some big plans for 2021, and his first item on the list is the release of Finger Foods, Vol. 1, the first installment in series of beat tapes he plans to lace the masses with.  For this volume, the unifying theme is space, so if you’re in to concept albums and instrumental fare, then don’t sleep on this one.  Cop it if you can, share it if you can’t, or find it on your favorite streaming service and boost those analytics!


Triple Trouble :: BoomBaptist, Juicy The Emissary And Elaquent Release ‘Komfort Food’

You’ve seen the posts about the singles, but the moment of truth has finally arrived.  I’m sharing the release of Komfort Food directly off the strength of the parties involved : BoomBaptistJuicy the Emissary and Elaquent are all well known for their diverse and impactful production, so I know that I don’t need to have heard Komfort Food to know it’s an instant classic.  Trust me, I’ll definitely be bumping it this weekend, but in the meanwhile, why don’t you go ahead and give it a listen?  Maybe cop it?  Definitely share it around.


Soul Stimulant :: SK The Greatest Releases ‘Dopamine’


When it comes to instrumental projects, certain things stick out to me… dynamic range, a variety of sounds and styles, well-chosen and well-placed samples, and even those intangibles you can’t identify until you hear or recognize them all come into play.  For my money’s worth, SK the Greatest seems to be well aware of these aspects, as his latest project, Dopamine, manages to tick all of those boxes in an economic but memorable 9 tracks.  Be it the Public Enemy-esque The Education (Intro), the ominous darkness of Forbidden Flute, the layers of guitar under synth found in Wobbly, or any of the other memorable moments that the Austin-based beatsmith put together in the project, it’s most certainly a strong one.  Props to GMGOmusic for putting this out… definitely check out SK the Greatest and the other artist on the Bandcamp site, and encourage others to do the same.


Hustle Sounds :: Tory.D Productions Drops ‘FLY BEAT TAPE’


There’s a beat renaissance going on, and Austin seems to be hip to it.  I could go on for days talking about quality beatsmiths in my hometown.  My latest discovery is Tory.D Productions, creator of soundscapes that seem to tell stories within each song’s run time.  FLY BEAT TAPE is a 7-song collection of textured and moving instrumentals that offer more than your standard boom bap elements.  Essentially, Tory.D Productions is making collections of songs, minus the lyrics.  His work is definitely worth checking out, and I recommend doing so sooner than later.