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Superduty Toughwork :: Ben Buck Blasts Into (iN)Sect Records Fold With ‘B-Sides (Remixes And Flips)’


Momentary Presence :: Feral The Earthworm Solves ‘The Puzzle’ Via A Live And Direct Take

Dirty Laundry :: Feral The Earthworm Gets Personal On ‘Sludge Covered Branches (Throwies)’

The homie Feral the Earthworm has never been the kind of person to hold back, but usually he takes his ability to hyper-focus and break a topic down with amazing eloquence and turns it on outward stimulus.  With the release of Sludge Covered Branches (throwies), however, we find Feral the Earthworm taking a seat directly in the eye of a storm that he has experienced his entire life, speaking frankly on personal issues that have not only shaped who he currently is, but continue to haunt him.  It would have been understandable if his recent reduction in materials could have been chalked up to COVID-19, but Feral bravely chose to continue being forthright and brutally honest by sharing his volatile family experience with his listeners.  If you’re not afraid of a bit of realness mixed into your entertainment, dig this latest edition of throwies, leave a like and a comment, and share it around for those that could use a heavy dose of reality.


Manifesto Blast :: Feral The Earthworm Keeps ‘Throwies’ Going With ‘Golden Arches’

In his never-ending quest to enlighten and entertain the open-minded section of the masses, Feral the Earthworm has dropped another chapter in his ongoing series of Throwies videos.  With Golden Arches, however, Feral the Earthworm puts the didactic tactics on hold, instead opting to focus on more abstract points such as consumerism and self-respect.  As he is not looking to lay out historical or logical context for this one, and instead stand his ground on personal beliefs, the energy is amped up, and the delivery is much more urgent, giving us a glimpse back to the days when Feral the Earthworm was a raw, uncut gem of an MC still finding ways to put his ideas together into the hard-hitting content he is known for today.  Feral the Earthworm always gets props around here, so be sure to like and comment if you dig, and share it around for others to enjoy!


Dropping Science :: Feral The Earthworm Makes A Historical Deep Dive For ‘Heritage’

With no signs of shelter-in-place slowing down anytime soon, many artists have been forced to make wild adaptations to their lifestyle.  Feral the Earthworm, the Austin original known for being a man on the road, has recently found himself parked back in the weird city once again, and after a bit of an adjustment period, it appears that he was snapped right back into action by the extra-volatile nature of current day social media.  With items like The Confederate Flag being used as bargaining chips against the main issue, it is important to recognize their inflammatory history without allowing them to be a distraction from the primary goals, and with an educated wordsmith like Feral the Earthworm scoping the landscape, gems like Heritage come to life.  Dig how he addresses the flag’s significance, symbolism, the brief time period it represents, how it came to be a monument of an overly-glorified period of time, and much more, all in a brief but powerful two minutes and change.  Feral the Earthworm never ceases to amaze me, hence my sharing with you, so you already know what to do… like and comment if you feel what he’s putting down, and share it around for all to see and hear.


Hard Truths :: Feral The Earthword Presents ‘Floyd’

In lieu of giving my opinion analysis (as this piece speaks for itself), I will instead share Feral the Earthworm‘s accompanying information to this video :

‘I wanted to write something for my friends and listeners who may have a different perspective.  Often I’ll see people I know promising to delete those who don’t agree with them but I’m trying to participate in genuine conversations.  I don’t want to be rude or shame you for your opinion, I just want to know what about the views stated in this song you disagree with and see if there’s some type of middle ground we can reach.

I don’t identify with the Democratic or Republican party. I’m just a 26 year old dude somewhere in the middle who found himself with a platform.  Instead of shying away from what’s difficult and just writing regular old songs, I’m leaning in to this whole thing so let’s discuss.

Lyrics are in the comments.

Edited by Buddy Brown and Carly Molstad
Beat by Dreamlife


Ugly Truths :: Feral The Earthworm Visualizes ‘Peace Of Shit’

Feral the Earthworm continues to be one of the singularly unique creators of recent years, as his latest run of music and videos has been high quality both visually and sonically.  Peace of Shit continues this tradition with a purposefully silly video animation that showcases Feral‘s iconic home-studio on wheels, while simultaneously showcasing his ability to reflect deeply on life in the seemingly most offhand of ways.  Rather than despise the lows, Feral espouses that we use them to ground us, therefore providing both perspective on and the opportunity to enjoy the highs that inevitably follow.  Feral the Earthworm continues to be my favorite groovy guru, so definitely subscribe to his page if you haven’t already, like the video, leave a comment, and spread this love and wisdom far and wide!


Fanning Flames :: Feral The Earthworm Unleashes ‘Dumpster Fire’ On The Internet


After a flurry of solid music video releases, Feral the Earthworm has released his latest full-length project, Dumpster Fire.  If you’ve visited this blog in the last two weeks, you’ve already heard me talk about how dope Feral the Earthworm is, so your best bet at this point is to jump on your favorite streaming or download service and dive in to this one.  Do it.  Like… right now.


Manipulated Masses :: Feral The Earthworm Waxes Philosophical On ‘Like Button’

I’ll let Feral the Earthworm break down Like Button for you :

“Semi-serious song about social media.  As a human being I probably wouldn’t even interact with these mediums, yet as an artist I seem to be required.  I don’t actually care what people think, yet my career seemingly depends on these likes and shares.”

This is a stance that I understand wholly, as I would probably not be on social media myself if not for the ability to connect people with my music, which I ultimately do for self-centered, therapeutic reasons in all honesty.  It’s a strange give and take for the public creative, and that’s not even the normal synergy, as most people become dependent on social media for validation on a much more basic, vastly less esoteric level.  It’s a mess, that’s for sure, but Feral the Earthworm lays it all out well.  Check out the video, leave a like and a comment, and share it around for others to do the same.


Another Day :: Feral The Earthworm Strikes Again With ‘Sitting On A Curb’ Video

Making videos is so nice, why not do it twice?  That must be the energy that Feral the Earthworm, Buddy Brown and Carly Molstad are feeling these days, because right on the heels of their Crust Rapper video collaboration, they’ve dropped Sitting on A Curb, an equally creative follow-up music video with it’s own unique look and feel.  The group decided to go for a more artistic look, framing Feral on several literal curbs with visually pleasing cracks and background areas, lining him up clean enough so that they could cut between the locations while Feral stayed fixed and flowing.  The end result is strong, making the video instantly memorable and one that stays on your mind long after viewing.  Share this one around too… like and comment on it too… and you may as well subscribe to Feral‘s YouTube channel if you’ve not done so already, as I imagine there’s more in store…