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Hard Truths :: Feral The Earthword Presents ‘Floyd’

In lieu of giving my opinion analysis (as this piece speaks for itself), I will instead share Feral the Earthworm‘s accompanying information to this video :

‘I wanted to write something for my friends and listeners who may have a different perspective.  Often I’ll see people I know promising to delete those who don’t agree with them but I’m trying to participate in genuine conversations.  I don’t want to be rude or shame you for your opinion, I just want to know what about the views stated in this song you disagree with and see if there’s some type of middle ground we can reach.

I don’t identify with the Democratic or Republican party. I’m just a 26 year old dude somewhere in the middle who found himself with a platform.  Instead of shying away from what’s difficult and just writing regular old songs, I’m leaning in to this whole thing so let’s discuss.

Lyrics are in the comments.

Edited by Buddy Brown and Carly Molstad
Beat by Dreamlife



Manipulated Masses :: Feral The Earthworm Waxes Philosophical On ‘Like Button’

I’ll let Feral the Earthworm break down Like Button for you :

“Semi-serious song about social media.  As a human being I probably wouldn’t even interact with these mediums, yet as an artist I seem to be required.  I don’t actually care what people think, yet my career seemingly depends on these likes and shares.”

This is a stance that I understand wholly, as I would probably not be on social media myself if not for the ability to connect people with my music, which I ultimately do for self-centered, therapeutic reasons in all honesty.  It’s a strange give and take for the public creative, and that’s not even the normal synergy, as most people become dependent on social media for validation on a much more basic, vastly less esoteric level.  It’s a mess, that’s for sure, but Feral the Earthworm lays it all out well.  Check out the video, leave a like and a comment, and share it around for others to do the same.


Another Day :: Feral The Earthworm Strikes Again With ‘Sitting On A Curb’ Video

Making videos is so nice, why not do it twice?  That must be the energy that Feral the Earthworm, Buddy Brown and Carly Molstad are feeling these days, because right on the heels of their Crust Rapper video collaboration, they’ve dropped Sitting on A Curb, an equally creative follow-up music video with it’s own unique look and feel.  The group decided to go for a more artistic look, framing Feral on several literal curbs with visually pleasing cracks and background areas, lining him up clean enough so that they could cut between the locations while Feral stayed fixed and flowing.  The end result is strong, making the video instantly memorable and one that stays on your mind long after viewing.  Share this one around too… like and comment on it too… and you may as well subscribe to Feral‘s YouTube channel if you’ve not done so already, as I imagine there’s more in store…