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Global Goodness :: Curbside Jones X Muma Rock Internationally With ‘F**K ALL’ Single


Extra Innings :: Curbside Jones Drops Bonus Beat Blessing With ‘6 PIECE’

Hard Knocks :: Curbside Jones Releases ‘Jigga With The Grill’ Album And New Video

Street Knowledge :: Curbside Jones Readies New Project Release Via ‘Jigga With The Grill’ Video And Single Drop

Revisionist History :: Curbside Jones Blesses Our Eardrums With ‘CurbFlips’

Remixes have always been a vital part of the music industry at large, but for hip-hop, there is a special appreciation for taking the familiar and putting a new spin to it.  After a run of personally introspective and worldview expanding releases, I love the fact that Curbside Jones has thrown us all for a loop (pun intended) with a series of chop-heavy remixes on CurbFlips, his latest drop.  Artists like Pusha T, Freddie Gibbs, Common, Yasiin Bey, Sean Price, MF DOOM, Playboi Carti and many more get the Curbside Jones filter applied to great effect.  Definitely cop this one when payday comes around, and regardless of whether or not you own it, stream it and share it with everyone.


Station Agents :: Curbside Jones and Dexter Fizz Deliver ‘The Last Train’

I’ve been hyping this one up with each single release, but man, I wasn’t ready for how strong The Last Train would be.  Curbside Jones really shines on the production, and his lyrical prowess is evident as well, along with that of collaborators Dexter Fizz and LafLife.  This is definitely one of those situations where I could go on and on with beautiful descriptors about this album, but in all honesty, this one is worth loading up and hitting play with or without a primer on it.  Check it out, support if you can, and share it around regardless!


Traveling Jams :: Curbside Jones Taps OOg And Dexter Fizz For ‘Last Train’

Nobody is representing Texas and world hip-hop culture quite like the homie Curbside Jones is.  His latest single, the super mellow and jazzy earworm that is Last Train, holds itself together with a lightly satirical ode to Texas “swangin’ and bangin'” hip-hop, only to present us with three uniquely clever and confident MCs, one of whom is spitting in a completely different language (which I will not attempt to identify for fear of sounding ignorant).  Producer Phill Blanks gives us plenty to nod our head to as he stretches the beat’s pocket to maximum potential, which matches the swagger-filled energy of the trio it provides a foundation for.  With The Last Train dropping this April, releasing the titular track as the lead single will certainly pique the interest of hip-hop heads far and wide, so definitely get hip in anticipation of the upcoming big drop, and share it around so others can do the same.


Candid Camera :: Curbside Jones Drops Video For ‘Ego Trippin’

From the digital desk of Curbside Jones

Ego Trippin takes a step into the mind of Curbside Jones as he navigates social interactions and the feeling of drifting away during his day to day life.  Starting with the question, “If the clouds hit the ground, who gon hold me down?” you can tell Curbside Jones has been deep in thought about his self worth and trust in others.  Chicago artist Musa Reems offers a complimentary verse that gives insight on why someone from the Chi may feel as though the clouds are hitting the ground around him.”

Definitely check out the video, give it a like and a share, and leave a comment if you feel moved enough to do so!


Connecting Worlds :: Curbside Jones Connects With Dhrma For ‘Floating In Between’ EP

The homie Curbside Jones is becoming a sonic jetsetter right before our eyes.  It was just this July that he dropped Gyakusou Vol. 1, a collaboration with Japanese producer Ballhead, and here we are three months later looking at a collaboration similar in spirit.  Floating In Between, a collaborative effort with Japanese producer Dhrma, finds Curbside Jones covering a surprisingly vast array of sounds and feelings within the span of three tracks.  When you go to check this one out (which you most definitely should), don’t forget to check out the insight Curbside Jones provided into each track, and while you’re there, cop it if you can, and share it regardless so others can enjoy it.


Video Show :: ‘DOOMpeerREVIEW (Episode 004)’ Now Streaming

The YouTube momentum isn’t stopping anytime soon for Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice.  This week marks Episode 004 of DOOMpeerREVIEW, the weekly music video show featuring a heavy dose of Texas artists from a wide spectrum of styles and influences.  For the latest episode, the lineup is stacked as usual : MC Homeless Chris CondeThird Root with Grupo FantasmaMad1neKydd JonesSpy CoastalBLXPLTNCurbside JonesYNGLDYChuck Duze You F. Oh The Elephant in the Room DMT, and of course, Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice.  If you like the show and want to support it, leave a like and a comment, subscribe to DOOMtubeATX on YouTube, and share the content around for everyone to enjoy!